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Sie ist ein Model, und sie sieht gut aus.


The golden dream of many girls is to become a model, it is believed that this work does not provide any difficulties: walk on the catwalk and get a good fee. However, in order to become a truly known and sought-after model, you need to learn this art, not to mention to have the appropriate appearance. In this regard, the model cannot exist separately from the agency, this organization finds consumers, promotes its employees and in every way supports the interest of leading consumers. However, a seemingly simple business that is fraught with a number of difficulties that many cannot overcome. Therefore, many modeling agencies cease their work in the first year of existence.

The most serious limitation for a beginner is an extremely high level of competition, which leads to a glut of the market, the emergence of strong players and somewhat overstated requirements for the preparation of models. Few manage to compete with leading modeling agencies, and the models themselves will prefer to work in an already promoted company, hoping for an early high-paying job. And here you have to compete not only with your own kind - also starting work - but also with Russian agencies, but also with foreign companies and their representatives in Russia. Part of this interest is due to the fact that Slavs are generally considered to be beautiful girls; and in the modeling business, it is most often the young and pretty girls that are required. But not only them, the agency also trains men, as well as children and people aged. It all depends on who the orientation will be in future work.

It should be noted that a modeling agency is a company that deals, conditionally speaking, with the sale of finished goods, finding a buyer for it (models are “living goods”, although this is not entirely ethically correct). But finding a model is much more difficult than preparing it yourself. Therefore, starting such a business, you need to immediately focus on the fact that you have to organize a model training school, and this unit will be able to bring its own income, especially at later stages of work, when a reputation is obtained. Moreover, today almost no one starts as an agent, they prepare models on their own, finding and choosing truly suitable frames from many who wish. In general, a novice entrepreneur will, on the one hand, experience a lack of truly good models, and on the other hand, pressure from competitors and excessive demands from consumers.

It is clear that it will be possible to engage in such activities only in big cities, and only in large megacities it will be possible to cooperate with abroad, in other settlements, only local clients will be interested in the services of modeling agencies. However, starting to work not in the capital of fashion, you can focus on its market, finding consumers there and offering their models. A rare model will refuse to travel for work, because people initially go for such a work schedule. The opposite is also true, you can find suitable personnel in the provinces, because talents, sometimes, are born in completely forgotten cities. In this case, it remains only to prepare the novice model, saving a lot at the same time, because the requests of the provincial will be much more modest. However, here the principle of the agency’s work and the contingent of consumers to which it focuses play a significant role.

To start your work you need to register as a business entity. With individual work, you can register as an individual entrepreneur (IP), while remaining an individual, with the work of several people a limited liability company (LLC) is formed, which is a legal entity. Moreover, it is to these two forms that the simplified tax system (STS) is available, which allows the government to give back only 6% of its income or 15% of its operating profit. However, many large companies prefer to cooperate precisely with the enterprise, with the legal entity, perceiving the IP as something frivolous. It is also important to correctly indicate the classifier code for entrepreneurial activity. It is suitable directly for the work of a modeling agency (OKPD 2) 78.10. Services provided by employment agencies or (OKPD 2) 78.30. Other services in the field of human resources for providing personnel. The difference is that in the first case, the model will permanently switch to work with the customer, and its cooperation with the model agency will end on this, in the second case the model takes part in the customer’s orders, but always works directly through the agency, which it finds work. Codes may also be useful (OKPD 2) 08/18/2019 Other advertising services and (OKPD 2) 85.31 Professional training services for advertising on your own and legalizing the activities of the model school, for which you can also receive money.

The first step is to find a room for the agency. In addition to the aforementioned school and office rooms, you need to take care of the studio for the shooting and the halls for model shows. If desired, all this is located in an area of ​​about 100 m2. The rental price differs greatly depending on the city of work and position in it, but it is best to be located in central areas, because an agency somewhere on the outskirts will not be interesting to the models themselves or to those who need them. You can find a room in business centers, but there usually the cost of rent is even higher than in the city as a whole. For small cities, the price tag for renting such areas starts from about 50 thousand rubles, but such a room will obviously not be in perfect repair; in general, the cost can reach several hundred thousand. If the room needs repair, it will have to be carried out, it is impossible to save on the internal and external appearance of its representative office in any way, this will adversely affect the interest in the agency on the part of models and customers.

For the agency to work, the first thing to do is to purchase office furniture, appliances, conduct the Internet and all other communications, if they were not available. After this, you should think about organizing a photo studio. A spacious room with a high ceiling stands out under it. It is believed by professionals that only a photo studio should be about 100 m2 in size, then such spaces are necessary for shooting a large number of objects or group photos. In the case of a modeling agency, you can still manage with a relatively small studio of about 30 m2, that is, the photographer, equipment and the model itself will actually fit there. For presentation photos, this is enough, if you create a full-fledged portfolio, you can use the services of third-party organizations (because this will not happen too often). The cost of photo studio equipment starts at about 50 thousand rubles and can reach 200 thousand (this is for small rooms, because large workshops can cost several million). It should be noted that it is worth equipping a studio for your own needs, which will not become a source of additional income, because it will come out much cheaper.

