Delivery of business lunches. How to make money on the delivery of ready meals

* The calculations use average data for the World from 20 000 ₽

Starting investments

80 000 - 510 000 ₽


50 000 - 400 000 ₽

Net profit


Extra charge

If you want to open a business with minimal investment, then take a look at the idea of ​​delivering home-cooked meals. This is a great business option for women and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Many catering establishments checked: business lunches are a very profitable business. But this was until 2016, when people actively visited various cafes and restaurants. In 2016, business lunch orders halved. RBC experts say that the blame for everything is a decrease in purchasing power. Restaurant business lunches worth 300 rubles people can not afford. But many have already lost the habit of bringing lunch to work in home containers. So this time can be considered as a period of opportunities, which is great for starting your own business for the delivery of ready-made business lunches.

Food delivery is a pretty lucrative business. More and more people refuse daily “containers from home”. Some have no time to cook, while others find it inconvenient to bring food containers to work. Still others just want to eat a hearty, freshly prepared dinner. The fourth will not go to the nearest cafes and dining rooms, because they want to save money or do not want to leave the office. One way or another, the delivery of business lunches simplifies the life of office workers, and gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to earn money.

The idea of ​​the business of preparing and delivering hot lunches to offices is to prepare delicious lunches at home and deliver them directly to the workplace to customers. And at the same time offer low prices - a full meal can be bought for 170 rubles. A business lunch at the office will be the best option for local employees. It is convenient, tasty and cheap. These three main criteria by which a business lunch is selected should be combined in one project.

What are the benefits of a business lunch delivery business:
  1. Business for the delivery of business lunches do not require large investments.

  2. For a successful business, the delivery of ready meals does not require special knowledge and special skills. It is enough to be able to cook deliciously and be neat.

  3. Suitable for home business, women's business and requires relatively little work time.

  4. It is a promising area of ​​catering, has the ability to expand the business.

  5. Provides a decent level of profit.

To open a business for the delivery of ready meals, you need a minimum starting capital - you can keep within 20 thousand rubles. For profitability, it is best to organize the full cycle of the enterprise - from cooking to food delivery to the client. A huge plus will be if the novice entrepreneur knows how to cook deliciously and will independently do it. By combining both the investor and the executor, it will be possible to save significantly. You can prepare meals in your own kitchen without the help of assistants. At the initial stage, an entrepreneur will be able to cope with the entire amount of work alone.

For the lunch delivery business, you don’t need to take loans, save for opening for a long time and risk large amounts. In fact, the only thing you risk is your time. It will take about 2 months to develop a business. The most important thing in this business is a creative approach, decency and clear planning.

How to think through a business lunch menu

The most important thing in this business is delicious dinners and a varied menu that customers will like. We recommend providing a menu every day for weeks: both the product will not have time to deteriorate and customers will appreciate the variety. In addition, every day offering new dishes, you show that you sell fresh, not yesterday's leftovers. This is credible.

The menu can include various cereals, meat and fish dishes, dumplings, soups, side dishes from potatoes, salads, pastries. You can sell set meals that include hot + second with a side dish or salad. And you can offer each dish separately.

Examine competitors' offers. Start with inexpensive cafes and restaurants, dining rooms offering a business menu. Then, when you have roughly decided on the offices where you will sell your hot meals, study the menu of catering establishments that are located next to the office buildings. Gather as much information as possible about what dishes are offered and how much the order costs. This will allow you to set the optimal price and correctly compose your menu.

How to calculate the cost and set the price for business lunches

To set the optimal price for the product, you should calculate the cost of its preparation. And for this you need to make a detailed recipe for each dish and calculate its cost, taking into account the cost of the ingredients. For example, you are preparing a vegetable salad. Ingredients: 1 tomato (150 g) and 2 cucumbers (350 g). The cost of 1 kg of tomatoes - 100 rubles., And 1 kg of cucumbers - 125 rubles. Thus, the cost of vegetable salad is calculated by the formula: 0.15 * 100 + 0.35 * 125 = 58.8 rubles.

In addition, you should take into account the time spent on cooking a particular dish (not only your working time is spent, but also energy saving). Also, the cost of business lunches should include packaging costs and transportation costs.

To determine the price you do not need to carry out complex calculations. It is enough to determine the cost of products and provide for a certain margin on products that will cover all costs. Approximate margin for products will be 200%. On average, 1 portion of a full meal should cost, on average, 170 rubles. Before setting a price, study the offers of competitors. To attract customers, offer prices slightly below your competitors. This is the law of a starting business. Do not pursue high profits. Get the trust of your customer first.

How to register a lunch delivery business

Starting a business for the delivery of ready meals is better in the format of home cooking. To do this, you do not need to rent a room and buy equipment. You can also avoid SES inspections and other bureaucratic procedures. But we still recommend that you legitimize your business if you plan to develop it in the future and avoid unpleasant situations.

The first instance is the tax office. There you should fill in the form of the PD form (tax), pay the state duty of 800 rubles, and also write a statement on making the USRIP. Next, you need to get permission from the SES, draw up a sanitary book (you can go through the check in the nearest clinic). In general, the preparation of a package of documents will take about a month and will cost 2-3 thousand rubles.

How much money do you need to open a lunch delivery business

To answer this question, you need to calculate the amount of initial costs. To organize a business, you will need dishes for cooking, disposable dishes and bags for transportation. Consider each item in more detail.

