How to make money on the production of kraft packaging?

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Kraft paper is a very durable wrapping paper, which is used for the production of bags, bags for bulk products and other types of packaging.

The word "craft" comes from the German Kraft, which means "strength." Since one of the properties of this material is high resistance to mechanical damage. However, its main advantage is environmental friendliness (compared to common plastic bags) and low production costs. This paper is made from recycled pulp. This explains its low cost with a variety of species and density.

Kraft paper is far from a modern invention. Familiar to everyone from childhood, yellow postal envelopes and paper into which products were packed in the Soviet era were produced using the same technology.

Recently, the popularity of this type of packaging is gaining momentum again, due to the fashion for environmentally friendly products from natural materials.

In large retail chains, paper bags are already offered as an alternative to plastic bags, and by 2015 it is planned to completely abandon the use of the latter. So the prospects for the development of the production of kraft paper bags are very optimistic.

True, certain investments will be needed to open it. First of all, it is necessary to rent or purchase production and storage facilities. Their area depends on the estimated volumes of products.

In the calculation, you can focus on the following data: paper in a roll takes 1 square meter. m area, as well as 5-6 thousand pieces of finished bags or sacks.

Of the equipment, a semiautomatic device for cutting paper, machines for manufacturing multilayer tubes, gluing of bottoms and perforations, and a press are required.

To print on bags you need a flexographic machine. Depending on the format of the package, such a device allows you to apply the image in one or more (up to six) colors.

The cost of new equipment is quite high (about 1.5-2 million rubles, depending on additional devices). But you can buy not new machines (about 500 tons) and produce ordinary packages at the first stage without printing.

Of the materials you will need paper itself, starch-based glue, ink for printing, a cord (ribbons, braid, rope, plastic) for making pens. Paper may vary in density, composition, purpose, and price.

To maintain the machines, you will also have to hire a staff of workers (from 3 people). Accordingly, take into account salary costs at the rate of at least 10 tons. per person per month.

When you have decided on the main items of expenditure, you can begin to calculate profits. The cost of production of the package is from 3 p. / Pc. In implementation, this price increases 3-4 times.

The profitability of this type of business is quite high - about 40%.

According to the most favorable forecasts, monthly incomes can range from 250 tons. and higher. It all depends on whether you can establish sales of your own products.

Despite its relevance and the still low number of competitors in this segment, it is better to think over the possibilities for expanding sales channels in advance.

If the volume of production is still not large enough, offer cooperation to retail chains and individual shops, cafes and restaurants selling take-away food.

Constant orders can be provided by manufacturers of animal feed, building materials and mixtures, suppliers of loose coffee and tea who pack their products in paper bags, bakeries, sellers of grilled chicken, etc. The ability to sell packaging bags in small batches (from 200 pcs. .) may attract additional customers from the small business sphere.

If flexographic equipment is available, packages with corporate symbols and company logo can be made to order. Packaging made of higher quality, textured and expensive craft paper is suitable for decorating gifts and cosmetic products (for example, handmade soaps, perfumes, etc.).

By the way, this area of ​​work may become your main specialization over time. Most of the large Russian companies engaged in the manufacture of paper bags and sacks focus primarily on manufacturers of food products, construction mixtures, coal, etc.

Kraft paper bags as an unusual gift wrapping are just starting to gain popularity, but more far-sighted manufacturers are already hiring designers and considering options for non-standard marketing solutions.

Sysoeva Lilia

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