Fruit in caramel. Profitable business for 70 thousand rubles

* The calculations use the average data for the World 70 000 ₽

Minimum starting capital

62 500 ₽

Net profit per month

150 ₽

Product selling price

12 500 ₽

Monthly expenses

Even a beginner can start a business selling caramelized fruits. Caramelized fruit is an attractive product, a simple recipe, minimal investment and high profitability.

To open a business from scratch and quickly make it profitable is possible if you realize the idea with caramel fruits. Original desserts in fast food format are a win-win option. High demand, an attractive product that will impress both children and adults. Low cost allows you to set a price affordable for any consumer. Business expenses are minimal and can pay off within 2-3 months.

The street food market is saturated and it would seem difficult to surprise the consumer. But this succeeded an unusual dessert - caramelized fruits. In fact, this dessert is fresh fruits on a wooden stick, which are covered with sweet caramel icing on top.

For the first time such a dessert arose in the East. In those ancient times, caramel syrup was used not as an ingredient for dessert, but as a preservative for long-term storage of fruits. When Europeans tried caramelized fruits, they liked them. Presumably, this delicacy appeared in Europe in the 18th century, and became widespread in the 19th century. Then the dessert was specially cooled so that the caramel glaze turned out to be hard and crispy. In the 20th century, a recipe for soft caramel appeared, the taste of which is now known to everyone.

This delicacy is still popular. In many countries, no holiday is complete without caramel apples. For example, in America, a caramel apple on a wooden stick turned into a traditional Halloween sweet, and in Germany it is considered one of the national delicacies. Why not implement the idea of ​​caramel fruit in our country?

Reasons to start a caramelized fruit business:

  1. Low level of competition. Despite the prevalence of this delicacy in the world, not every Russian city has caramelized fruits. There may not be any direct competitors in your city. At the same time, the low price of dessert will make it possible to successfully implement the project even in a small town.

  2. Unusual taste of familiar things. A healthy dessert, consisting of ordinary fruits (apples, pineapples, strawberries) and caramel glaze, will appeal not only to the sweet tooth, but also to people who are watching their diet.

  3. Attractive look of the product. Fruits in caramel and even on a wooden stick look very impressive. They shine in the sun, have rich light and exude a stunning aroma that awakens appetite. Walking past a caramel fruit cart is very difficult. Given the passion of modern people to post their food on Instagram, such a sweetness will definitely not be left without attention.

  4. Availability of business. Realizing this idea is quite simple: small investments, light technology, minimal set of equipment. With a small start-up capital, you can build a business that will pay off in a couple of months and will bring decent income all year round. At the same time, large retail space, sophisticated equipment and staff training are not required. This business can be conducted independently, without possessing special skills.

  5. Lack of seasonality. Unlike most fast food delicacies, caramel fruits will be popular all year round. In any season, this dessert is relevant: in the autumn months, caramel apples will be in demand, a bright dessert is perfect for the New Year holidays, and strawberries in caramel will be relevant in the summer. For each season, you can come up with your own chip: change the color of caramel, fruit, toppings.

Difficulties you may encounter in this business:

  1. Short shelf life of raw materials. Fresh fruit is a perishable product, so you should take your storage system seriously to prevent spoilage. You also need to correctly calculate the volume of purchases in order to avoid surplus. Caramel can also cause a lot of trouble - in hot weather, it can melt after a couple of hours after cooking.

  2. Work with providers. Tasty, fresh fruits are the basis of this delicacy. Therefore, before starting a business, it is recommended to select good suppliers and arrange the purchase of fruits.

What place is suitable for caramelized fruit trade

Where to start a business? With the selection of places for trade. The best format for selling caramel fruit is a non-stationary outlet. Bright trolley racks with caramel fruits look very attractive on the streets. Today the market offers turnkey solutions - special trolleys for the production and sale of caramel fruit. The cost of such a kit starts from 13 thousand rubles. If you want to save money, you can find a suitable second-hand option.

