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Many supporters of a healthy lifestyle with foam at the mouth prove that fried meat is harmful to the body, vegetarianism is becoming more fashionable, but all these changes in the gastronomic consciousness of the population do not affect the popularity of one of the favorite dishes of Russian people - barbecue. Juicy, exuding amazing aroma, meat cooked on an open fire, is strongly associated by most Russians with a holiday, a plentiful feast and a friendly company.

An entrepreneur who decides to engage in a barbecue business must take into account the factor of competition. In some areas, kebabs have grown like mushrooms after rain, and now they are strangling each other. Starting a business in such conditions is not worth it. For a barbecue, a place is suitable where there are no other barbecue houses and a large number of cafes and dining rooms, but there are many people, and it is better to choose the busy part of the densely populated sleeping area than the city center. So in the cost of rent you can profit, and be closer to the main consumers of barbecue - people who decide to eat well after work or on the day off. If the institution is lost deep in the courtyards, you will have to spend a lot of money on various outdoor advertisements (banners, signs, stands, etc.), and many potential customers will never reach the barbecue because they are too lazy to look for it in the alleys. It is also worth mentioning that the barbecue located in the sleeping area will attract mainly residents of this area, but the institution, open near the road with high traffic, will be noticed by all passing by.

Now let's talk about the room. The size depends on whether the institution will focus on cooking kebabs to take away or to attract visitors to the hall. And in that, and in another case, the barbecue area must comply with sanitary, fire and other requirements. Official documents containing these requirements may be useful to an entrepreneur:

1. SNiP 08/18/2019-89 "Public buildings and structures."

2. SNiP 18.08.2019-87 “Administrative and domestic buildings”.

3. SNiP "Public catering enterprises".

4. SNiP “Natural and artificial lighting. Design Standards. "

5. "Fire Safety Rules in the Russian Federation" PPB-01-93.

6. SP 18.08.2019.1079-01 "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for public catering organizations, the manufacture and turnover of food products and food raw materials in them."

7. SNiP 08/18/2019-85 “Internal water supply and sewerage of buildings”.

A barbecue can be located both in a separate building and in a part of a residential or public building, but the proximity to a food service establishment should not worsen the living conditions of people. It is best to rent or buy a room that has already been used as a cafe, as the re-equipment of the room is fraught with unnecessary costs and paperwork. In the case when the premises have already been used by a public catering company, the preparation of the area for the opening of a barbecue (purchase of equipment, furniture) will cost from 200 thousand rubles.

If the barbecue is located in a residential building, then its entrance and evacuation exit should be isolated from the residential part of the building, and food should be taken from that part of the house that the windows do not face. The parking lot for personnel and visitors should be located on the side of the roadway, and not in the yard.

The premises of the catering establishment are necessarily equipped with water supply and sewage. The functioning of the barbecue, in which there is no bathroom, is prohibited. The bathroom should be equipped with an autonomous ventilation system. Hot and cold water should be connected to all sinks. The walls of the kitchen are tiled to a height of 1.7 meters. The floor must have a non-slip coating. The wall decoration of the barbecue room should be easy to wash and meet fire requirements.

General cleaning of the catering premises should be carried out at least once a month. For cleaning industrial premises and toilets, separate equipment is allocated, which is stored separately and has a special marking.

Cutting equipment is marked in groups according to the products it processes. Since barbecue is, in fact, the establishment of one dish, cutting equipment for meat, fish, vegetables and bread is used. After all technological operations, knives and boards are thoroughly cleaned with detergents and hot water and stored in a specially designated place. The deck for cutting meat is installed on a special stand or cross, firmly fastened with metal hoops. Every day after the end of the work, the deck is cleaned with a knife and sprinkled with salt.

For washing dishes and equipment used industrial sinks and brushes. Overturned dishes are dried on racks or trellised shelves. In the washing part, instructions are posted on the rules for washing dishes and equipment and indicating the concentrations of detergents. It is most convenient to use a two-section sink. Welded stainless steel sink costs from 7 thousand rubles. Racks for drying and storing utensils and equipment will cost 8-15 thousand rubles.

