Barbecue business plan

* The calculations use the average data for the World

1. Summary of the project

The aim of the project is the opening of a barbecue in Rostov-on-Don, operating in the format of a mini-cafe and "takeaway". Shashlik is a small institution with an area of ​​30 square meters. meters offering kebab as the main dish. The target audience of the institution are residents of the microdistrict Aleksandrovka and the city of Rostov-on-Don, as well as guests of the city. The main barbecue services are: take-out barbecue, mini-cafe and outdoor cafe services, delivery services. The menu of the institution includes:

1. Pork kebab;

2. Lamb shish kebab;

3. Beef skewers;

4. Chicken kebab;

5. Salads;

6. Snacks;

7. Drinks;

8. Sauces.

The cost of opening a barbecue is 1 101 700 rubles. The main investments will require the construction of a barbecue building and the purchase of equipment - 811, 700 rubles. The project is planned to be launched at its own expense. The project payback period from the start of sales will be 14 months.

* during peak months

The construction and decoration of the premises, as well as the design of the necessary institutions, are planned to be completed within 5 months. The opening of the barbecue is scheduled for June 2016.

2. Description of the industry and company

The purpose of the project is the opening of a barbecue in the city of Rostov-on-Don. In its essence, barbecue will represent “the institution of one dish” - barbecue. As a work format, it was decided to choose two areas - the self-service mini-cafe format for 12 seats and the take-away format. In the period from April to early October, it is planned to double the number of seats by adding summer tables. Thanks to this, it is supposed to make full use of the institution's facilities in the warm season, when the barbecue is in greatest demand among Rostovites and city guests.

Shashlychnaya is located on one of the busy streets of the city - Avenue of the 40th anniversary of Victory (microdistrict Aleksandrovka), on the first line of houses. The distance from the city center (Theater Square) is 5 km, the distance from the federal highway M-4 Don is 3 km.

An IP with a simplified taxation system (6% of income) was chosen as a form of ownership. The management structure of the institution is extremely simple. The project management is carried out by an individual entrepreneur, the functions of receiving clients and fulfilling orders are performed by two full-time employees working in shift mode. In the warm season, due to sales growth and the opening of a summer cafe, hiring staff is possible. Employees are also involved in delivery services.

3.Description of goods and services

The main dish of barbecue - barbecue of various types of meat: pork, beef, lamb, poultry. A detailed price list for barbecue products can be seen in Table. 1 of this business plan. The main advantage of the barbecue will be the quality of the meat, the purchase of which is carried out from a local peasant farm, and the individual entrepreneur, who has many years of experience in cooking barbecue and barbecue dishes, as well as two full-time employees, are directly cooking. The quality of the kebab will also be facilitated by the timely supply of meat and the observance of storage conditions, the methods of marinating and roasting worked out on personal experience. Barbecue and other dishes to it can be ordered without visiting the barbecue: the institution provides delivery services. At the time of writing this business plan, the project is at the initial stage: the site has been transferred from IZHS status to commercial real estate, design estimates have been developed, a preliminary agreement has been concluded for the supply of meat with one of the peasant farms.

Table 1. Price for products sold

To provide the services described above, registration as an individual entrepreneur (IP) with the OKVED code 55.30 “Restaurant and cafe activities” is required. Barbecue activities will require a sanitary-epidemiological report, medical books, permits for a catering establishment, confirming that the barbecue can be equipped in this place. The following is a complete list of documents that will need to be submitted to Rospotrebnadzor:

1. Certificate of ownership of the premises;

2. The design opinion on the catering facility (or the project itself, if the report was not issued);

3. The calculation of the amount of food waste, depending on the capacity of the enterprise;

4. Permission for the possibility of accommodation;

5. A copy of the BTI plan with an explication of the catering facility;

6. A copy of the master plan of the territory;

7. Scheme of communications (ventilation, water supply, sewage);

8. The arrangement of technological equipment;

9. A copy of the current contract with Vodokanal;

10. Passports for existing ventilation installations and air conditioning systems;

11. The act of audit, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems, sewers, verification of thermal and refrigeration equipment in the catering unit;

12. The contract for the maintenance of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, incl. disinfection

13. A copy of the bacteriological and chemical analysis of drinking water;

14. A copy of the certificate of state registration of barbecue.

15. Copy of tax registration certificate;

16. Bank details (in full), certified by the signature of the director and seal;

17. Copies of instructions on the appointment of responsible persons for the PC (production control);

assortment list of products;

18. Copies of agreements for the disposal of waste: solid waste, food, mercury-containing and fluorescent lamps;

19. Copies of contracts for the supply of food and food raw materials;

20. A copy of the contract for the conduct of deratization, pest and disinfection works (+ license);

21. A copy of the contract for periodic medical examinations (+ license);

sanitary passport for the object (issued in the des.zsluzhba);

22. The decorated corner of the consumer;

23. Journal of accounting and expenditure of disinfectants with approved calculation;

issued medical books of employees.

4. Sales and marketing

Shashlik customers are almost all categories of the population who love this dish and are not indifferent to meat. It is worth noting that in recent years, meat consumption in Russia has begun to grow. The recession of the early 90s, which lasted until the beginning of the 2000s, when the rate of meat consumption per capita fell by a third, was over. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, according to the results of 2014, meat consumption in Russia amounted to 74 kg per capita. At the same time, the indicators for meat consumption in the Southern Federal District are traditionally higher than the average for Russia and today are about 78 kg.