Difficulties may arise at the stage of choosing a retail space. If you decide to trade on the street in the summer, you have to compete "for a place in the sun." After all, finding a place in parks and other places of recreation for citizens is not always possible. As well as negotiating a lease with local authorities. It is much easier to find a suitable option in shopping centers, cinemas and other commercial real estate.

The main requirements for the outlet where it is planned to sell caramel fruits: high traffic of visitors, the concentration of an active target audience (youth and parents with children), an area of ​​2 sq.m. It is recommended to rent a retail space in a shopping center, next to a food court or an escalator (there is the highest traffic). The cost of renting such a trading platform will be 10-15 thousand rubles per month.

In addition to the shopping center, markets, fairs, city squares, parks, embankments, etc. are excellent for selling caramelized fruits. Mobility of trade equipment will allow you to move from one point to another and look for the most profitable place.

How to cook caramel fruits

The most common caramelized fruit option is apples. The production of caramel apples is available to anyone. To do this, a little practice and theory.

The algorithm for the manufacture of caramelized fruits:

  • thoroughly wash fresh apples;

  • cook the icing. To do this, water, sugar and caramel mixture are mixed in a caramelizer. All are heated to a certain temperature, mixed thoroughly and get caramel;

  • string apples on sticks and dip into the icing for caramelization. Then remove them from the caramel: let the excess syrup drain, and caramel dry or solidify (some formulations provide for further cooling);

  • grease a baking sheet with butter and put apples on it in caramel;

  • decorate the dessert with topping: coconut, colorful dragees or chopped nuts.

What equipment is needed for making caramelized fruits

As is clear from this guide, caramel fruit cannot be dispensed with without special equipment. Will need to purchase:

  • Caramelizer - 20, 000 rubles. The average productivity of such equipment is 80 apples per hour;

  • A device for planting apples on a stick - 5000 rubles. At first glance, this is a completely useless device, because the process can be done manually. But with this device you can produce 60-80 apples per hour, which increases productivity and significantly saves time.

  • Other auxiliary tools that will be required in the work. A baking sheet where ready-made desserts, disposable gloves, wooden skewers, napkins, food storage containers, a mini-refrigerator, etc. will be laid out. You need to lay another 5, 000 rubles for this.

Total, you will have to spend 30, 000 rubles on equipment + 20, 000 rubles on a shopping trolley. Using simple arithmetic calculations, we get the amount of initial investments: 50, 000 rubles for equipment, 15, 000 rubles for the first month of renting a retail space, and 5, 000 rubles for the purchase of ingredients. Total 70, 000 rubles.

What supplies are needed to trade caramelized fruits

  1. Ingredients for Caramel Fruit Production. That is, you need fresh fruits, a special mixture for making caramel glaze, granulated sugar, water and various toppings to decorate the dessert. The most common type of fruit in caramel is apples. It is very important to choose the right fruit in order to simplify the task of purchasing, storage, and also take care of the taste of the dessert. Sweet and sour and sweet varieties are most suitable for this role - granny smith, john gold, idared, etc. It is better to choose autumn and winter varieties of apples; summer varieties are not recommended due to the short shelf life.

  2. Packaging materials. In what form the delicacy will be sold is up to you. Someone uses paper bags, someone uses cardboard boxes. It is worth paying special attention to packaging, because its convenience and aesthetic appearance can play into your hands, and otherwise - scare away customers.

  3. Wooden skewers and napkins. All this will solve the issue with convenience for customers.

  4. Consumables for drinks. Fourth, you can diversify the assortment of drinks, as they are often bought for dessert. You can also make money on this. Accordingly, it is necessary to provide consumables for drinks: tubes, glasses, etc.

