How to make money drilling

Repair and construction business Building

The drilling of individual wells goes hand in hand with the boom of a private suburban cottage development.

However, the crisis turned off the mass enthusiasm for quick and easy businesses that accompanied the "construction" that began to unfold.

Well drilling business after the crisis

After the crisis, a point-based approach is needed: you need to carefully monitor information about where houses and cottages built before the crisis begin to defrost.

How To Promote A Well Drilling Business

A drilling company usually communicates personally with residents of summer cottages and cottage villages. In these same villages, simple and inexpensive outdoor advertising also works effectively.

Initial investment in a well drilling business

At the start, about 2 million rubles are invested in this business. Such a business pays off over a period of 2 to 3 years.

Who has the chance to enter the well drilling business?

The main people in this business are two people: an experienced driller practitioner and a theoretician - a hydrogeologist. Usually these people organize such a business.

Another option to enter this business: if you are already an existing construction and installation company. As a rule, such firms already have the lion's share of permits, licenses, as well as the material and technical base and the necessary personnel.

In general, companies from various related industries, having their own vehicles and wanting to do drilling business, can save on buying at least a truck that they already have available.

Well Drilling Company Staff

As we have said, the state must have:

a hydrogeologist who owns information about the terrain, soil structure, the presence of aquifers in the region,

a driller who should be a good practitioner - when drilling a well by smell, moisture, type of soil, he must find an aquifer,

driller assistant,



Rotary Well Drilling

The most common method of drilling wells is rotary. We will dwell on it in more detail.

Rotary drilling tools and associated expenses:

drilling rig, which is located on a truck,

a car (usually a ZIL-131 truck, it is bought separately),

drill pipes



bits of different diameters,

change house where workers will be located

rented parking lot in the car park.

Market players use well-proven products of Russian manufacturers:

OJSC Mobile Drilling Systems

JSC "Geomash",

CJSC "Machine-building plant named after Vorovsky."

Two ways to save:

The first way to save money is to buy used equipment. It is advisable to use the equipment, since, firstly, it is wear-resistant in itself, and secondly, it is 40-60% cheaper than a similar new one.

The second way to save money is to purchase compact drilling equipment.

Compact Drilling Equipment

Sometimes a standard (large) drilling rig cannot be deployed in a small closely built-up private home ownership. In this case, small-sized portable drilling machines with a motor pump are used. These small-sized machines drill a well up to 50 m deep.

The cost of such equipment manufactured in Russia has a wide variation in prices and costs from 90 thousand rubles to 250 thousand rubles.

Two more ways to save (case details)

1) Business players are advised to independently produce all the so-called "simple devices." For example, a device for providing a rotary drilling process with water. Here you need to weld a tank with a volume of 3 cubic meters and install it on a truck, on which it will be additionally possible to carry equipment and tools.

2) experts also recommend threading the casing by themselves, buying a pipe-cutting machine.

Profitability and possible income

The “average check” of a home well is about 80 thousand rubles per well.

You need to drill at least 60 such wells in order to recoup your initial costs, which are, on average, reminiscent of 2 million rubles.

With an average profitability of this business from 25 to 30%, it will take you two to three years to go to zero.

Nazarenko Elena

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