Business Plan Design Studio

* The calculations use the average data for the World

Design studio is a rather specific business and requires professional knowledge in the field of design from an entrepreneur. Opening your design studio is quite simple, it is much more difficult to make it successful.


The purpose of this project is to open a design studio to implement a range of services in the field of interior design in a city with a population of more than 1 million people.

Over the past 10 years, the attitude towards the creation of interiors of private and commercial premises has changed a lot. Today, an increasing number of people and companies turn to designers to create individual projects. The growth in demand for this type of service was facilitated by many factors: an increase in housing commissioning, an increase in household incomes and, as a result, demand for creating comfortable living conditions. The market of design services continues to actively develop and is assessed as a promising industry.

Thus, the opening of a design studio is a promising project. The advantages of the business include a high level of income and a low payback period for the project, the possibility of organizing a home business, and relatively simple business organization.

An office space is leased for the implementation of the project. The office area is 15 square meters, and the rental price is 15, 000 rubles. The office is equipped with the necessary furniture, the use of which is included in the rent.

The target audience of the design studio are:

  • people who are faced with the need to make repairs in their home with average profitability;

  • corporate clients who need a design project for commercial premises (offices, shops, cafes, etc.).

The initial investment is 415, 000 rubles. Investment costs are aimed at the acquisition of office equipment, software, advertising promotion, as well as the formation of a working capital fund until the project returns to payback. The bulk of the required investment is in the acquisition of equipment, whose share is 53%. Own funds will be used to implement the project.

Financial calculations take into account all project income and expenses, the planning horizon is 3 years. It is anticipated that after this period, expansion of the business will be required. According to the calculations, the initial investment will pay off after 5-6 months of operation. It is planned to reach the planned sales volume at the end of the first year of operation. The net profit in this case will be about 300, 000 rubles / month, and the annual amount of net profit for the first year of operation will be more than 1.5 million rubles. The return on sales in the first year of operation is 42.5%.


Over the past decade, the approach to creating interiors for private and public buildings has undergone significant changes, which has led to the active development of the residential and public sector design market. There are many prerequisites for the development of the market: growth in the construction market, increase in the number of sales transactions in the residential real estate market, growth in demand for creating comfortable housing conditions, expansion of the market for finishing materials and interior items. Today, having acquired new housing or starting repairs in it, everyone wants to equip the space in accordance with their needs, for which he turns to the designer. A characteristic feature is that customers of design services want to get an individual project. This contributes to the development of the design services industry.

The modern market of design services is a real sector of the economy, the annual turnover of which, according to experts, exceeds $ 15 billion. With such sales volumes, it remains very closed and unstructured. About 25-35% is still in the shadow sector of the economy, since a significant part of the market is occupied by freelance designers. At the moment, more than 120 thousand people are registered as professionals in the field of design in the country. Due to the closed nature of the market, it is quite difficult to assess its real volume and development trends. But you can track the dynamics of the market for design services and the prospects for the sphere by related areas - the commissioning of housing in Russia and the retail turnover of building and finishing materials. And the dependence is quite obvious: the owners of new buildings most often turn to design services, and the most popular projects are the redevelopment of the Khrushchevs.

According to statistics, an increase in the commissioning of new buildings is expected, which opens up prospects for the market of design services.

According to analytical studies, more than 65% of all sales of building and finishing materials, equipment and home accessories are due to the effective work of architects and designers. The higher the demand for the services of an interior designer, the more they buy building materials. To some extent, the designer acts as an intermediary between the seller and the client, determines the need for the acquisition of a particular material. Every year, the market for building materials increased by 20% and by 2015 reached a volume of 1.46 trillion. rubles. The trend changed in 2016 against the backdrop of a general economic downturn, when household incomes decreased by 6.5%, and the commissioning of residential real estate - by 9%.

Market recovery was recorded in 2017. It is expected that the market of building and finishing materials will grow at a slow pace - only 2-3% per year, and will be able to return to its previous volume not earlier than 2018.

In addition, experts note a steady growth in the interior design services market - on average, annual growth is approximately 30%. According to Yandex search data, interior design in September 2017 was of interest to residents of the Russian Federation 245, 665 times.

Users also searched (in September 2017):

  • apartment design - 344739 times

  • interior design - 275, 702 times

  • design project - 138920 times

  • design studio - 123579 times

  • interior designer - 73834 times

  • order design - 22474 times

  • designer services - 13692 times.

Based on all the data presented, it can be concluded that the market for design services continues to develop. The services of an interior designer are becoming more popular, which opens up prospects for business. Table 1 shows the key advantages and disadvantages of a design studio that should be considered when planning a business.