How to calculate the cost and price of caramelized fruits

The cost of production includes the price of ingredients and other consumables. The average cost of making one caramel apple is 25 rubles. If you plan to use other fruits, then their cost may be higher. In order to calculate the cost, you need to find out what the consumption of ingredients for the manufacture of a batch of dessert. For example, to make 40 caramel apples, you need 5 kg of fresh apples (400 rubles), 250 g of caramel mixture (150 rubles), 2.3 kg of sugar (161 ruble) and 250 ml of water (12 rubles). Total, a batch of 40 caramel apples will have to spend the ingredients in the amount of 723 rubles. Then the cost of making 1 caramel apple is 18 rubles. Add to this the cost of skewers, napkins, packaging and get these 25 rubles for 1 caramel apple.

It’s easier to determine the price - just look at what the market offers. And prices vary between 100-300 rubles. It all depends on the city, the size of apples, additional ingredients like nuts and sprinkles, serving and pricing. The recommended price for such products is 150 rubles - this is not too expensive for dessert, but includes a good margin that will provide a profit.

Now let's calculate how much you can earn on caramel fruit. For the first month of operation, the outlet can sell about 500 pieces of caramel apples. To do this, it is enough to sell them only 17 pieces a day. In this case, the monthly revenue will be 75, 000 rubles, and the cost of ingredients - 12, 500 rubles. Then the net profit will be 62, 500 rubles. Subtract the rental costs from this and get our 50, 000 rubles - a good result for the first months of work. And this does not include profits from the sale of related products. In the future, it is quite possible to sell up to 40 apples a day - in this case, the monthly revenue will be 180, 000 rubles.

You can go for a trick and increase the price if you invite visitors to personally choose toppings for dessert. Having set a negligible price for adding coconut, nuts or sprinkles, you can add 3-4 thousand rubles to profit in total.

Thus, the project can be recouped for the second month of work. At the same time, work independently. In the future, when the business starts to generate stable income and sales increase, you can hire a seller.

How to sell caramelized fruits

Caramelized fruits are an inexpensive product, so high profits can be expected only in the case of a large number of sales. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Do not miss the chance to earn money at various events. For example, during city holidays on the streets (squares, parks, embankments), a huge number of potential customers. You can also consider the departure service for events. A cart with freshly prepared desserts will be in demand at children's parties, at corporate events, and even at weddings as a substitute for a traditional candy bar. There are many opportunities, the main thing is to use them.

  • do not spare money for advertising. Appetizing caramel fruit trolley seems to be the best product advertisement. However, do not neglect other methods of promotion: start with a vivid design of the trolley, a memorable name, social networks - you can arrange a draw, shares in honor of the opening, etc. You can participate in an event as a sponsor and give away treats to children for free. They will get to know you, they will remember you and may come back to you later to buy your favorite dessert.

    How to set up a business

    To implement the plan, the best option would be to register an individual entrepreneur and choose UTII as taxation. In this case, the tax amount will be fixed and calculated depending on the sales area, region and the specifics of the activity. The advantages of this technique are as follows:

    • complete lack of accounting

    • simple form of financial statements

    • exemption from certain taxes (VAT, personal income tax and others).

    In addition, you will need to obtain permission to trade. To do this, it is necessary to provide a certificate of registration of IP, a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion when trading in food, as well as a list of products agreed with the SES.

    Possible activity codes according to OKVED-2, which can be indicated:

    • 47.99 - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

    • 08/18/2019 - Activities for the preparation and / or sale of food, ready for direct consumption on the spot)

    • 47.81 - Retail trade in non-stationary trading facilities and in the markets of food products, beverages and tobacco products

    Obviously, the production and sale of caramelized fruits is a profitable business that has development prospects in the domestic market. Even a beginner in entrepreneurship can realize this business idea. However, it is worth remembering that any project should start with a market assessment. To understand whether it is advisable to implement the idea, it is necessary to conduct surveys, identify potential buyers, evaluate competitors, weigh all the pros and cons and assess the risks. All this is necessary in order to properly organize each of the stages of the project and make it profitable.


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