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Art painting is a real art that allows you to transform any interior. Services for the individual design of apartments and houses, despite the relatively high cost, will always be in demand. At least that's what most designers think. And this also confirms the number of orders for artistic decor.

Thus, you can transform any room - a bedroom, living room, children's room, cafe, club, office and even a swimming pool. The choice of ideas and stories is practically unlimited by the customer’s imagination. Even the prices for the services of the artist upon detailed examination turn out to be quite affordable.

A simple one-color wall drawing or ornament will cost from 3 t. m

A full-color three-dimensional picture (still lifes, landscapes, etc.) will cost 12 t. m

For complex painting (portraits, reproductions of paintings, as well as painting on the ceiling) you will have to pay at least 15 tons / sq. m

As a rule, this amount includes the purchase of consumables and tools.

But for the development of the layout of the future drawing, you may have to pay an amount of 15-30% of the order value.

Even if the customer has a small budget, he will always be able to choose the best design option for himself, both in price and in result.

Handwork without stickers and the use of auxiliary tools (for example, an airbrush) is most valued.

If you are an artist yourself and plan to work alone, then a large starting capital to open your own business is not required. The main expenses will be spent on registration of individual entrepreneurs (about 2 tr.), Advertising, promotion and consultation with a lawyer.

Payment for work is carried out by the customer, as a rule, in several stages. First, the artist and the client develop the general concept of the drawing and its composition.

The first part of the payment is paid after approval of the sketch. She also goes to buy all the materials necessary for the work. Recently, decorators have taken the first part of the payment before designing a sketch as an advance.

This part is not returned to the client if for some reason he changes his mind and refuses to continue cooperation.

The final price and deadlines are only approved after approval by the customer of the sketch of the future project.

All these nuances must be negotiated in advance and prescribed in the contract in order to avoid disputes.

If you work independently, then it is better to look for customers directly, without the help of intermediaries.

On the one hand, artists seek to collaborate with designers leading a project. A designer for each order for interior decoration transferred to “his” contractor usually receives a commission of 10-30% of the order value.

However, if the customer completely trusts the search for an artist to a not very conscientious designer, the cost of the work announced to the client may turn out to be several times the amount that the artist will actually receive. The difference goes into the pocket of the intermediary.

It is not surprising that the quality of work corresponding to its price is often lower than what the client expected. Therefore, it is much more profitable and safer for your own reputation to look for customers yourself.

Do not spare money on advertising. Own website with examples of work, prices, terms and contacts (the simplest option is from 3 t.), Business cards and leaflets distributed in construction stores (from 5 t. / 1000 pcs.), Advertising modules in specialized magazines (from 6 t. per module) - inexpensive, but effective ways to express themselves and attract the attention of first customers.

The business of interior decoration has a relatively high profitability. However, when calculating future incomes, keep in mind that it takes about 2-3 weeks for an average-sized work for one artist (including work on a sketch).

For objective reasons, you are unlikely to be able to execute more than 2-3 orders per month if you plan to work independently. In addition, until the quality and level of your work has begun to speak for itself, you will have to spend some time looking for customers. Therefore, if you are looking forward to developing your business and increasing profits, you will have to hire several craftsmen and expand the range of services offered.

Companies that are engaged in interior decoration, offer their customers, in addition to painting walls, services for the manufacture of mosaics, panels from various materials, frescoes, stucco moldings, bas-reliefs.

To optimize costs, prepare a database of specialists working in a particular technique, and contact them when a suitable order appears. To carry out small and simple work, you can hire students of art schools.

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