It is easier to organize the school itself and the office itself, because it does not require the purchase of expensive and specific equipment. But it’s simpler - in technical terms, but not in personnel, because the employees of the modeling agency solve a lot of questions, and the lion's share of success depends on them. Of course, it is possible to work independently, performing many tasks and having only one or two assistants, but it will work out only at first, then there will be no time to keep up and keep in mind a huge amount of information. Extra hands and heads will have to be hired. If several people open an agency, then it’s a little easier for them - they distribute responsibilities among themselves (and people who decide to do this business probably have an idea and desire to work in this area), after which they hire personnel that are not required to be superhigh knowledge and skills. The following should work: director, customer service specialist, personnel manager, personnel selection specialist, administrator, acting teachers (with a bias in teaching the profession of a model), as well as photographers, stylists, makeup artists and other image makers. Each of these people has the highest demands, because in this type of business to present their model in the best light means having a better chance of getting a contract. Given the high professionalism of models of competing agencies, you can fail to show even if the person is truly talented and has good natural appearance.

An important point is the advertising of your own agency, because it should never stop and be focused on "two fronts" - on new models and partners who need these models. It’s good today to advertise on the Internet and, moreover, to have your own website, because for the most part only potential customers visit it. There you can place all the information about yourself, about the models, about the conditions of cooperation, and as a result, people who are almost ready to conclude a contract will turn to contact. If you have a website, then it’s good to register groups on social networks so that through them you can communicate directly with interested people and give a link to pages on the Internet. But we must not forget about the other methods of promotion - local television, radio and the like, but their effectiveness is sometimes small.

Clients primarily need young pretty girls, because they can arrange shows, defile, and conduct advertising campaigns, in general, they are hired where it is worth charming or charming the consumer. But some types of advertising also need men, recently in the modeling business more and more children are involved in filming videos and shows. The principle of the modeling agency is to always be on hand and offer its partners suitable candidates for any project. In fact, a fashion show, which some girls dream about and which is a model business in the understanding of the layman, is only one part, models are needed in much more places. The simplest way to start a model’s career is to participate in promotions. Customers are looking for nice young people for their projects, they just go to an advertising agency for these purposes. It, in turn, develops an action program, and then turns to a modeling agency. That is, the partners here will be the advertisers, who almost always have a demand for good models.

More professional models are involved in participating in photo shoots and presenting products at a higher level. They can already become the face of a company or company, or at least a single product, they are invited to presentations and shows. People who have work experience and, of course, really outstanding external data are already taken here, yes, external beauty is prized here first of all. In order to successfully interest consumers with such models, you should first arrange a photo session for them in your office, write a detailed resume and show the model only in a better light. Sometimes they get on the pages of fashion magazines and become participants in the "party". Such work already attracts most models, and they will be grateful to the agency if it helps them to reach this level.

More serious orders are already coming, many of which will come from abroad. Foreigners will cooperate with an agency that is truly well-known in their own country, therefore, without going through all the previous stages, it is almost impossible to reach a foreign level. The exception is the connection abroad in this area, a person who has worked in the modeling business and traveled around the world, may have acquaintances and friends to whom he can supply the necessary candidates. Otherwise, you will have to earn a name, then go to other countries yourself (Europe, first of all, which is obvious), study the mentality and peculiarities of doing business abroad, make acquaintances, and only after that return to this country, being ready to cooperate with foreigners. Otherwise, it simply will not be possible to understand each other, and now we are talking not only about the language barrier.

When the agency opens, he should find a large number of models for different purposes - from babies for advertising to girls for presentations of new car models. Typically, the following scheme is practiced: the agency takes the most promising personnel into training at its own expense, works with them for wear and tear, takes over all the cares to promote talent, and everyone else who is eager for the modeling business, but, to put it mildly, not born for this, the agency takes on training for a fee. Usually this is a small amount, although sometimes it can reach 10 thousand rubles a month. It all depends on how the agency positions itself (at what level). It will be difficult for an unknown newcomer to attract a client who is ready to give large sums for such training. That is, at first it will be a small additional source of income. Moreover, “defective” shots also find their application, but someone must conduct beer promotions. Good models with the proper level of work will be sure to be noticed, they will be interested in them, after which they will be hired. The trained model must sign a contract with the agency, according to which she transfers part of the proceeds; this is necessary if she collaborates with several agencies or works more as a free employee, rather than being a staff member of the agency. The amount of commission is very different depending on the popularity of the model, its design, the amount of work and the like parameters. The average figure can be called approximately equal to thirty percent. This is agent reward.

As can be understood from the above, it is hardly possible to quickly recover the invested funds - it will take a lot of time to promote, search for models, customers, training and other organizational issues. Of course, you can immediately get ahead if you have connections or really talented employees and excellent models, but only a few succeed. Therefore, at first, you have to put up with the fact that the agency does not make a profit, and you need to have reserve funds to maintain your business. Depending on many factors, the transition period to a relatively constant work schedule can be a couple of months or more than a year.

In its development, a modeling agency can go from a small office that offers students advertising campaigns to small advertising agencies, to a large player who collaborates with leading representatives of the modeling business around the world. On the basis of a well-known agency, one can open not just a school that trains personnel for its needs, but also one in which interested and prospective clients are trained for decent money. This is a rather complicated business, and it is suitable for those who are seriously interested in this area and truly understand all the subtleties of the fashion world.

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