Now about the storage of products. All products are divided by type and stored separately. Raw and prepared foods are also stored separately. And spices and other strong-smelling foods are stored in well-closed containers. The storage conditions and shelf life of the products should be carefully observed. Do not be greedy and feed visitors spoiled meat. At best, they will find another barbecue. At worst, you will pay fines and compensation. Refrigerators should be equipped with easy-to-clean racks. Chilled meat carcasses are hung on hooks so that they do not come into contact with each other and with the walls. Poultry is stored in the supplier’s packaging on racks or in stacks of goods for sale. To ensure air circulation between the plates, you can lay rails. The best kebab is obtained from fresh meat that has never been frozen, but if you still plan to use frozen raw materials, you should equip a place for defrosting food. The meat is thawed in a defroster or on a production table. Thawing meat in water and re-freezing meat is not recommended. The bird is thawed in air, washed with running water and laid down cut. Fish can be thawed in air or in cold water at a temperature of no higher than 12 degrees. It is better not to defrost sturgeon breeds in water.

For each group of products, it is recommended to use a separate refrigerator or at least a separate shelf. The cost of a 3 cubic meter refrigerator compartment starts at 30 thousand rubles.

Production cutting tables with a board cost from 2.5 thousand rubles. When using different cutting boards and a small volume of production, you can get by with two tables.

The main equipment in the barbecue is, of course, barbecue. There are special barbecues for cafes, equipped with an exhaust hood and a damper, which ensures fire safety. The cost of 20 thousand rubles. The device may also be electric or gas. Barbecue has automatically rotating skewers, ensuring uniform frying of meat for the shortest possible time (from 15 to 25 minutes). The cost of equipment starts from 25 thousand rubles for an electric furnace, and from 40 thousand rubles for a gas furnace. Shashlik for indoor use is used in the cold season. In the summer, if there is a place, barbecue is cooked in the best traditions on charcoal in the open air. This is possible if the barbecue has its own yard.

The kitchen of a food service enterprise is usually equipped with an exhaust (ventilation) umbrella, which is installed in the exhaust ventilation system over any type of heating equipment in order to clean the air in the room. The cost of an umbrella is from 10 thousand rubles.

The barbecue room is usually furnished with several tables, at which visitors can eat or wait for their order, and a bar counter. The cost of one wooden table with four stools is 5-10 thousand rubles, a bar counter - from 10 thousand rubles.

In addition to barbecue, sauces, bread, onions and vegetables and drinks are usually served. Most kebab lovers prefer to consume their favorite dish in combination with alcoholic beverages: vodka, cognac, red wine, beer. The presence of a bar will attract many visitors and bring additional income, but then you need to think about a roomy hall and purchase a license to sell alcoholic beverages, which costs 40 thousand rubles.

Rospotrebnadzor issues permission to open a catering enterprise. To obtain permission, you must collect a large package of documents. Assistance in paperwork is provided by various law firms, requesting from 10 to 20 thousand rubles for their services. Obtaining permission on your own is difficult, but you may only have to spend a lot of time and effort, but if every penny counts, there is no choice. When the company is already registered as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, is registered with the tax authority and has a current account, the following documents should be submitted to Rospotrebnadzor:

