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Hot baking shops are the best business option for beginners. This business is highly profitable, in high demand and requires minimal investment. Small mobile hot meals are located in areas of high traffic, where it is not possible to open a fixed point, as well as in the territory during the holidays.

The initial investment in opening one point is no more than $ 2-3 thousand. The main expenses (excluding the purchase of pies) are equipment and salaries. Clean

profit from one point is an average of $ 300-500 per month.

Point profitability can be improved if most of the work

(including duties of a loader, security guard, manager)

the entrepreneur will do it himself. You can hire two sellers to trade.

Some experienced entrepreneurs exhibit most of their trolleys on holidays only. On such days, daily revenue may amount to monthly income.

It is much more profitable to trade not only pastries, but also drinks. The range can be expanded by installing a refrigerator with ice cream and lemonade. Beverage manufacturers often provide their refrigerators for free trade.

The successful operation of the trolley depends on a whole set of factors: weather, ability to make an assortment, accurate work of the supplier. You need to order baking exactly as much as you can sell per day (300-500 pies): according to Rospotrebnadzor standards, the baking time does not exceed one day.

For the organization of trade, it is necessary to have certificates for products and equipment, to ensure garbage collection.

The most profitable places for organizing points of sale are near the metro, shopping centers, walking routes (embankments, parks), etc., where there is a large flow of people. You can make good money on holidays in places where events are held.

The entrepreneur needs to contact the district sales department, where an address program of points of possible placement of carts is compiled annually. Consideration of the application by the administration together with the KUGI takes from one to several months. Looking for a place on your own is not advisable.

It is necessary to go through the coordination of the Rospotrebnadzor, Gospozhnadzor, the traffic police.

The cost of renting an area of ​​2 square meters. m on the street will cost - $ 100.

The minimum set of equipment for a street retail outlet includes:

- Trolley - $ 1000

- Trash can - $ 5

- Umbrella - $ 30

- Refrigerator for storing drinks - $ 300

- Rent of a room of 2 m2 for equipment storage - $ 50 / month.

- Gas cylinders (one for 2 days) - $ 4 / pc.

- Plastic bags - $ 4 / month.

- Electricity connection for the operation of refrigerators and carts (from the nearest store, catering point, housing office, etc.) - $ 100-200 / month.

- Garbage removal - 2000 rubles / month.


With good trading in a good place, at least 300-500 pies are sold per day. One trolley fits approximately 150 baking units and is loaded 2-3 times during the day. The margin on products is an average of 30%. The range of one trolley includes 10-15 types of products.

Demand for products depends on the time of day - in the morning they buy more sweet products, in the afternoon - meat, and in the evening - pies with potatoes and cabbage. In heat and rain, sales are falling.


At the initial stage, the entrepreneur himself takes on most of the work and only hires sellers to trade. It is advisable to hire additional workers - loaders and security guards if there are at least three points.

The seller’s salary consists of a salary of $ 200 / month. plus a percentage of sales. Usually, sellers will not work for less than 400 rubles a day. Therefore, the percentage is calculated taking into account this minimum amount.

The salary of a loader and a security guard is $ 300 per month.

Based on the article by Evgeny Volkov for the newspaper Delovoy Peterburg

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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