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The demand for cakes was, is and always will be. People love the holidays, love to celebrate these holidays with sweets. And if this is also an unusual sweet, which causes admiration and surprise, then such a product will win the buyer forever. This is exactly what the owners of art pastry shops are betting on. Despite the relatively high threshold for joining this business - $ 1 million, this business is considered profitable and pays off within 2-3 years.

The most important thing in this business is the art confectioner, and this whole art business rests on it. Such a specialist costs from $ 1000 per month. But finding a ready-made ace is almost impossible, you can only grow your own master yourself or, in extreme cases, lure him. But valuable personnel are cherished like the apple of an eye and motivated with all their might, sending them to overseas internships and master classes with the best masters.

With all this, the owners of companies are not afraid of the fact that such a valuable shot will be taken and opened their own confectionery. Opening your own business is not an easy task, in addition, a tidy sum of $ 1 million is required to start.

About 40% of the initial investment goes to equipment. As a rule, equipment is bought at specialized exhibitions abroad. You will definitely need a professional oven (an oven for four chambers costs $ 40-50 thousand), a mixer for 40-60 liters - $ 12-15 thousand, a dough mixer for 20-60 kg - $ 35-40 thousand, a flour sifter for 50 kg - 7- 10 thousand, a cooking pot for chocolate, etc.

Plus a refrigerator and a showcase, if you plan such a format as a cafe-shop. As an alternative cheaper warrant, buying used mainly from Poland and Germany. It will cost three to four times cheaper than new, the warranty on used equipment is not more than six months.

Working capital, excluding rent per month, requires about $ 20 thousand, natural ingredients are expensive at a cost.

When starting a business, you need to include in the budget also such an article as communication with government agencies. A package of documents - permission to open a building, paper from a station, firefighters, certification of all products, approval of recipes, is not cheap in Ukraine.

Exclusive cakes are sold according to two schemes - to order and through our own confectionery. By working on order, the seasonality factor in this business cannot be avoided. The failed months in sales are January-February, as well as the vacation period.

But you can trade through the cafe-confectionery all year round. Experts say that in this case, the initial investment will pay off in two years. And if you give products for sale to other cafes, then even faster.

The price of a unique cake starts from 100 UAH. per 1 kg, while the shape and dimensions do not matter.

It is important to note that, unlike the confectionery workshop, which can even be located in a bedroom or suburb of a large city (its location is not critical for business development, since difficulties with delivering cakes usually do not arise - customers take it themselves), a room for a candy store should only be found in crowded places.

The ideal option is the city center. And if possible, it is worth renting this place for a long time to exclude relocation, and as a result, loss of customers.

There is almost no competition among the unique confectioneries - there are only 10-12 such players throughout Ukraine. We do not take into account bakeries that offer the standard design of korzha-ala oil roses. This is a completely different level and a different product.

As for advertising, usually art confectioneries have their own website on the Internet, where product samples are presented. Word of mouth works well. But the best way to let a potential solvent client know about themselves is through barter, the confectioners themselves say. - For example, you can make a cake for an event, a bohemian party or a competition, in exchange for advertising in the media or at the event itself, where potential customers are present.

Confectioners speak with optimism about the future of their business. Demand for their products is constantly growing.

Based on materials from an article by Yulia Gaeva for the magazine Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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