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* In calculations, the average data for the World of Billiards has been used for several centuries in our country is very popular. This game is loved by people of different ages and social status. Owners of clubs, organizers of billiard tournaments, owners of shops for goods for billiards and manufacturers of billiard equipment earn money on billiards.

The most expensive piece of equipment for playing billiards is a table. Branded tables from well-known manufacturers cost hundreds of thousands of rubles and are used only in elite clubs, most democratic clubs and individuals purchase tables from small manufacturers - this costs several times less. The production of billiard tables is becoming a popular business, as it does not require large investments and brings a steady profit.

The table uses the following tools and consumables: electric drill, jigsaw, grinder, stapler for nailing fabrics, hammer, rasp, file, hacksaw, awl, screwdrivers, set of wrenches, knife, tape measure, vernier caliper, manual milling machine, PVA glue, chipboard plates, self-tapping screws, washers, bolts, nuts. The cost of the tool depends on the manufacturer, in total you will have to spend about 20 thousand rubles.

At home, the production of pool tables is impossible because of their rather large sizes. A special room will be required.

To start a business, registration as an individual entrepreneur is suitable. OKVED code 36.50 - production of billiard tables and equipment for bowling alleys.

There are tables for playing in the American pool, Russian billiards, snooker and cannon. In Russia, the most popular tables for the Russian pyramid and pool. Snooker and cannon are played in major sports clubs.

The standard table sizes for Russian billiards are shown in the table.


Playing field size

Table dimensions

12 foot

3550 x 1775

3840 x 2060

10 foot

2950 x 1470

3240 x 1750

9 foot

2540 x 1270

2830 x 1560

8 foot

2240 x 1120

2530 x 1410

Pool tables are also 9, 8, 7, and even 6 feet.

The technology for the production of a pool table is described in various manuals that can be found on the Internet, for example, at these links:

  • //,
  • //,
  • //,
  • //

The basis of the table is the drawers, a connecting element of furniture, which serves to support the tabletop and fasten the legs of the table. The drawbars are made of export-grade twenty plywood glued in thickness (40 mm). Two long and two short tzars go to one table. They are interconnected using bolts-couplers. For each table, six legs, adjustable in level, are made of wood and MDF. As a tabletop, Spanish slate, Italian ardesia, marble, granite are used. The plate may consist of several parts. It is possible to replace it with a tree, it will be much cheaper, but such a table will not last long, since the tree is subject to warpage. The base of the sides is plywood, a pine lamella is glued inside, on top of the sides they are lined with material from valuable wood species, rubber is glued. A good material for making the table is oak, alder, ash, walnut, pear, cherry, birch. Very beautiful tables are obtained from exotic woods. Due to the heavy weight of the plates, metal is sometimes used to strengthen the table. The table is fitted with a special billiard cloth. The side, supports, drawers and lintels can be ordered in the furniture workshop.

Cookers and other accessories can be purchased through online stores. The cost of slabs from mountain slate for an eight-foot table is from 12 thousand rubles. A set of high quality rubber of a standard trapezoidal profile designed for an eight-foot table can be purchased for 3.5 thousand rubles. A set of pockets will cost 10-12 thousand rubles. Cloth for a billiard table made of wool and nylon costs from 700 rubles to 3.5 thousand rubles a meter (width 1.95 meters). A net on a pocket costs about 2 thousand rubles.

The production of one billiard table using inexpensive wood, slate plates, special rubber and billiard cloth will take about 40 thousand rubles and 5-7 days if one person works. The market value of an eight-foot table starts at 55 thousand rubles and depends on the quality of the materials from which the products are made.

To sell products, you can go in several ways. The simplest is the manufacture of one table and its subsequent sale through advertisements in a newspaper or on the Internet. This method is undesirable, as it will not bring a stable income. With a favorable set of circumstances, the table can be sold quickly and proceed to the production of the next, but no one can guarantee that the second table will not stand idle for several weeks until a buyer appears.

To conduct business efficiently, you must first find customers, and then make the product. Typically, small manufacturers cooperate with billiard goods stores or sell tables directly to private individuals for home and summer cottages through their own websites, which place product catalogs, order conditions and product prices. It is not worth taking orders for the supply of equipment for opening billiard rooms if it is not possible to produce the required number of tables on time. Reviews from dissatisfied customers can significantly ruin your business reputation.

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