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You can become a blacksmith not only after the Stroganov Academy of Applied Arts, but also, by nature, the main thing is to have a desire, and physical strength.

It makes no sense to work for someone; blacksmiths usually receive no more than 20% of the total income of the blacksmith.

It is more expedient to open your forge. Initial investments in starting a business will range from 10, 000 to 40, 000 dollars. As for the premises, it is better to rent a workshop at the plant, or its small area, 10x10 or 15x15 m is enough. Anvil will cost 100 dollars — small and 600 dollars — big.

The hammer can be purchased second-hand, a minimum set of tools will be required. Iron can be bought at any metal depot, and the larger the lot, the cheaper the price.

From a ton of iron, for example, 600 pieces of small products can be obtained, and this is already 20 thousand dollars of income. (the cost of 1 sq. m of forging is from 150 cu). Moreover, the product is valued more expensive, the more decor it has. In general, orders can vary from $ 15, 000 for an elevator shaft to $ 1, 500 for a door or $ 500 for a bin. Forged iron products are very durable, their service life reaches 100 years. In general, the forge is a profitable business. In a good scenario, you can pay back your investments in a year, having a profit of $ 3, 000 per month. But there are some nuances, for example, seasonality. It is believed that the dead months in this business are from November to March.

But as an alternative, you can consider stained glass business. For its discovery, 5 thousand dollars is enough. In principle, some experts say that you can start a business in your own kitchen, but for this you need good ventilation. It is better to rent a small and inexpensive basement.

For the production you will need glass cutters, better German - 100 bucks each, Russian, although they cost 100 rubles, but in quality they can not be compared. You also need a stove, it will cost $ 1, 500.

But the glass itself - you can buy any - domestic, American, Belgian, and even Chinese.

For art orders, you should hire an artist who owns a classic stained glass technique. The cost of stained glass products is not cheap, for example, a glass figurine in Alfonso style costs $ 1, 500. Experienced entrepreneurs advise customers to look for at specialized exhibitions where potential clients can be, and the audience is wealthy.

In general, you can get started on this business, the profit in it is not small, and if you combine its two directions - forging and stained glass, you can get profit all year round.

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