Table 1. Advantages and disadvantages of opening a design studio



- low payback period;

- the market does not depend on seasonality;

- low costs during operation;

- demand for services even in times of crisis;

- high level of income;

- you can conduct many projects at the same time

- high level of competition in the market;

- constant and close work with clients;

- the need to search for professional employees;

- inconsistent demand for services

Thus, we can talk about the attractiveness of this business. Design studio is a rather specific business. It is not difficult to open such a business, it is much more difficult to turn it into a successful and profitable enterprise. Stand out in the market, occupy your niche, create competitive advantages - these are the most important and key tasks in this area.

Of course, to start this business should be a person who is himself a professional in the field of design. Knowing the intricacies of working in the industry, having a portfolio of your work and an accumulated customer base, you can achieve success in business.


This business project involves the opening of a design studio that provides services in the field of interior design. Interior design studio services may include:

- Design of the redevelopment of the premises (measurements, planning options, installation plan of the option approved by the customer);

- Outline technical project of the interior (development of the interior concept, reconstruction plan, plan for arranging furniture and equipment, floor plan, electrical and plumbing plan, ceiling plan, wall plans, drawings of interior details, bill of materials);

- Outline design of the interior, the use of new technologies (visualization, the creation of 3D design projects, perspective images of the interior from different points of view);

- Architectural supervision (search for a construction team, control of repair and construction works, necessary adjustments to existing documentation, ordering parts in workshops, selection of materials);

- Interior decoration (selection of finishing materials, furniture, accessories);

- Creation of artwork (hand-painted furniture and interior items, the creation of stained-glass windows, the creation of artistic compositions, art painting of walls, art painting of fabric, etc.)

- Consultations on the use of finishing materials, spatial-color solution of the interior, furniture arrangement, placement of art objects in the interior and other design issues.

When planning the opening of a design studio and determining the list of services provided, you need to know the structure of the market. All professional market participants can be divided into five categories:

  1. Design Bureau. This group is the most promising. It includes companies that are engaged exclusively in design, not being distracted by various related functions. Narrow specialization allows you to work more professionally in one direction and act as consultants for allied companies - construction organizations, architectural workshops, etc. In a city with a population of more than 1 million people, at least 100 companies of this profile work simultaneously.

  2. Architectural workshops are engaged not only in design, but also in interior design. As a rule, interior design in this case is a secondary service.

  3. Designers-consultants at various salons and shops. Here, designer services are introduced to increase sales of furniture, building materials, etc. This category is not regarded as direct competitors of design studios, although they should be borne in mind.

  4. Designers in construction organizations. Usually these are large construction companies that have the ability to keep a designer on staff. The cost of a design project is usually included in the total cost of the work.

  5. Freelance designers. Every year the number of this category is increasing. Many designers refuse to work for hire, moving to free swimming. The main difficulty in this case is the search for customers and the constant flow of orders. There are two types of specialists in this category: professionals who have managed to establish themselves in the market or young designers who do not have much work experience.

Demand in the market is formed by private and corporate customers. Private customers order the design of apartments, houses and cottages, while corporate customers usually order offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. Despite a wide audience, steady demand in the market of design services has not yet formed. This is hindered by the erroneous stereotypes that design services are a luxury that can be dispensed with.

The concept of a design studio is recommended to be built on the combination of two areas: interior design and the provision of a range of services to coordinate the necessary changes. It is such organizations that are currently the most successful in the market. An exclusively design offer can only be effective if the studio employs professionals who have already established themselves in the market and have developed a specific client base.

Table 2 shows an approximate list of design studio services and prices. The cost of services is approximate, since market prices vary widely and depend on many factors.

Table 2. Design studio services

Type of service

Types of jobs

Cost, rub.

Planning decisions

- Preparation of technical specifications;

- Measurement plan;

- Dismantling plan;

- The plan of the constructed partitions;

- Design plan. Explication of premises;

- Design plan. Furniture arrangement

from 10, 000 per project or from 400 rubles. / sq.m.

Truncated design project (planning decisions + working documentation)

- The final version of the layout of the premises;

- The plan of partitions;

- Plan for arranging furniture;

- Plan of electrical equipment;

- Details of the project;

From 400 rub / sq.m.

Full design project (planning decisions + working documentation + selection of finishing materials, object visualization)

All previous + pictures, drawings,

finish cards with selection of materials

From 1000 rub./sq.m.

