Financial Settlement: Real Estate Agency

* The calculations use the average data for the World. We present the financial calculation of the profitability of a real estate agency. With an initial investment of 400, 000 p. (1, 000, 000 rubles taking into account working capital) the internal rate of return will be 25.7%, a simple payback period of 3.8 years, a profitability index of 1.5.

Limitations and Assumptions:

This financial calculation reveals certain guidelines for opening a real estate agency in a large city.

In developing this financial report, the following reports have been prepared:

  • Profits and Losses Report;
  • Cash flow statement;
  • Balance;
  • Financial performance;
  • Cost price;
  • The integral indicators are calculated.

Calculation Parameters

  • Financial calculations were carried out in the licensed Alt-Invest 6.0. Program, license number 61277.

  • The calculations were carried out by year.

  • All financial and economic indicators of the project are calculated according to the methodology adopted in world practice in accordance with the methodological recommendations for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects No. 477 of 08/18/2019 and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 22, 1997 No. 1470.

  • The calculation of investment performance criteria was carried out in accordance with the generally accepted international methodology for analyzing cash flows.

  • Cash flow discounting is made in increments of one year.


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