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Despite the numerous pessimistic forecasts that, due to the massive distribution and relative availability of high-quality photographic equipment, all related types of photo business are doomed to failure, the number of new studios and private photographers is growing exponentially.

In order to attract the attention of customers, all kinds of tricks and techniques are used, up to dumping.

There are special platforms on which photographs of any subject and genre are bought and sold. However, some companies have found the opportunity to receive not one-time, but a constant profit from a small number of copyright photographs.

The technology of their work is quite simple - the same as that of companies engaged in printing on T-shirts and mugs on order. The only difference is that these companies offer ready-made "copyrighted" products, which contain a certain idea, for sale.

To begin with, a compilation of original photographs is compiled. The plot does not really matter. The main thing is that it be original and attract attention. And then the image from the photos is transferred to textile products (bags, pillows, T-shirts, etc.) or replicated in the form of postcards.

Such art gifts, despite the simplicity of manufacture and low cost, are very popular among young people and adults.

To transfer the image to textiles, the widely used technology of thermal printing is used. It is not necessary to buy all the necessary equipment - you can contact the appropriate agency. With a discount on a bulk order, the cost of printing will be low. Of all types of products, such design studios prefer pillows and bags made of natural materials (cotton, linen, velveteen and even leather).

T-shirts are considered more “mass” goods, therefore they are less often used for applying copyright images. Or choose more expensive models with high quality textiles. But the retail price for such clothes will be above average.

Blanks for drawing an image, as a rule, are purchased in bulk. But in the future, many companies prefer to develop their own models, or expand their range by searching for new surfaces for application. And their choice is limited only by your imagination.

Thematic sets of copyright cards are another almost free niche in the souvenir market.

The postcard business in Russia is represented mainly by greeting cards and the same type of photo sets with views of various cities.

In the West, postcards are not only a must for a gift. Often they themselves are a present.

For example, the Russian company PhotoDepartament released a collection of postcards Petersburg, in which the city was presented not with boring static photographs of well-known buildings, but in an unusual and sometimes funny perspective.

Sets of such "emotional" postcards are in great demand not only among tourists. The average cost of one postcard is about 2-3 p., Depending on the circulation. At retail, they are sold at a price of 15-20 p. / Pcs.

Art souvenirs and accessories can be sold through your online store, bookstores and gift shops, creative workshops. At the same time, the best advertising will be good quality and product selection. Do not ignore the various exhibitions and art markets.

Opening your own studio for the production of such goods does not require a large budget, however, you can not do without it. The main expenses will be spent on the purchase of materials, the selection of application techniques, the manufacture of the first batch for sale, the production of labels and packaging. And of course, to search for young talented photographers.

But the cost of acquiring copyright will likely be small. Many not-so-well-known photographers are happy to provide their work for a small fee or percentage of sales.

In addition, postcards or a bag with an original image can be a good way to advertise their author. Sometimes it makes sense at the very beginning to invest in a “hyped” photographer.

You can purchase the rights to use several photos and print their image on different products. These costs will help to save on advertising, as the name of the photographer will speak for itself.

The costs at the initial stage will be from 50-60 tons The average retail price for a cotton bag with application is from 350 rubles, a set of postcards - from 50-100 rubles, pillows 40 by 40 cm in size - from 650 rubles.

Due to the availability of prices and the originality of the idea, the costs of its implementation can be recouped, on average, for six months to a year of work.

Consider also the seasonality factor. As in any other business related to souvenir and gift products, the peak of sales falls on the pre-holiday period and, if it is an attractive region for tourism, in the summer.

Sysoeva Lilia

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