Anticafe Business Plan

* The calculations use the average data for the World 343 000 ₽

Starting investments

360 000 ₽


133 000 ₽

Net profit

6 months

Payback period

To open your anticafe, you will have enough starting capital in the amount of 343 thousand rubles, which you can recoup after six months of work. Net profit anti-cafe will be 133 thousand rubles.

1. Summary of the Anticafe project

    The goal of the project is to open an anticafe in a city with a population of more than 1 million people. The business idea is based on the income of the institution by paying for the visitors' stay time, which is 2 rubles / minute. Antikafe involves providing a platform for entertainment, leisure activities, social and entertainment-educational projects.

    Advantages of the anticafe project:

    • originality, wide possibilities of using space;

    • relatively low personnel costs;

    • mutually beneficial cooperation with delivery services, business trainers, musicians, etc.

    • social orientation of a project interested in organizing cultural activities.

    The amount of the initial investment for opening an Aktikafe is 343, 000 rubles. The payback period of anticafe is 6 months. Net profit on reaching planned volumes - 133 thousand rubles.

    2. Description of the industry and company

    Antikafe is a social institution, designed for a pleasant pastime, creative meetings, friendly conversations in a cozy atmosphere, lectures, workshops and coworking. The peculiarity of anti-cafe is that payment is not charged for food, but for the time spent in anti-cafe. By paying for your stay, you can get free bonuses in the form of hot drinks and sweets. The main profit of the anti-cafe is the sum of the payment for the time spent in the anti-cafe, which is estimated per minute. The price range in anticafe is from 1 to 3 rubles per minute.

    The anticafe format has appeared on the market relatively recently. The first anticafe were launched in Moscow in 2011. Today, the anticafe market is developing rapidly, as consumers are looking for new forms of leisure activities. About 10 thousand groups of various anti-cafes have been created on the VKontakte social network, which indicates the popularity of this area as a business. The anticafe format is recommended for large cities, with a population of over a million people. In this case, the project will be recouped. In a large city with a population of about 1 million people, the number of anticafe is from 8 to 20 establishments. The table below shows the market research of anticafe in the largest cities of the country.

    Table 1 . The number of anticafe in million-plus cities in 2017


    Anticafe number

    Population, thousand people


    Anticafe number

    Population, thousand people



    12 330




    St. Petersburg


    5, 226



    1, 032



    1, 120



    1, 042



    1 171



    1 016






    1, 584

    Nizhny Novgorod


    1, 267



    1, 067



    1, 444




    These data make it possible to assess the popularity of anticafe, market congestion, and the level of competition in a particular city.

    3. Description of anticafe services

    When creating an anticafe, attention will be paid to three key parameters - the theme of the institution, “chips”, and the range of services.

    Subject anticafe. The main secret of anticafe success is its concept. According to market research, thematic institutions are more popular. The theme of the anticafe dictates its name, interior, and the presence of the so-called "chips" - the hallmark of the institution, for which visitors will come next time. The plots of films, and environmental motives, and areas of art, and various eras, and even individual characters act as a concept for anticafe. An interesting idea is the creation in one anticafe of several thematic zones or rooms that differ in style and mood.

    The room itself, which is used for anticafe, should also be included in this category. The recommended area for anticafe is 120 m2 with a main hall of 50 m2 and room-zones with an optimal area of ​​10-15 m2. Do not forget about the availability of a bathroom (for establishments with an area of ​​more than 150 m2, 2 bathrooms should be provided) and a kitchen. When planning an anticafe space, it must be taken into account that usually it includes several differently functional zones.

    Functional areas of anticafe:
    • common area (main hall) - space for small companies, accommodates about 30 people. The hall is equipped with tables for board games and a projector that allows for movie nights, business trainings, etc.

    • Coworking - a separate, isolated room, suitable for comfortable work and equipped with an MFP.

    • game rooms designed for small companies and equipped with gaming tables, television panels and game consoles.

    According to the Avito website, the cost of renting premises from 100 m2 is 70-100 thousand rubles / month depending on the territorial location (the price is assumed for a million-plus city). Repair will cost 70-100 thousand. However, in the commercial real estate market you can find great offers with a fine finish. In this case, the anticafe entourage is created only with the help of furniture and decor.

