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Computer controlled machines

A few years ago, furniture enterprises could produce only products of a flat shape. Today, their capabilities have expanded significantly. Thanks to the new equipment, it is possible to process volumetric details from solid wood.

One of the leading suppliers of furniture manufacturing equipment is Altendorf. Its machines of the Basis, Profi, Extra, Elmo series, according to experts, have the best price-quality ratio. Altendorf has developed a variety of special equipment for its serial machines, including many patented devices, many of which have practically no analogues in the world. This allows you to expand the range of processed materials and rationally organize the production of non-standard products - furniture of author's design, complex shapes, etc.

Special demand among not only large, but also medium-sized furniture companies are today used by machining centers with numerical control. They can be used for furniture made of solid wood, wooden stairs of complex design, as well as windows, doors, overhead parts of a non-rectangular shape, etc.

It is in view of the increasing complexity of furniture production that the latest generation of Rover series CNC machines developed by BISSEL (cost from $ 60 to $ 120 thousand) has been developed. So, the Rover 24 machine (from $ 65 thousand) has a high tuning speed for various types of processing thanks to displays on desktops and capacious tool change shops. And the presence of four axes, allowing you to rotate large-sized units 360 degrees, as well as a capacious magazine for automatic tool change provides the ability to perform the most complex types of machining in a fairly short time.

The new range of BUSELLATO computer-controlled machining centers - Jet brand machines - is also focused on improving quality and productivity. These are durable, high-speed and high-precision machines. Their distinctive feature is the ability to work in a tense mode throughout the entire service life. Thanks to the reliability of all components and the electronic control system, these machines provide maximum flexibility in the manufacture of furniture, doors, windows, etc.

Jet brand machines are available even for small furniture production. Their prices range from $ 70-130 thousand. The payback period is on average 3-4 years. Investing in such equipment is quite profitable: you can produce products at prices that always meet the requirements of the market. Small companies, which always have a shortage of working capital, can minimize the number of semi-finished products purchased on the side, thereby reducing their costs.

Make a swallow

A reliable connection of wooden parts has always been a headache for domestic furniture makers. Nowadays, special polymer parts, such as glueless swallow-type fasteners from HOFFMANN, are increasingly being used. The range of applications of "swallows" is very wide: furniture in rooms and in the kitchen, door frames, window frames and so on. It doesn’t matter whether the parts are fastened butt, at an angle, or somehow. The technology of working with fasteners saves up to 70% of the time, allowing you to expand production volumes. The compound can be processed immediately without waiting for the glue to dry.

The connection itself is carried out on a special pneumatic-driven HOFFMANN veneer milling cutter. The company has several models, from the desktop manual machine MU-2P with horizontal milling ($ 2700) to the stationary pressing semiautomatic machine PP-2 ($ 15100) with a magazine for fasteners. Schematically, the operation is as follows: first, the machine makes an accurate groove in the form of a blind hole on the back of the parts, then the parts are joined together, and finally, a “swallow” is inserted. The product can be sent for further processing: the glue is not used, which means that it does not need to be dried, there is no need to use clamps, clamps or puffs.

Fasteners "swallow" is available in two varieties - with a plug and without a plug. The cost of parts, depending on size (the smallest "swallows" - 7x5.5 mm, the largest - 24x16 mm), ranges from about $ 90 to $ 400 per 1000 pieces.

Holes and Edges

High-quality furniture can be obtained only if every detail is accurately processed. This makes assembly easier and extends the life of the entire headset. The new NB 65 drilling machine with three drilling units from HOMAG (from $ 48 thousand) will help increase the accuracy of part processing. It is equipped with precision guides, a pneumomechanical movement system with LED indication. And the drill heads can be adjusted individually, they are able to tilt and rotate 90 degrees. Convenience and quality of work are also facilitated by quick-clamp couplings for drills, which are already included in the basic package.

A sophisticated, stylish and high-quality edge is needed for the manufacture of furniture facades, countertops, racks, cabinets, etc. You can get it with edge banding machines (their cost is about $ 6-19 thousand). In some models, a tape with applied glue is used, in some there is an additional module with polishing and looping units. As additional options, a milling unit with a milling frequency of 12, 000 rpm and a polishing unit can be installed on some machines. The removal of overhangs along the length of the part is also provided.

For example, the high-performance modular two-sided format-edging machine Major (from $ 190 thousand) - one of the latest developments by STEFANI - provides very high precision positioning of parts. The bearing racks of the clamping device are made of cast iron spherical elements that can withstand any loads that occur during processing. The machine is designed for large furniture factories. The modular design allows you to "assemble" it with a bed of any length and with tools designed for a wide variety of types of work. For example, for format cutting panels, obtaining soft forming profiles, selecting grooves and holes for loops, etc. Depending on the wear of the tool, the machine provides for automatic correction of the location of work groups, control of the feed rate of panels of different materials, even integrated CAD for programming shaped profiles. Major is designed for the most modern automated production, as it is equipped with control using bar codes.

Noteworthy is the automatic edge processing line Combima I from IMA. Equipment costing from $ 50 thousand allows you to get very high-quality straight or indirect edges. As edging materials, you can use not only solid wood, but also rolled and strip plastics (PVC, ABS), melamine, natural veneer. For gluing, hot melt glue or PU glue is usually used.

Source: Magazine "Your Business" # 09 (14) 08/18/2019

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