How to open an aquarium fish breeding business

* The calculations use the average data for the World

One of the most common types of human pets are small, silent creatures, imposingly floating in the water column - aquarium fish. The maintenance of the aquarium is not only a satisfaction of the need to keep some living creature, but also a desire to decorate the interior of the room. Many inhabitants hold the fish because of their beauty and relative simplicity of maintenance, so the demand for aquarium fish is always stable and almost unchanged. At the same time, there is no particular competition in the fish breeding business, having made an effort it is always possible to realize the resulting offspring with benefit for yourself. But for starters, farmed fish need to be provided with conditions not only for reproduction, but also for survival.

Before starting your activity as an entrepreneur and owner of aquarium fish, you need to register, it is enough to issue an IP, it will cost in full about 20 thousand rubles. To legalize the business, you need to specify the codes (OKPD 2) 46.23 SERVICES FOR WHOLESALE TRADE OF LIVING ANIMALS, and also (OKPD 2) 47.76 SERVICES FOR RETAIL TRADE OF FLOWERS AND OTHER PLANTS, SEEDS, FERTILIZERS OF DOMAIN HOUSES this will be required in the event of a possible expansion of the business up to your pet store. But in order for the business to be successful, it is worth spending a lot of effort and time on a thorough study of the issue, because breeding and keeping fish requires special knowledge; each animal should receive its own specific care and food; some species cannot be adjacent to each other in the same aquarium. If you don’t understand anything in aquatic animals and think that you only need to feed the fish and periodically change their water, then their very first batch will probably float upside down in the first week. Aquarium fish, including artificially derived species, are very sensitive to conditions and willingly die in case of even the slightest mistakes of the owner. The vast majority of them are freshwater animals, sea fish and are bred in more complex conditions, and are more expensive. Although, as a development prospect, they can be considered by an experienced aquarist, since you can earn a lot of money even for one such fish.

A serious issue is the room. It would seem that fish can be bred at home, having allocated one room for aquariums - both cheaply and pets are always under surveillance. However, this business will be cost-effective only in the case of a sufficiently large number of farmed fish, and you will need at least a ton of water to keep them. Now find out if the floor covering in your room can withstand one ton of cargo, and if the answer is no, then there is a risk of losing all the offspring, all equipment, paying for repairs to yourself and your neighbors and being subject to penalties. In residential buildings, the maximum load can be 150 kg per m2, so the room should be large not only to accommodate all aquariums, but also for the systematic distribution of weight. Also, aquariums should not be located in several tiers, not only because of the increased load, but also because of the banal inconvenience. The length of the average aquarium per 250 liters is 1 meter, the width is half a meter, and the height is 0.7 meters. They will need 8 pieces for 2 tons of water. Thus, you will not have to pay the rent of the premises, you can fish in your apartment, but the room allocated for this should be at least 40 m2, taking into account the location of the equipment and walkways.

Before buying equipment, you need to decide on future residents of the aquariums. The choice must be stopped on popular types of fish, not forgetting that fashion trends play a significant role here. Today, some fish are popular, tomorrow others, and, investing in unpopular individuals, you will not be able to realize the grown offspring. You can get acquainted with what animals are in demand on forums, in pet stores and with friends of aquarium fish lovers, if any. It’s probably not worth buying and breeding rare specimens, unless you are planning to conduct a full-scale (and, frankly, hardly successful) marketing campaign to popularize them. Follow the consumer’s question, don’t offer him what he didn’t ask for, but only those types that are likely to be bought. When you clearly know what you have to breed, you need to carefully study the conditions that satisfy the survival of a particular type of fish, and also pay attention to whether they can get along with each other. Fish for aquariums are divided into 10 groups, it makes sense to concentrate only on some of them in order to ensure their normal neighborhood in one aquarium. Three out of eight aquariums will be needed for the initial settlement of future parents of subsequent offspring, the rest - for the growth of fry. The price of individuals varies greatly depending on the species, the cheapest items in wholesale are found at 15 rubles per individual, while the price of expensive ones can reach several thousand per fish. On average, this is 300 rubles, ten fish will settle in each aquarium to procreate, and the costs for the beginners of your business will amount to 9 thousand rubles. For the first time, food will be needed in the amount of about 6 thousand rubles. After that, you can start buying equipment. Here is his list and purchase price per 8 aquariums:

