Business plan: Production of poultry meat and down-feather raw materials

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The objectives of the business plan are:

• Justification of the profitability of the selected type of activity - rearing of industrial poultry on its own production facilities and the sale of down-feather raw materials for life-time plucking and poultry meat in the domestic and foreign markets;

• Identification of market conditions and forecast of sales of finished products while increasing production capacity in the investment period;

• Assessment of the expected financial results of the business and the construction of the financial strategy of the enterprise when settling with the bank for borrowed funds.

The objectives of the company in the investment period are:

• reconstruction of the poultry house with the aim of preparing production for a closed technological cycle (the first stage is production on the basis of purchased young poultry; the second stage is the own incubation of young poultry with industrial production of eggs from poultry herds, followed by the production of downy feathers and industrial meat);

• carry out technical re-equipment of the poultry farm and providing infrastructure, renew the fleet of machines and technological equipment;

• gain a foothold and expand the managed segment of the regional market for the sale of industrial poultry meat on the basis of direct agreements with sales organizations;

• implement the contract of intent and strengthen the distribution channels of down-feather raw materials for export;

• ensure the accumulation of a mass of profits from the production and marketing of finished products sufficient to satisfy personal consumption and the implementation of the second stage of development of production.

The selected type of activity is combined with regional programs for the development of the agrarian sector of the economy of the Rostov region and increasing the supply of the population with essential products.

The accumulation of equity in the farm creates the basis for consolidating productive forces in the countryside and updating the technology of agricultural production.

Export-import operations of peasant farms ensure the integration of local agricultural producers in the world economic process and instill in them market management skills.


2.1. Location and ownership of the enterprise

The initiator of the project - Ovis farm - was registered by Resolution of the head of the administration of the Ust-Donetsk region of the Rostov region on May 22, 1992. N409. A farm is an independent entity with the right of a legal entity formed by a family and a group of persons with the aim of producing and selling agricultural products, processing agricultural raw materials, and trading and procurement activities (the charter of the farm and the Decree are attached).

Farm "Ovis" is located on the territory of Art. Melikhovsky Ust-Donetsk region of the Rostov region (110 km. From the city of Rostov-on-Don), has a land allocation of 4 hectares. owned to organize poultry production activities.

Ownership of the Ovis farm is the premises of a poultry house worth 08/18/2019 -150.0 thousand rubles. (The conclusion on the assessment of real estate is attached). The building is brick-built, with an area of ​​1.395 sq. M., With extensions, a stone foundation, wooden floors, slate roof. The house is equipped with water from an artesian well, sewer, ventilation, heating, lighting.

The technical equipment of the poultry house and units for the preparation of down-feather raw materials is estimated as of 18.08.2019 in the amount of 103.7 thousand rubles. own property (Expert opinion is attached).

To master modern technologies of poultry growing and preparation of down-feather raw materials, the main assets of the enterprise require reconstruction and development of production infrastructure.

2.2. Technology and products of the enterprise

The main activity is the cultivation of poultry - geese - for their plucking, preparation of fluff-feather mass of yuboy poultry for the sale of meat after the end of the plucking cycles of fluff.

The technological cycle is no more than six months, which significantly reduces the profitability of activities due to the required downtime of fixed assets during the year. The main capacities of the poultry farm at the time of analysis are loaded by no more than 20 - 25% due to the lack of funds for the purchase of breeding herds of birds and reconstruction of the house.,

The feed base of the poultry farm is pasture land, partly sown area, but the main feed is purchased from the enterprises that manufacture feed.

The technology of distributing feed, cleaning the premises, plucking down, slaughtering poultry, bringing carcasses to standard requirements is manual.

Farm products - goose, white, down-feather raw materials of lifetime plucking. The structure of 1 kg of raw materials: down -28-32%; pen - 72-68%. Raw materials packaging - teak bags of 20 kg each.

Consumers of down-feather raw materials are procuring enterprises in the regions of the country and the CIS. The achieved supply volume is 580-630 kg of raw materials per year.

The production of similar products in the region (intravital plucking of poultry) on an industrial basis is practically not conducted. The technology for the preparation of fluff-raw material at existing poultry farms is a concomitant process, carried out on dead birds, which significantly reduces the quality of the prepared mass and narrows the sales market of producers. In the private agricultural sector of the Rostov region, the procurement of down-feather raw materials is undeveloped. The above factors confirm the advisability of filling this market niche in the calculation of the growing need for high-quality down-feather raw materials in the domestic and foreign markets.

Meat products - goose carcasses and offal. The output of meat from one unit of poultry is 4 kg of the highest and first category. The achieved annual production volume is 7.8-8.5 tons of meat products. The sales market is local: "cooperative" markets in the cities of the Rostov Region (retail sale -45%); trade and intermediary enterprises (wholesale - 40%); catering enterprises (under contracts - 15%).

Sale of meat products of the economy is carried out at average market prices in a competitive environment with domestic and foreign-made products (chicken carcasses and chicken legs, duck carcasses, turkey meat, etc.).

The production of goose meat on an industrial basis in the region is not developed due to its unprofitability in purely meat production (due to the long duration of the production cycle for feeding geese, the relatively high laboriousness of growing this type of bird, and the large specific consumption of feed).

In combination with the production of down-raw materials, sales of meat products of goose farms are aligned with the average industry level of profitability of meat-producing enterprises, and the business itself becomes competitive.

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