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Recently in our country so-called decorative bulk floors are gaining more and more popularity. This business attracts entrepreneurs by the fact that its implementation requires a relatively small investment, and the services of such companies are in fairly high demand. However, there are certain disadvantages that companies that offer materials and conduct training on this technology are often not mentioned.

What is a decorative polymer floor?

Such a floor is usually used as a decorative coating. It looks very beautiful and spectacular, characterized by relative strength and durability. Polymeric coatings based on polyurethane and epoxy resins are usually used to create bulk floors. These floor coverings are suitable for use in rooms with not very high traffic, although they can often be seen in shops, restaurants and even in offices.

Polyurethane floors have certain disadvantages: they turn yellow under the direct influence of the sun better (which, of course, affects their appearance), they do not hold constant static load (that is, traces of furniture or heels may remain on them), they are wiped with frequent exposure ( matte patches and micro-scratches appear on their surface).

Epoxy floors are easier to repair: the scratches that appear are simply sanded and poured with a new transparent resin layer. In addition, such coatings have a richer color range than polyurethane floors. However, under the influence of UV rays, the epoxy material can also slightly change color.

The components that make up bulk floors do not contain toxic substances, fireproof and hypoallergenic. There is no doubt that there is already a demand for decorative floors in our country. To study the technology and purchase all the necessary materials is also not difficult. Many companies offer free and paid training (the cost of the latter ranges from 30 to 50 thousand rubles.).

It should be borne in mind that the application of a polymer coating on the floor, as a rule, is preceded by work on preparing the surface. So that the picture does not distort, the surface for pouring should be perfectly smooth, for this a special floor screed is used. The resin is also uniformly poured onto it so that there is no air under the top polymer layer. After drying, the flooring is polished and often varnished.

Production of bulk floors requires a lot of experience and skill. A marriage is considered to be air bubbles, foreign bodies (grains of sand, particles of dirt) in the resin, cracks that may appear after a few months due to the use of inappropriate materials for screeding.

A small team can do about 800-1000 square meters. m of decorative polymer floors per month, depending on the complexity of the object. The whole production process takes 5-6 days. The cost of such coverage is, on average, from 3, 000 to 4, 000 rubles. per sq. m. Floors with author's art images and 3D effects are more expensive (the cost of the latter starts from 8000 rubles / sq. m.). In these cases, polymer filling is applied to the image printed on a special printer.

Seasonal flooring business. The greatest decline is observed in the winter season. Many manufacturers of epoxy floors are also engaged in the manufacture of decorative countertops, sinks, tables, shelves and other interior items.

The necessary materials include waterproofing (from 7.5 euros per kg), primers and impregnations (about 10 euros per kg), topcoats (about 10 euros per kg), polyurethane varnish (optional).

The main working tool is a squeegee, paintbrushes - nozzles on shoes that allow you to walk on the flooded floor without damaging the coating, an aeration roller, which removes air bubbles from the material.

In the future, special equipment will be needed (for example, a mortar-mixing pump, a milling machine, etc.). However, at the first stage of work, you can do without them or rent equipment.

Initial costs will be about 200-250 thousand rubles, including training, tools, materials. To develop skills and improve skills, experts advise first to complete several orders at the price of the cost of supplies for themselves, friends or acquaintances.

The payback of a business for the production of decorative bulk floors is relatively high. It is better to open your company in the spring. With 2-3 orders per month, all expenses can be recouped for six months of work.

In the future, to increase productivity and expand the number of orders, it is worth thinking about creating your own team of workers.

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