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There are not many glass decoration companies in Ukraine. And they all know each other "in person." Each company occupies a narrow niche and specializes in its own: someone provides services for decorating glassware for the alcohol, food and perfume industries, someone is engaged in the decoration of household glass, someone decorates souvenir products. In the near future, according to the players in this segment, the market will change, new players will come, demand for products will increase, and prices will rise.

... One of the newest services for our consumer is glass decoration. Today, various types of images are applied to glass, from the company logo to the photo. A variety of dishes with corporate symbols are especially popular among customers. The principle of applying a pattern to glass has qualitatively changed. The image is applied to the glass by direct printing, after which the product is fired in an oven. After such processing, the same logo as if imprinted in glass and no longer erased and does not fade.

In addition to such decoration, the image is also applied to the glass by engraving. This method is especially popular when ordering individual gifts. These are a variety of company cups, prizes, made to a specific order in a limited number. True, the color scheme in this case is limited to one color, namely, it is repelled from the original color of the glass itself.

The cost of products also depends directly on the complexity of their implementation. If the work is performed in a single copy from a private master, its price cannot be lower than $ 50. On average, an ordinary decorated glass souvenir will cost about 50-70 UAH., But there are also works worth 3 thousand UAH ..

The main consumers of decorated glass products are corporate customers. Large companies order a variety of glass souvenirs to congratulate partners, as well as cups and prizes that are awarded at corporate events.

There are also individual clients who prefer to order something unusual from glass by a certain date, for example, applying a portrait to a glass goblet.

In addition to Ukrainian customers, decorators work with foreigners, mainly with Russians. After all, they have higher prices in their homeland. So, if Ukrainian masters can engrave a photograph on glass for $ 50, then in Moscow about $ 130-150 will have to be paid for such a service.

The execution of the order begins with its approval. First, the client is shown a test sample, and if he is satisfied with it, they begin to manufacture the entire batch. There are also such cases that customer fantasies cannot be put into practice. True, as noted by all market participants, recently, the client is prepared, i.e. already knows what he wants. In terms of time, the execution of a single order can take up to 7 days, and an entire batch - up to 3-4 weeks.

This business, like any other, is subject to seasonal fluctuations. The largest number of orders arrives for the holidays, the peak of sales is the New Year. In summer there is a decline.

As for competition, it is not so strong in this segment, since there are few players. Moreover, companies know each other “in person”, and are not afraid of competition. Each company has its own style, its own style, its own characteristics.

So far, demand in Ukraine exceeds supply. Therefore, market participants agree on one thing, it is necessary to conduct educational work in order to attract a potential client.

The amount of initial investment in opening a glass decorating workshop depends on the scale of production. A small workshop of one master, where most of the operations will be done manually, can also be organized for $ 3 thousand, which will go on renting premises and purchasing material.

But serious production will require at least half a million dollars. In addition to the production premises, a warehouse will have to be rented, which is several tens of thousands of dollars per month. A large item of expenditure is the purchase of equipment. So, a cutting table costs about $ 80 thousand, a special sink - about $ 80 thousand, a machine for processing and polishing edges - $ 50-70 thousand, a multifunctional machine for drilling holes in glass - $ 200 thousand, a kiln - $ 100 thousand.

The future workshop cannot do without glass. Decorators prefer to buy glass from European manufacturers, domestic glass, although lower in cost by 20-30 percent, but inferior in quality to foreign ones. Some manufacturers work with Turkish and Chinese glass, which is comparable in quality to European counterparts, and lower in cost by half.

One of the problems of this business is personnel, or rather their absence. Ukraine used to be famous for eminent glass artists who worked at the Kiev glass factory. But after the collapse of the USSR, these masters fled and continuity was violated - there was no one and no need to transfer skill. Therefore, to find a true master artist is now almost impossible.

In Ukraine, specialists working with glass are trained at the Lviv Academy of Art. Especially valuable in the Ukrainian glass market are graduates of the Moscow Higher Art and Industrial University named after Stroganov or St. Petersburg Mukhinsky school. The latter was founded at the end of the XIX century. Baron Keglis specially for the training of artists in glass, ceramics, wood.

Based on the article by Irina Polishchuk for the magazine Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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