Author's supervision

- Compliance with the ideas and developments of the designer;

- Departure to the site and consultation with builders;

- Assistance in the selection of finishing materials for the future interior;

- Consultation in the selection of plumbing, tiles, furniture, etc.

Per month - 15 000,

Per hour (one-time visit to the object - 700)

Express project

- Plan for measuring the premises;

- Plan for dismantling the walls;

- Plan of installation of structures;

- Several options for a furniture plan

From 400 rubles / sq.m.

Designer Consultation

- Tips for choosing an apartment, taking into account the planned interior;

- Possible redevelopment options

- Possible alterations to the old apartment or non-residential premises;

- Tips for decorating the interior;

- Preliminary planning decisions;

- Optimization of areas available in the apartment

5000 rub. for 2 hours consultation

All stages of the work carried out by the designer within the framework of the project must be executed in separate agreements. This format allows the customer to understand what each stage of work consists of, what result is expected, and also allows the customer to attract a designer strictly for a certain type of work.


The target audience of the design studio are:

- people who are faced with the need to make repairs in their home. However, not everyone is ready to seek the services of a designer. Therefore, the real target audience is narrower - these are people with incomes above the average.

- corporate clients who need a design project for commercial premises (offices, shops, cafes, etc.).

The most important advertising tool of a design studio is its own website and its promotion. Many experts agree that the creation of a site and its promotion via the Internet is the most effective tool for promoting design services. Firstly, the site hosts a portfolio of finished projects, which allows you to attract customers. Secondly, it enhances the business reputation of the organization. Thirdly, facilitates interaction with customers. The studio’s website should list the services provided and their cost, working conditions, contacts, portfolio, articles that may be of interest to site visitors. The cost of such a site will be about 40, 000 rubles. In order for a site to be visited by a large number of users, it is necessary to display it in the TOP queries. For this, tools such as SEO and SMM promotion are used. The cost of such services may vary, but on average is 15-20 thousand rubles.

Another promotion tool is advertising on social networks. A good step would be a blog on Instagram, where they will upload photos of projects, useful tips, customer reviews, etc. Due to this, it is possible to attract not only studio clients, but also a potential audience that does not yet need the services of a designer, but will remember the studio and apply when it is needed.

In the field of design and architecture, there are many specialized sites -,,, etc. On them you can register for free and post your portfolio, copyright publications, communicate with colleagues.

In addition, you can advertise your design studio in thematic magazines. Today there are many publications devoted to interior design: “Elle decor”, “House & Interior”, “SALON interior”, “Beautiful apartments”, “Interior and design”, etc. The cost of advertising in the announcement column is about 1000 rubles. For a full-fledged article, a U-turn will have to pay 25, 000 rubles. The cost depends on the circulation of the magazine, the format of advertising and its location in the magazine.

You can also participate in various conferences of designers and architects in order to search for new suppliers of materials, demonstrate your work, establish contacts for further cooperation with colleagues.

Another effective promotion tool is word of mouth. As a rule, people turn to designers on the recommendation of friends when they saw the result of their work. The best confirmation of the experience of the designer - customer reviews.

An indicative plan for the promotion of the design studio is presented in table 3. In accordance with the calculations, it is planned to spend 80, 000 rubles on the promotion of the design studio. Most of the promotional events are planned for the first months of the opening of the studio. In this case, you can’t save on advertising. Effective and competent market promotion is the key to business success.

Table 3. Advertising budget design studio



Cost, RUB

Creation and promotion of your own website

Creation and promotion of your own website on the Internet. The site should contain a portfolio of work, contact details, a list of services provided and their cost, working conditions

50, 000

Media Advertising

Placement of announcements in specialized publications

5, 000

Creating accounts on social networks - Instagram

The account should reflect photos of projects, useful articles and tips, customer reviews, contacts, information about the actions, etc. Costs include the costs of promoting an account on social networks

15, 000


  1. 000 rub

Also, as part of the promotion strategy, it is necessary to determine the competitive advantages of the design studio:

- A large number of reviews and examples of work, rich experience in design work;

- Built system of work with the client;

- the ability to purchase each service separately and contact the designer at a certain stage of work;

- Sustainable partnerships with contractors, which allows the designer to quickly find contractors for certain types of work;

- orientation of the studio to budget design projects, which allows to attract a wider range of consumers;

- Own website design studio with a large portfolio of works.

These advantages will allow the design studio not only to have a constant stream of orders.

An active marketing strategy allows you to speed up the payback process of funds invested in the opening of a design studio, and ensure the necessary level of orders. Обычно в месяц один дизайнер может отработать до 150 квадратов площади по цене 1000-1300 руб. При условии, что в дизайн-студию планируется нанять три дизайнера, средняя месячная выручка составляет 400-500 тыс. рублей.


