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Most apartments have a balcony or loggia, and in many cases they are used very irrationally - as a warehouse for storing unnecessary things. Meanwhile, the balcony can become a functional part of the apartment (for example, a resting place), and if there is enough space, even a separate living room. Most of the apartments in surrendering houses do not provide for glazing of balconies, and it is impossible to use an open balcony or a loggia in the cold season. In this case, numerous companies come to the aid of glazing and warming balconies. This business, despite high competition, is considered very profitable. Its organization requires a small investment (although it’s not at all costly, as the authors of articles on some sites assure, it’s still not enough). But these investments quickly pay off under certain business conditions.

Consider its main advantages. These include the simplicity of the work. Glazing of balconies does not require a lot of experience, special knowledge and skills. It is enough that the workers in your brigade are able to use the tools and take responsibility for their work (unfortunately, this attitude is not so common). The balcony glazing service is in high demand. The number of real estate under construction and acquired in large and medium-sized cities is increasing every year. Accordingly, the number of your potential customers is increasing. Repair work of balconies takes a little time (the timing of their implementation is much shorter than when repairing large areas of premises). All materials are paid by the customer, and workers in the team usually work piece-work, so the main expenses are reduced to buying tools and advertising their services. The cost of repairing balconies and loggias is relatively low and affordable for most people in our country.

Most often, aluminum is used for glazing balconies. The popularity of this material is explained by its low cost. However, it also has significant drawbacks: aluminum easily passes the cold and is not suitable for glazing balconies and loggias, which are supposed to be used as living quarters. On the other hand, aluminum structures are reliable, have a long service life, and provide good protection against noise and dust. They are produced in various colors and can easily be combined with various finishing materials. Aluminum is used for the so-called "cold glazing" and is considered the cheapest option for equipping a balcony. If it is planned to use the balcony often, including in the winter season, or it should become part of the living room, then the balcony is glazed with plastic windows with interior decoration. The interior decoration in most cases is connected with the exterior, so experts advise to do the outer parapet lining on the balcony with galvanizing or high-tech siding. This type of glazing is considered the most expensive. For finishing balconies and loggias, plastic lining can also be used. Such a finish is considered inexpensive, but at the same time involves a certain variety of colors. It looks neat, easy to clean, although it has a relatively short life. A more expensive and durable finish, which is also considered environmentally friendly, unlike plastic, is a wooden lining that is specially processed and dried well before use.

For the insulation of balconies, as well as for the insulation of apartments and houses, polymeric materials or basalt slabs are used as an insulating layer. To give the inside of the balcony or loggia a beautiful appearance, this layer is sheathed with the same drywall or lining. Some companies that provide services for glazing and warming balconies are also involved in carrying out heating and / or removal (extension) of balconies in those buildings or on those floors where they do not exist. The latter service is much more expensive. To carry out the removal of the balcony, it is necessary to draw up special documentation and obtain permits. In principle, this is not a very complicated procedure if the house is not an architectural monument or if the new balcony does not open onto one of the central streets. However, it takes a lot of time to complete all the papers, and this work should be done by an individual who understands all the nuances, and ideally also has the necessary connections in the right instances. The construction of a balcony includes the creation of a foundation, the construction of supporting columns, which can be concrete, iron or cement-filled. Then a balcony platform is created, balcony partitions, a roof are built, and the actual glazing and warming of the new balcony is carried out. If it takes 1-2 days to glaze one loggia or balcony of standard sizes, the project to remove, glaze and warm the balcony takes at least 2.5 weeks.

So, in order to open your own company for glazing balconies and loggias, you need to get a certificate of an individual entrepreneur. To do this, you need to contact your local branch of the Federal Tax Service with the necessary documents, the list of which includes an application for registration, passport, TIN of an individual (the exact list can be clarified on the tax website). After registration, you will be issued a certificate. With this certificate of an individual entrepreneur, you must contact your local administration and get permission to carry out glazing of balconies and loggias. Conclude an agreement with suppliers of consumables. It is advisable to work not with one company, but with several, each of which specializes in certain products, for example, produces frames made of wood and aluminum, PVC profiles, etc.

In addition, you will need a room for work. You do not need an office as such, as you can take orders on your work phone, and then go to potential customers at the facility for measurements and budgeting. However, you will need to prepare some of the materials in advance - to cut the lining sheets, make window blocks, etc. For this, even a small room with an area of ​​15-20 square meters is suitable. meters, which can be rented.

One of the most significant items of expenditure is training. It is highly desirable that both you and all your employees take training courses in the technology of glazing balconies and loggias. Your team should have at least 2-3 professionals with extensive experience who will oversee other less skilled workers. The profitability of the glazing of balconies and loggias business can reach 500% (of the price of building materials). However, to maximize profitability, you do not need to purchase ready-made window blocks and frames from other companies, but produce them yourself. But this entails additional costs for the rental of premises, the purchase of special equipment, the purchase of consumables and an additional team of workers.

To attract customers, it is recommended to use all advertising methods. You can post ads in areas dominated by multi-storey buildings, as well as in housing estates with new buildings. A good effect is the distribution of leaflets. A double-sided leaflet in the simplest and cheapest way will cost printing and delivery in boxes per ruble apiece. To reduce costs, you can cooperate with companies that are friendly to you, which are, for example, installing windows or doors. Place offers of your services in local advertising publications (the best option is regular newspapers with advertisements distributed free of charge around the city). Do not forget about the Internet, because it is there that about 30% of your potential customers are looking for you. You can make your own website (including completely free) with a description of your services, prices and photos of your work, or you can do without it by adding your contacts to all thematic catalogs and posting your offers on bulletin boards. Actively cooperate with companies installing plastic and wooden windows and doors, exchange your leaflets for distribution. As an incentive, you can offer partners a small percentage for each customer attracted to you.

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