    "Chips." An important question for anticafe owners is what creative solutions will stand out in the market. "Chips" of the institution may be different:

    • issuing alarms to visitors that help keep track of time;

    • the ability to bring food with you;

    • treating visitors with original cocktails and lemonades;

    • holding discounts and promotions, for example, for students during the daytime or bonuses for birthday parties;

    • creating a wall that acts as a chalk board - you can draw on it, leave a schedule of events, or use it as a workspace for workshops, trainings, etc.

    • providing the opportunity to take a free photo on the polaroid and in the photo booth;

    • offer visitors several tariffs for visits, proposed additional services;

    • collection of the library with the ability to take unfinished books at home;

    • organization of “space chips: let there be a room with an entrance through a cupboard or unusual decor items with which you want to take a picture;

    • cultural events (exhibitions, bookcrossing, chamber concerts);

    • the presence of a funny animal - this form of attracting the public has recently gained popularity.

    Since anticafe is a rather specific type of entertainment business, the diversification of services will increase the profitability of the institution. It is possible to rent photo booths, organize a point of sale of unusual things that fit into the theme of the institution: postcards, handmade items, magazines, unusual desserts, paintings by local artists, etc. The presence of the projector makes it possible to adapt the anticafe to a mini-cinema, arranging themed movie evenings, and the unusual interior allows you to use the anticafe as a zone for photo shoots.

    Range of services. Since payment is charged during the visit, the main task is to keep the visitor and to develop his interest so that he can return again. Therefore, the type of services offered is of great importance. The target audience of anti-cafe is divided into two groups: people who want to have fun with friends and people who use anti-cafe as a business platform. The first group visits the anticafe in the evening; for the second, the first half of the day is preferable. Each group should provide its own range of services. For entertainment: theme nights, for example, watching a movie, literary evening, broadcasting a football match, karaoke or board games competition; library, board games, etc. For work: free Wi-Fi, access to the MFP, a projector for presentations and more.

    4. Sales and marketing of anticafe

    An advertising campaign is carried out on the Internet, since the target audience of anticafe is active users of the network. A group is set up on the VKontakte website and an Instagram profile, where you can publish the schedule of events, reviews of first visitors, news about promotions and discounts, photos of the establishment, etc.

    Another way to attract visitors is a discount program or a competition. When planning various stocks, seasonality of the business should be taken into account. So, the peak of anticafe attendance falls in the fall and winter, and in summer the attendance decreases. Therefore, actions to attract visitors are held in the summer. In the future, it is proposed to create your own website, which will increase the reputation of the institution, simplify the reservation system and will further attract visitors.

    5. Production plan anticafe

    Target audience anticafe: active people with an average income of 18 to 40 years. In the morning and afternoon hours - freelancers, business trainers, students; in the evening - young people, creative personalities.

    The main characteristics of anticafe:

    • Schedule: from 12:00 to 24:00 - weekdays, from 12:00 to 02:00 - on weekends.

    • The cost of visiting : 2 rubles / minute

    • Seating capacity: 55 pcs

    • Average traffic traffic: 50 people / day

    • Average visit time: 2 hours (120 minutes)

    • Average check per person: 240 rubles.

    Based on these data, we calculate the daily revenue: 240 * 50 = 12, 000 (rubles). The monthly revenue of the anticafe will be 12, 000 * 30 = 360, 000 rubles. Since it is almost impossible to achieve such attendance in the first months of work. Therefore, further calculations related to the payback of investments will assume that the planned sales will be reached on the 3rd month of the anticafe operation. You should also pay attention to the possibility of generating additional income (the options are described in section 3 - “Description of goods and services”). In the above calculations, only payment for the time spent visiting the anticafe is taken into account.

    6. Organizational plan anticafe

    The commercial advantage of the anticafe format is that the opening of such an institution does not require many approvals, unlike a traditional cafe, since such a platform can be arranged in the "event organization" class. To implement the project, it is proposed to register an LLC indicating the following activities according to OKVED-2:

    • 93.05. The provision of other personal services - recommended as the main activity
    • 55.23. Activities of other accommodation
    • 55.30. Activities of restaurants and cafes
    • 55.40. Bar Activities
    • 92.72. Other recreational activities not included in other groups
    • 71.40. Rental of household goods and personal items
    • 92.51. Activities of libraries, archives, club type institutions
    • 92.32. Activities of concert and theater halls
    • 92.34. Other entertainment activities
    • 92.13. Film screening
    • 92.62. Other sports activities
    • 70.20. Lease of own real estate

    The list is recommended by the TimeClub anticafe network. The taxation form for anticafe is USN 6% (“income”). The number of employees of the anti-cafe varies from 2 to 6 people - it all depends on the number of services and the format of the anti-cafe.