Как открыть дизайн-студию с нуля? The algorithm for opening a project involves the following steps:

  • Зарегистрировать бизнес как ООО или ИП;

  • Подобрать и обустроить офис;

  • Hire staff;

  • Закупить необходимое оборудование.

Остановимся на каждом пункте подробнее.

1) Регистрация бизнеса. Начальным этапом открытия дизайн-студии является регистрация бизнеса в государственных органах. Деятельность по оказанию дизайнерских услуг не лицензируется. To conduct business, an LLC is registered with a simplified taxation system (“income” at a rate of 6%). Для регистрации юридического лица следует оплатить госпошлину в размере 3000 руб. The costs of registering a business include the costs of printing and opening a bank account.

In addition to registering as a taxpayer, you should register with social funds. It is also necessary to open a bank account for mutual settlements with customers.

Types of activity according to OKVED-2:

- 74.10 «Деятельность, специализированная в области дизайна».

2) Поиск офиса. Дизайн-студия не нуждается в большом офисе – достаточно будет площади 15 кв. м. Помещение должно иметь удобное расположение и парковку. Желательно, чтобы офис располагался в непосредственной близости к компаниям, предоставляющим смежные услуги. Можно подобрать офис, который оборудован мебелью и не нуждается в ремонте, что позволяет сократить первоначальные затраты. Офис лучше располагать в оживленном районе. Стоимость аренды такого офиса составит в среднем 10-12 тыс. рублей. Можно сэкономить на аренде помещения, организовав работу в домашнем офисе.

Для реализации проекта предполагается арендовать офисное помещение площадью 15 кв. м., расположенное в бизнес-центре. Офис оснащен необходимой мебелью. Арендная плата составляет 15 000 рублей в месяц.

3) Подбор персонала. Предполагается, что дизайн-студию лучше открывать людям, которые имеют опыт в данной сфере. На первоначальном этапе работы будет достаточно четырех специалистов: трех дизайнеров (включая предпринимателя) и менеджера. Бухгалтера планируется привлекать на аутсорсинг. Важно найти хороших специалистов, которые будут качественно реализовывать дизайнерские проекты и формировать положительный имидж студии.

4) Приобретение оборудования. Для обеспечения деятельности дизайн-студии необходимо закупить оборудование. Для оснащения офиса потребуется компьютеры, профессиональное ПО, принтеры формата А3, МФУ, телефоны и Интернет. You can also save a little on technology, using your personal computer for work. Общая стоимость затрат на оборудование составляет около 200 000 рублей.


График работы дизайн-студии – с 10:00 до 19:00, выходные воскресенье и понедельник.

Штат организации включает трех дизайнеров, которые распределяют обязанности между собой, а также менеджера. Дизайнеры выполняют всю работу по созданию и ведению проектов. В обязанности менеджера входит общение с клиентами, ведение документации, продвижение дизайн-студии.

В таблице 4 приведено штатное расписание и фонд оплаты труда дизайн-студии. Общий фонд оплаты труда составляет рублей.

Таблица 4. Штатное расписание и фонд оплаты труда


Salary, RUB

Number of people





34, 000


102, 000




22, 000


22, 000



Accountant (outsourcing)



8, 000


132 000, 00 ₽

Social Security contributions:

39 600, 00 ₽

Total deductions:

171 600, 00 ₽


Финансовый план учитывает все доходы и расходы дизайн-студии, горизонт планирования составляет 3 года. It is anticipated that after this period, expansion of the business will be required.

To start a project, you need to calculate the amount of starting investments. To do this, you need to determine the costs of acquiring equipment and software, advertising and the formation of working capital to cover losses in the initial periods.

В соответствии с финансовыми расчетами, проект требует привлечения денежных средств в размере 415 000 руб. Основная часть требуемых инвестиций приходится на приобретение оборудования – 53%, доля расходов на первый месяц аренды – 4%, на оборотные средства – 24%, на рекламу – 17%, а на остальные статьи расходов – 2%. The project is funded by equity.

Основные статьи инвестиционных затрат отражены в таблице 5. В статью затрат «Оборудование» отнесены офисная техника и программное обеспечение.

Таблица 5. Инвестиционные затраты


Amount, rub.

