Chips manufacturing workshop - profit from 150 thousand per month

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The profitability of the chips manufacturing business is 25-30%. A small workshop can pay off for two years. And the owner of such a workshop for the production of chips with an average productivity of 600 kg per shift can count on profits of $ 5 thousand per month or more.

Chips are the most popular snack product. According to statistics, every Russian eats up to 400 g of potato chips per year, and an American - 10 kg. According to the forecasts of the Russian Product OJSC, the growth of the chips market segment will be about 15-20% annually.

Most Russian manufacturers produce the so-called extruded chips, or reconditioned. Unlike whole potato chips, they are made from semi-finished products - potato flakes, granules or starch and contain substantially less fat and calories than their potato "counterparts". The production of such extruded chips is much cheaper and easier than from whole potatoes.

Chips manufacturing room

To organize a small workshop for the production of extruded chips with a capacity of 600 kg per shift, a room with an area of ​​about 150-200 m2 is required. Of these, 100 square meters. m will be needed for the placement of the production line, and the remaining area will go under the warehouses of finished products and raw materials and household premises.

The room for the production of chips should comply with all SES standards applicable for food production. It is necessary to provide electricity, water, sewage and ventilation. In addition, all fire safety standards must be observed in accordance with the requirements established by law.

Before starting production, the premises should be inspected, and then the necessary permits SES and State Fire Supervision should be issued.

It is necessary to have certificates for equipment (issued by suppliers) and raw materials.

Chips manufacturing workshop equipment

Equipment for the production of extruded products is produced both by domestic enterprises, including St. Petersburg LLC APREL, LLC VES, LLC Russian Trapeza, etc., as well as imported, for example, French Clextral.

Experts advise purchasing overseas equipment, as it is more reliable and easy to operate, the entire line is controlled by one button. And domestic analogues, although they cost 4-5 times cheaper, are inferior in quality to imported ones and require constant maintenance.

Raw materials for the chips manufacturing workshop

For the production of extruded chips, a 60-70% semi-finished product is made from pressed potato starch called pellets, which are small in size, 2x2 cm, flat plates of different shapes.

Pellets produced by domestic and foreign companies are represented on the city market - St. Petersburg CJSC Snack, Moscow Region Pellet LLC, Polish company PIFO, Dutch RIXONA, Spanish Liven, etc.

In addition to pellets, vegetable oil and flavorings are involved in the process, which give the chips a variety of tastes: cheese, dill, bacon, etc.

Dozens of companies are engaged in the supply of vegetable oil in St. Petersburg, including OAO Fat-and-Oil Plant of St. Petersburg OJSC, Alf LLC, Istochnik LLC, etc.

As for flavorings, they are offered by companies engaged in the wholesale supply of products for food production, for example, Progress, Factoria Trade, ROXA-SOYUZ, etc.

The cost of production consists of the cost of raw materials, overhead costs, packaging costs, electricity, transportation, staff remuneration.

Chips manufacturing workshop staff

To service a production line with a capacity of 600 kg of chips per shift, three operators, a technologist, a mechanic, sales managers, a cleaner, a loader, and drivers are required.

Operators do not have special education, in Russia there are no such educational institutions that train personnel in the specialty "snack production. Young workers are trained by more experienced locally. The operator's salary is up to 15 thousand rubles a month. Almost the same level of salary (10-15 thousand ) and the technologist. By the way, in St. Petersburg these specialists are not enough, and the enterprises lure them from each other.

The driver’s salary is about 10 thousand rubles. The loader receives - 5-6 thousand, and the cleaner - about 2 thousand.

Sales managers work for a small salary and a percentage of the cost of goods sold.

Chips Sales

Chips are sold almost everywhere - in retail stores and wholesale firms. The most difficult thing is to agree on sales in large cities, where a lot of brands are represented on the market, both foreign and domestic. But in the province, it is easier to establish sales, where inexpensive, high-quality goods of domestic producers are in great demand than an expensive foreign counterpart. The main task is to present your goods to the maximum in all trading enterprises, which will contribute not only to an increase in sales, but also to product recognition.

Based on materials from the newspaper Business Petersburg

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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