Customization or how to make money on alterations?

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Customization is the manufacture or alteration of mass production for a specific order of consumers with the help of a complete set of additional elements or accessories.

Customization services are closest to design and decoration. In the West, creative studios that help create unusual and unique items from mass products are very popular. There are even "narrowly targeted" companies that are engaged in decorating furniture of a particular manufacturer.

In Russia, this type of service is not so common. But the popularity of such stores as Ikea, Kika, etc. indicates that the "unique" boring furniture will be in demand with us. The success of some designers and artists decorating custom furniture confirms this.

Nevertheless, there are practically no companies that would offer a range of services for customizing interior items on the Russian market. Typically, amateurs and professionals are engaged in various types of decor as a hobby or an extra small income. Meanwhile, such a business can bring good returns with minimal initial investment.

In fact, all the startup capital that goes to register a company, purchase tools and / or materials and rent a room does not exceed 60-70 tr. Depending on what services you plan to offer your customers, you may need to search for artists and designers.

For example, painting furniture and walls, encrusting are some of the most complex and expensive types of decor. The decoration of wooden products (furniture, doors, caskets, etc.) with the aging effect is also highly appreciated, to achieve which a whole technology is used. And here you can not do without the help of specialists.

However, there are less costly and simple design options that make it easier to start a business. For example, flat furniture facades, refrigerators can be decorated with custom-made stickers on a thin film. This inexpensive way (from 150 rubles / sq. M) allows you to transform the interior in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the image on the film can be anything - from the photograph of the owner to the reproduction of the painting or landscape. To make such a decorative sticker, you don’t need special skills and expenses: the layout can be prepared independently and printed at a printing house or advertising agency.

However, despite the low cost of such a decor, you should not do too much extra charge on it. This will only scare away your customers.

A separate area for work is customization of furniture for a children's room. Inexpensive interior items decorated in the same style are very popular for decorating a nursery.

By the way, for "wholesale" orders you can provide a certain discount. In addition to wooden furniture, similar companies take up the cabinet: the hauling of the sofa, depending on the chosen textile, is able to transform the usual furniture without great expenses.

Material for decoration can be both a customer and purchased specifically for decoration and sale. You can sell such furniture and interior items through your own online store. As a rule, they quickly find their buyer.

You can even customize bags, phones, clothes and cars (for example, using airbrushing). However, it is better to choose 2-3 directions, and not try to cover everything at once. In the future, when it becomes possible to pay for the work of artists, designers and airbrushes, it will be possible to expand the list of services offered and take on larger and more expensive projects. For example, along with wall decor, services for painting entire building facades are becoming increasingly popular.

One of the most expensive items of expenditure may be the site of your company. In addition, it is advisable to prepare a printed photo catalog with examples of your work, which you can show to potential customers. You can search for customers through ads in newspapers, magazines and on specialized sites.

Also try to agree on cooperation with design studios that value an individual approach and unique interior items. They can become your first customers.

If at the very beginning you choose one or two main areas that do not require significant costs for manufacturing and work, it will be possible to recoup the initial investment in about the first three months.

However, it will be rather difficult to hold such a company on a narrow specialization, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to regularly invest in expanding both the offered services and the staff.

Sysoeva Lilia

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