  • premises lease agreement;
  • a copy of the design opinion on the catering facilities (or the project itself, if the report was not issued);
  • calculation of the amount of food waste depending on the capacity of the enterprise;
  • permission on the possibility of accommodation;
  • a copy of the BTI floor plan with an explication of the catering facility;
  • copy of the general plan of the territory;
  • communication schemes (ventilation, water supply, sewage);
  • arrangement of technological equipment;
  • copies of existing agreements with Vodokanal;
  • passports for existing ventilation installations and air conditioning systems;
  • the act of revising, cleaning and disinfecting ventilation systems, sewers, checking thermal and refrigeration equipment in the catering unit;
  • contract for the maintenance of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, including disinfection
  • copies of bacteriological and chemical analysis of drinking water;
  • copy of the certificate of state registration of barbecue.
  • copy of tax registration certificate;
  • bank details (in full), certified by a "live" signature of the director and a "live" seal;
  • copy of the charter of the enterprise (if LLC is registered);
  • copies of orders on the appointment of responsible persons for the PC (production control);
  • assortment list of products;
  • copies of agreements for the disposal of waste: solid waste, food, mercury-containing and fluorescent lamps;
  • copies of contracts for the supply of food and food raw materials;
  • copy of the contract for deratization, disinsection and disinfection works (+ license);
  • copy of the contract for periodic medical examinations (+ license);
  • sanitary passport for the object (issued in the des.zsluzhba);
  • decorated consumer corner (registered book of complaints and suggestions, Federal Law 52 of 08/18/2019 “On San Epidemic Well-Being of the Population”, “San. Rules for the Organization of Catering and Additions to It, ” “San. Rules for the Implementation of a Production Control Plan”, “Hygienic requirements for shelf life of food products”, “Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights”, etc.);
  • disinfection and consumption logbook with approved calculation;
  • issued medical books of employees.
Barbecue workers must undergo mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations, as well as professional hygienic training and certification. Compliance with these requirements is monitored by the employer, who is responsible in case of violations. To ensure the work of the barbecue requires a cook, waiter, cleaner, dishwasher. Since the institution should work seven days a week, and people cannot work in this mode, a shift schedule must be provided. If you plan to open a restaurant with a large hall, then you will need several waiters and an administrator. The use of disposable tableware will save on a dishwasher, and customer service through the bar counter will allow you not to hire waiters, which was very helpful at first.

In the barbecue, visitors are not attracted by the beautiful interior, not by the cozy atmosphere, but by the tasty barbecue, which is obtained under two equally important conditions: the use of fresh meat and the right cooking technology. Let us dwell on meat.

In order for the cook to always have fresh meat, you need to conclude a contract with the supplier, who will bring the necessary amount of products every day or every other day. After a couple of weeks of work, it will become clear how much meat you need to order, in addition, the size of the order can be adjusted. The supplier must have documents confirming the quality and safety of the products. Meat without stigma and veterinary certificate is prohibited to use for cooking in public catering. Direct producers prefer cooperation with large buyers, which are rather difficult to get to a barbecue, unless, of course, we are talking about a network of establishments. Therefore, you will have to look for a supplier through resellers and, therefore, pay more. But there are some advantages to this: you can choose among the assortment of products from different manufacturers and you do not need to organize the delivery of meat. The choice of meat suppliers in the market is quite large. When deciding to start cooperation, you need to make sure that you have the necessary documents and look for reviews about the company. Notoriety usually spreads faster than any advertising, and if you are not too lazy, then you can find interesting information on the Internet. The larger the batch, the lower the price of meat, but you should not save in this way, otherwise you will have to decide what to do with the surplus of perishable product.

The situation is similar with suppliers of vegetables and bread: you need to check the company's documents and decide whether the proposed working conditions are suitable.

Barbecue profitability can be high if there are enough visitors. Wholesale purchase of pork, for example, will cost 130-150 rubles per kilogram, and a kilogram of ready-made barbecue pork costs from 600 rubles. Usually flourishing establishments with many regular customers, returning for cooked meat over and over again. These people buy for themselves and recommend the place to friends, neighbors, relatives.

If you have transport and a driver, you can offer customers a service that is in increasing demand in big cities: barbecue delivery. Often people just do not have enough time to get to the barbecue, so fast delivery will certainly be in demand. Delivery is usually free if the order price exceeds a certain amount, for example, 800 rubles.

In the market for ready-made businesses, there are occasionally offers of barbecue sales. In the regions, the average cost of barbecue is 400-600 thousand rubles, Moscow institutions cost from 1.5 million.

Natalya Merkulova

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