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Fireplace business is considered a promising business. Today, fireplaces are ordered, according to market players, almost "in every home." Those who cannot afford a natural fireplace with live fire and crackling logs order electric ones. By the way, 30% of all fireplaces sold this year were electric.

Nevertheless, fireplaces are considered not only as part of the interior and a tribute to fashion, but primarily as a heating unit. Abroad, they prefer not large fire chambers, but rather the most economical, functional ones. And people are not stingy to pay several thousand euros for this, because heating with wood is considered environmentally friendly. You can remove heat to neighboring rooms. Closed furnaces, where the fire is behind the glass, can open upwards. The owner of such a fireplace can safely leave the fire to burn out without any fear, and leave. Fire chambers must be lined, because they give a lot of heat, you can get burned. The size of the fireplace depends on the size of the room: a large room - a large fireplace. For 1 square. m requires 1 kW of power.

Almost all players of the "hot" business have additional activities. For example, framing for marble fireplaces is just one part of the business. In Ukraine, the cheapest marble portal will cost $ 1.5 thousand. The average cost of a marble framing is about $ 4-6 thousand. A good fireplace, if it is handmade, can cost $ 50-60 thousand. And there are customers for such fireplaces.

Lovers of live fire need to know that installing fireplaces is far from possible in all buildings. A natural wood fireplace can only be installed in the house where the chimney shaft is prepared. Although in modern new buildings, a chimney for each apartment is often provided. In the houses of pre-revolutionary buildings, there is also the opportunity to acquire a fireplace — they were built taking into account stove heating. In principle, the pipe can be removed in any high-rise building. Only in this case the cost of expenses increases: the passage of each floor and access to the attic will cost $ 1 thousand.

If, nevertheless, there are no necessary communications and there is no possibility to conduct them, then they remain as an alternative to electric fireplaces and ... just beautiful portals without a firebox. There are a great many of their compositions: inside you can make brickwork, you can put candles in flasks, a composition of artificial flowers, a firebox that simulates fire.

Despite the fact that nothing can replace a live fire, many consumers are more attracted to a fireplace with a fake flame. It is economical, does not emit fumes and smoke, is completely safe, affordable, it can be put in any room, even in a bathroom or sauna (there are models that are not afraid of humidity). Electric fireplace is easy to install, does not require hoods. In essence, this is “furniture”, which is installed when the repair is completed.

Electric fireplaces also have heating - up to 2 kW. At the cost of electric fireplaces are several times cheaper than natural ones - buying a firebox with a portal can cost $ 500. For comparison, only a good cast-iron firebox costs from $ 1000, and framing with work will cost $ 2-3 thousand.

You can even start a fireplace business today with $ 5 thousand, but this is on condition that you already have a room. Markups in this business now average 40%. To begin with, you can take a sale from a large company and make an extra charge. But in order to do business with natural fireplaces, you need at least $ 150 thousand. In this case, you can not do without a room in 30-40 square meters. m, two or three specialists and expensive materials.

Not the last role in choosing a fireplace is played by designers and architects, whose services are now used by most customers with an income above the average. So the designer involuntarily becomes an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, and as a result, everyone remains satisfied.

Installation and installation is the hardest piece of business. Today, modern technologies are applied in this business, which allows saving on project development. From installers it is only required to correctly install the finished product.

The average order amount is $ 3 thousand. Usually, in shops, salons offer specialist advice on choosing a fireplace. In some salons, such consultations are paid.

The most effective way to attract customers, the participants of the "future business" - participation in specialized construction exhibitions. They are visited not only by experts, but also by ordinary citizens. Often purchases are made directly at the exhibition, and often customers turn to the company even several years after attending such an event. Another surefire way is, of course, word of mouth. Satisfied customers provide an endless series of friends, acquaintances, neighbors.


Market size: about $ 60 million

Number of participants: large - 15-20

Profitability: about 70%

Prices: electric fireplace - from $ 500

natural wood fireplace - from $ 3 thousand

wooden framing - from $ 420

marble edging - $ 1.5-60 thousand

Based on materials from an article by Yulia Gaeva for the magazine Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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