How to make money on air: open an inflatable furniture store

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Furniture that can be easily transported, moved and compactly stored is very popular in the West. In the Russian retail market, mainly air mattresses are widely represented. Inflatable furniture can be bought only in some online stores. But in general, competition in this segment is still low.

The advantages of such furniture are undeniable: low price (especially compared to the prices of similar cabinet and upholstered furniture), low weight and compactness, which allows you to store furniture that is not needed at the moment and reduces transportation costs. You can inflate furniture using a special pump that comes with the kit. Such a set is ideal for arranging apartments for rent, and country houses. This furniture is quite strong, durable, hygienic, easy to clean and repair. In addition, the range of such interior items is very wide and includes a large selection of both models and colors.

Furniture from air units, which are assembled by type of designer, is in special demand. Sealed blocks that do not need to be additionally pumped up for three years of active use are reliable, durable and practical. Of these, you can "fold" almost any type of furniture - from an armchair to a bed. In addition to ordinary consumers, public institutions such as clubs, kindergartens and schools, cafes, etc., can become another sales channel for such furniture, since the manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on furniture even with its most intensive use.

Inflatable furniture also has its drawbacks, which are also worth considering when opening your own business. Cat's claws or a burning cigarette can do her much harm than cabinet furniture (although it will be much easier and cheaper to fix it). Due to the nature of production, this type of product has a fairly high percentage of rejects. In addition, such beds can be used as intended rather as a temporary option (for example, for guests), since the dense rubberized material does not allow air and moisture to pass, unlike ordinary mattresses.

You can buy inflatable furniture either directly from the manufacturer or from Russian representatives. In the latter case, the price per unit (or per unit of goods) will be 30-50 percent more expensive, but for a small batch it can be more profitable than searching for foreign suppliers and paying for international delivery.

Choosing a separate room for the store is impractical, at least in the first stage of work. It is better to rent a small area in a shopping center (from 25 t. Per month) or offer your goods for sale in ordinary furniture stores. The latter option will significantly save on rents and salaries for sellers, but it does not help to reduce the retail cost of furniture, which is positioned as inexpensive. Therefore, as the main sales tool, you can use the online store with delivery in the city or region (from 20 tr. For the development of the site and payment for courier services).

To the costs of registering a legal entity (if you plan to open your own store), add the costs of buying a cash register (about 20 tons) and salaries to sellers (from 10 tons / month per person). To open one online store, it will be possible to register an individual entrepreneur and accept payment by bank transfer. In this case, there is no need for a cash register.

Since inflatable furniture is still a fairly new product for the Russian consumer, it is unlikely to minimize advertising costs if you are counting on good profit. Online advertising on sites of a suitable subject and on social networks will attract buyers to your website, and traditional forms of advertising and promotion (media ads, participation in exhibitions, promotions for designers), a system of discounts and bonuses will help increase sales in your regular store.

It doesn’t matter which store you open - traditional or virtual (or both at once). In any case, you need to take care of related products (spare pumps, covers, patches and glue) and additional services (repair, cleaning).

The wholesale price for one block for prefabricated inflatable furniture is 100-300 rubles, depending on the supplier and the cost of delivery. For example, on a medium-sized sofa, you need about 10 blocks. If you purchase solid furniture, the cost of one unit is from 300 p. Depending on the manufacturer, size, materials, the presence of a built-in electric pump, the price may increase to 2-3 tons. The retail margin for cheap models is 150% and higher. The price tag for expensive furniture in retail will be 30-50% higher than the wholesale price.

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