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Entrance to this unique (and one of the most creative!) Business has a spread from the start-up: 10 thousand to 10 million rubles! How much money you consider necessary to invest depends on what place you want to occupy in the frameless furniture market and what ultimately you want to achieve.

This review article will focus on the so-called “bean bag” or “bean bags”. The bin bag chair is a bright bag made of furniture fabric with loose filler inside. Such furniture is a “must-have” of small-sized apartments, among other things, it moves easily, which allows you to change the design of the living space.

Frameless furniture business: starting investments and profitability

The profitability of the business of sewing bean bags today is about 30-40% in Russia and more than 200% in the regions. The profitability of offline sales is 10-15%

To really start the production of frameless furniture in a capital city or metropolis, you need to have an average of about 20 thousand dollars at the start.

(In the region, this amount can be halved due to lower rents and salaries).

Frameless furniture manufacturing business: Advertising features and target audience

Where to buy? The main sources in which it is advisable to advertise are the Internet, thematic and general advertising publications, as well as thematic exhibitions of furniture and accessories.

The consumer, which manufacturers of frameless furniture are oriented to, is, mainly, a young man with an average and above average income, an active user of the Internet and Internet gadgets, fashionable and non-conservative (conservatives prefer traditional furniture). In addition, young families, both childless and already having children, are also consumers of bean bags. The latter - is especially important, since the bean bags - do not have hard and sharp corners, which a small child might hurt.

Clients who buy frameless furniture have an important psychological feature: they are focused more on the embodiment of their own fantasies, and not on the purchase of finished serial furniture. That is why the furniture you sew should not be “standard-uniform”.

Having taken up the frameless furniture business, immediately think over a line, a collection, an assortment and constantly add new “designer chips” to your colorful catalog.

The purchase of a frameless chair most often represents the so-called “impulse purchase”. A person sees a well-photographed photo - a photographer specializing in interior photography - a novelty - and if he likes what he sees, the person makes a purchase decision. Thus, the services of a high-quality interior photographer who will make you a photo shoot with your chairs in suitable “glamorous” interiors should immediately be included in a separate expense item.

Another option for the glamorous presentation of their goods is to provide their chairs as furniture for local television studios, where especially popular, top-rated programs in the region are filmed. If the studio where the program is being shot is equipped with your furniture, and there are a lot of people watching this program in the region, then your chairs will become familiar and this will be the best advertisement for their further promotion.

However, what will be more expensive for you - a photo session with an expensive interior photographer or promotion on local television - is up to you. But if you have connections on television - be sure to use this chance.

Frameless furniture business: Production and prices

The price of the most budgetary, standard chair is 2500 rubles. It takes one to three days to make it. There is no upper price limit for pricing a glamorous gadget - it all depends on the fabrics used and the name of the manufacturer on the local market.

Rent a sewing workshop or sew it yourself?

Anyone who is just starting to sew bean bags can easily do with a sewing machine and the area of ​​his apartment - there can be no talk of any workshop. But as soon as the first numerous orders begin to arrive, tailoring of covers has to be outsourced - to give orders to third-party seamstresses. However, there are pitfalls here - entrepreneurs complain that seamstresses are raising prices for their services, and the quality of their work remains low. After a series of conflicts, the question arises of creating your own production ..

Nevertheless, seasoned entrepreneurs caution: it is impractical to create your own production of frameless furniture until you have formed a constant predictable flow of orders. The way out is renting the premises of the sewing workshop, hiring seamstresses of our own selection and constant quality control.

For sewing frameless furniture, the same fabrics are used as for standard sofas and armchairs, so the seamstresses will not be forced to relearn, trying to master some new technologies.

Frameless furniture business: Expert opinions

Entrepreneur Artyom Subbotin, head of SOFTBAG, a company that is engaged in the production / sale of frameless furniture, recently gave an interview to our site, in which he shared his own experience in creating a frameless furniture business from scratch.

We bring to your attention the most interesting excerpts from this interview, shedding light on the most important features of the frameless furniture business.

How much did the idea of ​​sewing and selling bean bags cost you?

The entire implementation came to me at 3 million rubles. And this is only because I immediately wanted to go to the all-Russian level. Otherwise, I could meet the sum of about 20, 000 - 30, 000 rubles. In this case, I would have earned 20, 000 - 25, 000 rubles. per month, and would pay off in 1-2 months.

Does the frameless furniture business have its pitfalls?

The biggest “pitfall” is the production of covers. Decide right away: are you ready to do it yourself? This will cost you about 200-300 thousand rubles. This includes investments in small production and initial procurement of fabrics.

There is another way - to order sewing covers from sewing homeworkers or in the studio. This is the most thorny and unfortunate path: they will constantly let you down on time, palm off on a frank hack, raise prices, etc., and most importantly, a complete lack of obligations on the part of the partner.

You can also order ready-made sets of covers. But here the main thing is that they were not performed by yesterday’s newcomers - home-based seamstresses or ateliers. It is necessary that the patterns be checked, the quality of the stitch corresponds to the furniture, and not to the clothing guests. This is the nuance that beginners constantly forget.

What channels of frameless furniture promotion do you use?

Basically, we promote our products through the Internet, through our website and our blogs. We also use contextual advertising, hold contests and prize drawings, advertise on social networks. Recently, our site brings us about 200-250 sales per month, which is about 40% of our sales. The rest is corporate orders and dealer sales.

We strongly advise you to read the full text of the interview about the production of frameless furniture with Artem Subbotin and in conclusion we want to add: no matter how much you invest in your frameless furniture production business, the costs will pay off many times. After all, the cost of furniture fabric and filler for a bean bag chair is almost ridiculous. But you can sell a ready-made fashionable chair for any money!

Nazarenko Elena

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