  • Aquariums - 80 thousand rubles

  • Aqua filters - 44 thousand rubles

  • Compressors and aeration tools - 12 thousand rubles

  • Pumps - 10 thousand rubles

  • Water temperature regulators - 24 thousand rubles

  • Lighting - 32 thousand rubles

  • Car feeders - 4 thousand rubles

  • Shelving - 20 thousand rubles

Thus, it will take about 200 thousand to equip future houses of aquarium fish. The room should be dark, and artificial light is better for fish. Under such conditions, the fish will, rejoicing in captivity, multiply vigorously if you have studied everything correctly and give them what they need to exist. Fish will not give offspring immediately, it will take up to several months, and fry become adults on average in a year. You can start selling more young fish, but until the specimen has reached maturity, its price will be several times lower. Experienced aquarists sell offspring gradually, starting with the fry, but selecting only a certain number of them, the rest are realized as they grow up. It turns out that the first six months you will need to spend it on growing the product, real sales will begin only after that. The amount of starting capital is:

  • Registration of the form of a business entity - 20 thousand rubles.

  • Equipment purchase - 200 thousand rubles

  • The purchase of fish and feed - 15 thousand rubles

  • Utility payments (electricity and water) - 30 thousand rubles.

It turns out 265 thousand rubles, but these are the calculations for the first six months of work, while the fish grow up. If you start selling them earlier, then you will not start recouping the costs not 6 months after the start. When the fish are ready to change the owner, you need to choose a method of sale for yourself. Pet shops will be ready, by prior arrangement, to purchase certain lots of fish, and they will need running species. You can turn to resellers, but, as in the case of pet stores, you will be offered a low price, because both of them act as intermediaries. It is best to combine cooperation with them with sales to private lovers of aquariums at home, for this you can place ads on the Internet or offer fish directly if you know personally such lovers to contain aquatic inhabitants. With well-established distribution channels, you can easily sell up to 200 fish with an average price of 200 rubles, but the income will depend heavily on the bred species, and if inexpensive individuals are in demand, it is better to sell them, but do not forget about a little more exotic - there are several pet shops for the assortment pieces yes they will take. This is a peculiarity of fish breeding - you should not think that once you buy ancestors, you will always sell their offspring, you will have to change the family of fish as soon as all copies are sold and if demand changes, this is not a business of breeding thoroughbred cats or dogs; Therefore, you should always carefully study the market. It turns out that the average income will be 40 thousand rubles a month, of this money left after deducting expenses 34 thousand (feed and electricity), which gives 31 600 rubles of net profit. The profitability of such a business is often more than 50%, but it will pay off no earlier than a year in connection with large expenses for initial equipment and a possible downtime of several months in anticipation of the offspring growing up. If desired, and the capacity of the premises, the number of aquariums can be increased, and you can also start breeding other small animals for, for example, demand can be high on small turtles for aquariums or even arthropods. Separately, you can do seaweed or snails. I would also like to mention such a fish as Garra Rufa - a small nondescript gray fish, absolutely not interesting for ordinary people, but interesting for spas and beauty salons. If you are well versed in ichthyology, you can find out about the demand for such fish in your city from the owners of salons that offer fish pilling. Breeding fish of the Garra Rufa species, according to legend, is considered impossible, but there are also refutations, because nothing is impossible, and if you manage to breed such a fish, this will give a nice bonus to your monthly income. Moreover, if such a demand for beauty salons is initially, then in the future it will not change, delighting you with stability, in contrast to the demand for specific types of fish for aquariums.

The fish breeding business cannot be called easy - for the first fry to be born, you need to read a lot of specialized literature and buy and set up equipment pointwise. Floating demand, which has the risk of being absent altogether at certain times or seasons, also does not facilitate the task. But if you go to the end and manage to establish sales, then you will get a pleasant profit without serious cash costs from month to month. If the business expands, then it will be necessary to expand the breeding area, one apartment may not be enough. In this case, it makes sense to start renting a medium-sized room, in which, in addition to farmed fish, there will be a store for goods for home aquariums. Almost any business has a development, the main thing is to have enough imagination.

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