The property


Rent for 1 month of work

15, 000



Техника и ПО

220, 000

Intangible assets


Starting advertising campaign

70, 000


Business Registration

10, 000

Current assets


Current assets

100, 000


415 000

Постоянные расходы включают арендную плату, рекламу, амортизационные отчисления, фонд оплаты труда и прочие расходы (табл. 6). The amount of depreciation is determined by the linear method, based on the useful life of fixed assets of 5 years. Fixed costs also include tax deductions, but they are not taken into account in the table, since their size is not fixed and depends on the size of revenue.

Таблица 6. Постоянные затраты дизайн-студии


Amount in months, rub.



15, 000



10, 000



4, 000



171 600



7, 000


207 600

Таким образом, были определены постоянные ежемесячные расходы в размере 207 600 рублей.


The investment attractiveness of this project can be judged on the basis of simple and integrated performance indicators. The change in the value of money over time is taken into account using the cash flow discounting method.

Срок окупаемости дизайн-студии при первоначальных инвестициях в 415 000 рублей составляет 5-6 месяцев. Чистая ежемесячная прибыль проекта при выходе на плановые объемы продаж составит около 300 000 рублей. Выйти на плановый объем продаж планируется в конце первого года работы дизайн-студии.

Годовой объем чистой прибыли за первый год работы составит более 2 млн. рублей. Рентабельность продаж по итогам первого года работы составляет 42, 5%. Коэффициент рентабельности инвестиций составляет 68, 2%, а внутренняя норма прибыли превышает ставку дисконтирования и равна 27, 67%. Чистая приведенная стоимость положительна и составляет 1 544 570 рублей, что говорит об инвестиционной привлекательности проекта.

Финансовый план учитывает оптимистичный прогноз продаж, который можно ожидать благодаря эффективности рекламной кампании.


To assess the risk component of the project, it is necessary to conduct a risk analysis.

  • высокая конкуренция на рынке. Рынок дизайнерских услуг характеризуется жесткой конкуренцией. Наличие большого количества игроков приводит к перераспределению клиентской базы и прибыли. Присутствие на рынке более сильных дизайнерских бюро, успевших зарекомендовать себя, является негативным фактором для новой студии. At the same time, standard measures of competition will not always be effective - for example, reducing the cost of services. Не каждый заказчик станет экономить на услуге, от которой требует гарантий и высокого качества. Reducing this risk is possible when creating your own customer base, developing a unique trading offer, competent pricing policy and stimulating consumer loyalty.

  • снижение покупательской способности. Данный риск имеет высокую степень вероятность, так как дизайнерские услуги не относятся к категории «первой необходимости». Чтобы снизить риск, необходимо снижение цен на предлагаемые услуги и проведение различных акций.

  • нестабильный спрос. Велика вероятность, что у дизайн-студии будут перерывы между отдельными заказами. Снизить риск возможно, сформировав резервный фонд для покрытия расходов.

  • повышение стоимости аренды, что повлечет увеличение постоянных расходов и может сказаться на финансовом состоянии. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of risk when concluding a long-term lease agreement and choosing a bona fide lessor.

  • судебные иски со стороны заказчиков. В случае, когда дизайн-студия задерживает сроки сдачи проекта или допускает ошибки в рабочей документации, заказчик вправе подать в суд и потребовать возмещение ущерба. Вероятность наступления данного риска невысока, однако его следует учитывать. Снизить риск возможно, если привлекать к работе юристов для составления грамотной системы договоров и консультаций.

  • нарушение авторских прав со стороны третьих лиц. Этот риск проявляется в том, что фотографии из портфолио вашей дизайн-студии используются другими людьми. Для того, чтобы нивелировать риск, следует наносить водяные знаки на каждую фотографию, которая попадает в Интернет.

Summarized data on the analysis of the risk component of the project are shown in table 7. Due to the quantitative risk assessment, it is possible to establish what managers should focus on and what measures should be taken to minimize losses.

Таблица 7. Количественный анализ рисков

Name of risk

(risk groups)

Chance of Offensive (0-1)

The significance of risk for the enterprise (0-10 points)

Risk Assessment (Clause 2 * Clause 3)

Competitors reaction




Reduced purchasing power




Unstable demand



5, 6

Rental problems




Судебные иски со стороны заказчиков



2, 1

Нарушение авторских прав со стороны третьих лиц




В соответствии с приведенными расчетами, наиболее серьезными рисками являются риск реакции конкурентов, снижение покупательской способности, нестабильный спрос. В первом направлении необходимо уделить особое внимание формированию конкурентных преимуществ, во втором – сместить акцент на адаптацию дизайнерских услуг в эконом-сегмент, а в третьем – предусмотреть формирование резервного фонда.

Evgenia Yurkina

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