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With a general decrease in production in the furniture industry, the demand for chairs, armchairs and sofas has almost doubled since the beginning of this year compared with the last year.

Small companies with a small staff of 4-15 people do not feel competition from large manufacturers and make good money on small orders. Such orders include one or two units of products worth up to 20 thousand rubles.

production of chairs:

To open your own furniture production you need a room. It should be sufficiently voluminous (minimum 150 m2), without partitions, preferably on one floor. The cost of renting such a premises on the territory of a large industrial enterprise will range from $ 700 per year. Electricity costs will add another $ 300 to the total.

Chairs Production: Equipment

For the production of metal-based furniture you will need:

Drilling machine - $ 700

Compressor - $ 350

Pneumatic equipment - $ 350-400

Saw for metal - $ 350

Drills, 2 pcs. - $ 200

Grinders, 2 pcs. - $ 350

Welding Machine - $ 550

Pistols - $ 350

In the future, with the development and increase in turnover, production can be automated. Full automation of production will cost the company $ 10 thousand. For this, five automatic machines for $ 1.5-2 thousand each are enough.

At the initial stage, when there is not enough equipment, the company can actively use subcontracting. This is what novice furniture makers do, transferring some production functions to a subcontractor, for example, painting goods in the absence of their own paint booth.

manufacture of chairs: Staff

The staff of a small furniture company consists of 5-15 people and includes: a production manager with a salary of $ 1 thousand, locksmith from $ 700, machine adjusters from $ 1 thousand and workers from $ 300

The minimum staff is able to provide productivity of 2-3 thousand units of products

per month, and this, about 1 million rubles of turnover.

production of chairs: Advertising

The main sources of advertising for business promotion are the Internet, reference books, specialized publications and exhibitions. Advertising costs are shown below:

The Internet:

Search engines - $ 200 / month.

Corporate site support and advertising on thematic resources -

$ 50 / month

Directories - $ 200 / year

Specialized publications - $ 200 / month.

Furniture exhibitions - at least $ 5 thousand

Based on the article by Pearl Roman for the newspaper Business Petersburg

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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