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The format of thematic conceptual institutions for Russia is no longer a novelty. And despite skeptical forecasts, restaurants and clubs offering their visitors not only ordinary food, but also intellectual, were very popular.

More than half of visitors to literary, theatrical and movie cafes become their regular customers. Moreover, the target audience of such institutions is the most active and solvent. As a rule, these are people aged 25 to 40 with an average and above average income.

The more time visitors spend in the catering establishment, the higher will be the profit of the latter. The cultural program in the form of “live” music, karaoke and dancing, which any cafe offers, can no longer satisfy all the demands of discerning customers. Therefore, they are being replaced by intellectual institutions that combine the functions of a bar, club and library.

The location of your future cafe plays an important role. It is desirable that it is located in the center of the city or nearby. Even the view from the windows of the rented or purchased premises matters: the garbage can or the brick fence will not cause your visitors either appetite or creative inspiration.

The area of ​​the cafe should also be spacious, since only one hall for visitors will occupy a minimum of 50 square meters. m. Office space often requires even more space: a room for a kitchen and a place for storing food, utensils, tools, two toilets (for visitors and cafe employees), a place for changing clothes and storing clothes for staff, etc.

Instead of a separate wardrobe for customers, you can put at each table the usual floor hangers for outerwear. This will save space and at the same time create the necessary creative atmosphere.

The main person in such an institution is an art director. It is he who defines the concept of the future cafe, selects designers and a design project, monitors its implementation and comes up with advertising campaigns to promote his brainchild.

The more original the idea underlying your institution, the higher its popularity will be. The same basic concept defines the methods of advertising and promotion that you choose to attract customers.

For example, if the format of your cafe is literary, you can organize meetings of famous authors with readers, literary readings, discussion clubs. Of course, it is not necessary to be limited to any one subject.

Sessions of fashionable cinema, theatrical evenings, concerts or small copyright exhibitions can be held in any art cafe, regardless of the chosen direction and format. Entrance to such events may be paid. Sometimes it’s more profitable to introduce a limit on the minimum order amount per visitor.

Before opening, you will have to go through a standard system of registration and registration of all necessary permits from the sanitary and epidemiological station, fire inspection, obtaining a trade patent and licenses for alcohol and tobacco products.

Do not forget about the costs of repairs, payment for the work of the designer, the purchase of the necessary equipment. For example, to equip a kitchen alone, you will need several sinks for dishes, separate sinks for products, tables for ready-made dishes, ovens, stoves, hoods.

A separate item of expenses is the purchase of furniture, dishes, cutlery, textiles, lamps. Also budget for salaries for waiters, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers and cleaners. In some cases (for example, if the cafe is located near business centers), it is also worthwhile to spend money on providing wireless WiFi Internet access to your customers. True, in this case, it is likely that many of your visitors will come solely to sit on the Internet for free.

According to the most conservative estimates, no less than 1.5-2 million rubles will be needed to open a cafe. It should be borne in mind that catering establishments have a relatively long payback period (at best, 1.5-2 years). This is due both to the size of the initial investment, and to the costs of promoting and attracting customers to your cafe.

Along with the usual forms of advertising (outdoor, in print, distribution of leaflets and booklets, radio advertising) use non-standard methods of promotion. Most of them do not require an impressive budget, and in terms of effectiveness they surpass traditional advertising.

Additional income comes from selling thematic products during various events. For example, in an art cafe-gallery you can hold exhibitions of the works of a certain artist and sell them to art lovers, receiving a small percentage from this, and cafe-libraries provide their visitors with the opportunity to purchase a book that interests them. However, such sales, of course, will not bring substantial profit.

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