The main requirements of kebab buyers are the taste of meat. Shish kebab should be soft, juicy and it is advisable to get on the table "with heat." A practically obligatory attribute of barbecue is sauce, fried vegetables, snacks, salads. In southern Russia, kebab is most often served with pita bread.

In general, in Rostov you can count about a hundred establishments in which you can find barbecue as one of the dishes. At the same time, the kebab format is less common - about 20-30 kebab units are operating in the city. Mostly, such establishments offer take-away services, including hot main dishes of Caucasian cuisine and salads. Less common are institutions working in the form of a mini-cafe or restaurant. Despite the abundance of barbecue, really popular institutions there are not many. Only 5-6 institutions of the city can boast of “people's love” and a large share of regular customers. As an additional service, most establishments include free barbecue delivery. Among the direct competitors located close to the barbecue, we can distinguish two institutions involved in the preparation of take-out barbecue and having positive customer reviews. One of the common comments about barbecue, in addition to claims to the quality of barbecue, can be identified as low speed service and cooking, low level of service, “body kit” customers.

The sale of barbecue takes place directly at the institution (takeaway) and with the help of delivery. In the warm season (from April to early October), the barbecue works as a summer cafe. For customers of the cafe, barbecue and salads are served on disposable tableware. Ready-made take-away kebabs are packed in special disposable containers. The client can order salads, drinks and snacks available on the menu. Barbecue is open daily from 10.00 to 23.00.

To attract customers, an outdoor sign with volumetric letters glowing in the dark is used. Distribution of business cards, leaflets with menus, contacts and barbecue delivery phone is also used. Barbecue prices are set based on average prices for the city, as well as taking into account the cost of production.

5. Production plan

It was decided to arrange the shashlychnaya in the Proletarsky district of the city of Rostov-on-Don, on the 40th anniversary of the Victory Street in the Aleksandrovka microdistrict, in close proximity to the owner’s house. The population of the Proletarsky district, according to 2015, is 119 thousand people. At least half of this population lives in the Aleksandrovka microdistrict, and many high-rise residential buildings are located in the area. Since the barbecue is located near the roadway, this location is perfectly suited from the point of view of the visibility of the institution for travelers. The avenue is the key artery of the city, connecting the federal highway M-4 "Don" with the center of Rostov-on-Don. In this regard, potential customers may be not only residents of this microdistrict and city, but also guests of the city.

The cost of building a barbecue area of ​​30 square meters. meters on a turn-key basis will require 540, 000 thousand rubles at the rate of 18, 000 rubles. per sq. square meter. The equipment of the premises will require the attraction of another 311, 700 rubles. Total 851, 700 thousand rubles will be invested in real estate.

Table 2. Equipment costs

The main responsibilities for receiving orders and cooking are performed by two barbecue workers working in shifts (see Table 3). Hired staff is mainly involved in organizing delivery, as well as in the warm season for auxiliary work with an increase in customer flow.

Table 3. Staffing and payroll

For 1 working day, a barbecue skewer mini-cafe can fry up to 50 kg of raw meat, that is, the output will be about 37.5 kg. Accordingly, the maximum volume of finished products per month will be 1140 kg. Taking into account sales of other products, the monthly revenue of barbecue can reach 1.2 million rubles. The main expenses of the main period are the purchase of meat and other products. Barbecue meat is purchased from one of the peasant farms. The cost of a kilogram of pork is 190 rubles., Beef - 210 rubles., Lamb - 230 rubles. Chicken wings are purchased at a price of 90 rubles. per kg, chicken fillet for barbecue - for 175 rubles. Charcoal and disposable tableware are used as production consumables. Among other expenses, you can name the services of hired personnel (mainly delivery) - 7, 000 rubles, the cost of utilities and electricity - 5 thousand rubles, printing business cards and leaflets - 5 thousand rubles, and depreciation of fixed assets - 2.6 thousand rubles taking into account the useful life of 10 years.

6. Organizational plan

The project implementation period, taking into account the construction, equipment and execution of the necessary documents, will be 5 months. Responsibilities for the general management of the barbecue remain with the owner. Directly subordinate staff and employees. The process of receiving and servicing customers is carried out by two barbecue workers working in shifts. There are no strict requirements for qualifications and education of personnel. Training in the technology of work and cooking is undertaken by an individual entrepreneur.

7.Financial plan

The financial indicators of the project, including revenue, cash flow, variable and fixed costs, are presented in Appendix 1. Calculations were made for a five-year period taking into account seasonality indicators and growing load indicators up to 67% due to an increase in barbecue recognition and an increase in the number of regular customers.

8. Evaluation of project effectiveness

The project for the opening of a shish kebab house is characterized by low starting investments and high profitability. The costs of the preparatory period, including the cost of construction, equipment, design, etc., will amount to 1 101 700 rubles. When reaching the planned sales figures, the payback of the institution can be expected for 14 months from the start of work. The discounted payback period is 14 months. Project performance indicators are given in Table. four.

Table 4. Project performance indicators

* during peak months

9. Risks and warranties

Barbecue is a low risk business. Starting investments are minimal, and the technology of production and sales is extremely simple. Since the price segment of the institution is average, the risks on the payback and profitability of the project are minimized. Successful implementation of the idea and contributes to finding property in the property. In Tab. 5 of this business plan provides an analysis of the possible risks of opening and operating an institution.

Under the worst-case development scenario, bankruptcy of an enterprise is not possible, since investments are made in a liquid tangible asset. In particular, the option of selling a finished business, or leasing it, is possible.

Table 5. Assessment of project risks and measures to prevent their occurrence or their consequences

10. Applications


Key financial indicators of the project in a five-year perspective

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