We buy equipment. Even if at your place the cabinet breaks from pots and pans, we advise you to purchase dishes specially for work. And cook in it. An approximate list of necessary utensils is given below:

  • pans of different sizes (4-5 pcs.);

  • pans (2 pcs.);

  • kitchen knives (2-3 pcs.);

  • cutting board (2 pcs.);

  • grater;

  • baking dishes;

  • other utensils (spoons, shoulder blades, soup ladle, colander, etc.).

All dishes will cost about 5, 000 rubles. It is also recommended that you purchase a kitchen scale so that it is convenient to calculate the portion sizes and their cost. They will cost about 1, 000 rubles.

For convenience, you can buy a separate refrigerator to store food. However, at the first stages of the business, food stocks will not be very large, and you can completely do without a separate refrigerator.

But immediately you need to purchase a thermal bag, in which finished products will be transported. They will allow you to deliver ready meals even hot. The number of bags depends on the size of your business and the capacity of the bags themselves. For transportation of dinners, a volume of 44 liters will be sufficient. The cost of such a bag is on average 2, 500 rubles. Thus, the cost of equipment will be about 8, 500 rubles.

We get disposable tableware. For the sale of ready meals, you will need to purchase disposable tableware - plastic containers, forks, plates. Packaging wrap and paper towels are also required. Containers will cost from 7 rubles apiece. With average sales volumes of 50 orders per day, containers will have to spend 500-600 rubles. Those. a month will have to purchase about 120 containers worth 1200 rubles.

We buy raw materials. Making delicious home-made dinners will require fresh and quality products. To save on the purchase of raw materials, preference should be given to markets and wholesale bases. It’s cheaper than in supermarkets. A shopping plan depends on the recipe for future lunches. For the first month, when there will be very few customers, you should provide for food costs in the amount of 4, 000 rubles.

Costs of starting a home business lunch delivery business:

  • dishes and utensils - 6, 000 rubles;

  • business registration - 2, 000 rubles;

  • utensils for transportation (thermal bags, containers) - 3, 700 rubles;

  • printed material for advertising - 1, 000 rubles;

  • initial purchase of ingredients - 4, 000 rubles.

Thus, to open a business for the delivery of ready meals, investments of about 20, 000 rubles will be required.

Delivery of business lunches: where to find customers

Your target audience is office staff. Where to look for them? Mainly they should be searched in business centers, office buildings, shops, banks, beauty salons, etc. There are two ways to search for potential customers: prepare a flyer about your offer and distribute it among potential customers. You can also contact business leaders to conclude contracts with offices for corporate food delivery. A more effective method is to prepare a test batch of home meals and at lunchtime personally go to the places of work of potential customers. Give products a try - the best way to advertise it! If you like the dinners, then the first customers will appear very quickly.

We recommend that you personally go around establishments that may be of interest to your proposal. It is important to understand whether the idea is in demand among potential customers. Offer SMS newsletter about the daily menu, provide the opportunity to pre-order certain items from the menu. Use the word “customer focus” that is trendy in business. What kind of business is without ads? For promotion come in handy business cards or flyers, where the menu for the week is presented. Handouts can be ordered from a print shop, or you can simply print them on a color printer. The cost of this will be no more than 1, 000 rubles.

How to plan a business lunch delivery workflow

At first, you will have to work for quite some time alone - draw up a procurement plan yourself, cook and deliver lunches. Over time, when the delivery of lunches to offices will gain a good turn and regular customers will appear, you need to think about expanding your business - hire a courier, cook and assistant.

It is wise to cook food on the day of orders, to deliver a hot lunch to the office "with the heat, with the heat." Therefore, you have to get up early in the morning, to purchase products. If you start cooking from 8 in the morning, then by 11 everything should be ready. You can carry lunches on your own or hire a courier. The service is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

How much can you earn from business lunch

Now let's calculate how quickly we can recoup the invested funds and how much we can earn. With 200% markup, you can count on revenue of 80, 000 rubles per month. Based on this, the cost of meals will be about 30, 000. Then the monthly profit will be about 50, 000 rubles. And this is according to conservative estimates. There are high chances to recoup the business for the first month of work. Another plus of this business for the delivery of business lunches is that it is not limited in volume. You can develop, increase sales, expand your business. If you serve several organizations, you can reach the sales volume of 100 orders per day and earn up to 400, 000 rubles a month.

Useful tips for starting a business on business lunch delivery

In conclusion, we share useful tips that will make your business easier, better and more profitable:

  • Explore the tastes of customers, watch what they like. Analyze which menu items are most in demand and which are sold less often. Exclude unprofitable dishes from the menu and offer in return what your customers like.

  • Always offer customers snacks - pickled or fresh (depending on the season) cucumbers or tomatoes, sauerkraut, Korean-style vegetables and so on.

  • Shop at wholesale stores or food markets. Choose only quality products. Do not save on products; from their inadequate quality, losses can be several times the amount saved.

  • Make sure that the products are always fresh, tasty, carefully prepared and packaged, delivered still hot.

  • Plan the menu so that the ingredients in different dishes are repeated. For example, if you are cooking chicken noodles in a bouillon, include chicken salad on the same day. This saves on cooking time, saves product consumption, avoids unnecessary product residues and simplifies procurement planning.

  • Track trends and innovations. Especially watch out for business ideas that appear abroad: the main engines in the field of delivery are the United States and European countries. Reviews of fresh business ideas can be found here.

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