    Table 2. Optimal anticafe staff and wages


    Salary, rub

    Number of persons

    Total rub

    Leader and Creative Director

    20, 000


    20, 000

    Accountant (part time)

    8, 000


    8, 000

    Hall Manager

    17, 500


    35, 000

    Cleaning lady (part-time)

    7, 000


    7, 000


    70, 000

    7. Financial plan anticafe

    The financial plan includes fixed and variable costs of anticafe. To start a project, you need to calculate the amount of initial investment. To do this, you need to determine the cost of equipment and inventory.

    Table 3. Investment costs for fixed assets


    Price, rub





    25, 000

    Tables (10 pcs)

    35, 000

    Printer, Scanner, Xerox (MFP)

    8, 000

    Sofas (4 pcs)

    24, 000

    Board games

    22, 000

    Armchairs (5 pcs)

    25, 000

    Games for consoles

    6, 000

    Chair bag (13 pcs)

    26, 000

    Dvd player

    3, 000

    Chairs (25pcs)

    25, 000

    Game consoles (2 pcs)

    22, 000

    Decor Items

    20, 000

    Projector screen (150 * 150 cm)

    3, 000

    Bar counter

    30, 000

    Kitchen equipment:


    8, 000


    6, 000

    Hangers (4 pcs)

    6, 000

    Coffee machine

    20, 000

    Lighting (4 pcs)

    6, 000


    20, 000

    Leisure items

    Plastic dishes, napkins

    2, 000

    Books (50 pcs)

    10, 000

    Dishes (cups, glasses, etc.)

    7, 000

    Acer Projector

    20, 000

    Desktop water cooler

    3, 000

    TV panel (2 pcs, 42 inches)

    40, 000

    Tea, coffee, sweets

    3, 000

    Total: 255, 000

    * prices are in accordance with the Yandex.Market website

    In addition to the cost of fixed assets, you must consider other one-time costs.

    Table 4. Investment costs

    Cost Type

    Amount, rub

    Purchase of equipment and inventory

    255, 000

    Room repair

    80, 000

    Registration of IP or LLC, printing, etc.

    8, 000


    343, 000

    Thus, you can calculate the amount of initial investment. To do this, we add to the one-time costs the costs of advertising and rental of premises for 1 month of anticafe operation. As a result, the initial investment will amount to 343, 000 rubles. Next, we determine the fixed costs of anticafe.

    Table 5. Fixed costs anticafe

    Cost Type

    Amount, rub

    Room rental 120 m2

    85, 000

    Utility Payments and the Internet

    15, 000

    Employee salaries

    70, 000

    Buying tea, coffee, sweets - 500 sets

    25, 000

    Advertising, promotion

    15, 000

    Tax deductions (STS at the rate of 6%)

    21, 600

    Depreciation deductions

    4, 250


    235, 850

    Please note that food expenses are for the initial stage. You can calculate more accurately the cost of treats after the formation of the anticafe menu.

    8. Evaluation of effectiveness

    The payback period of anticafe for initial investments of 343, 000 rubles is 6 months. The net monthly profit of the project upon reaching the planned sales volumes, expected in 3 months, will be 133 150 rubles. Return on sales - 37%.

    9. Risks and warranties

    To assess the risk component of the project, it is necessary to analyze the external and internal factors. External factors include threats related to the economic situation in the country and markets. To internal - the effectiveness of managing the organization.

    Internal risks:

    • low attendance of the institution;

    • pronounced seasonality of the business;

    • filling the anticafe with visitors with opposing interests;

    • specific risk: the visitor can order an unlimited number of drinks and desserts, because of which the visit may not pay off;

    • decrease in the reputation of the anticafe itself in the circle of the target audience in case of errors in management or a decrease in the quality of services.

    External risks:

    • the presence of stronger and more popular competitors;

    • increase in the cost of procurement materials, rental premises.

    Evgenia Yurkina

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