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Electricity has so firmly entered our lives that it is already incredibly difficult to imagine how our ancestors could have done without it. Light, heat, water, cooking, entertainment, work - all this depends on the reliability of the energy supply system. If the power supply is cut off, the modern resident of the metropolis becomes helpless and vulnerable.

Electrical work is a vital service for the population. Where residential or industrial facilities are being built, a person who works with electrical wiring is always needed.

This type of business is an indicator of the economic well-being of the region. If people decide to invest in the construction of new buildings, build houses, workshops, open cafes, restaurants, cinemas, entertainment centers, then electrical companies can not complain about the lack of work. Smaller organizations are content with installing electrical equipment in apartments and houses.

If you decide to open an electrical installation organization, first you need to decide on the legal form. You can register as an individual entrepreneur or opt for a limited liability company. The latter option is still preferable, since, according to an unspoken rule, tenders usually win precisely LLCs.

To open an LLC, you will need a charter, authorized capital (at least 10, 000 rubles), a protocol of the meeting of the founders of the LLC, an agreement on the establishment of the LLC, a receipt on the payment of state duty, a package of documents confirming the legal address, an application for registration of the LLC in the form of P11001, an order for the Director General to join to the post, OKVED code for electrical work - 45.31. Samples of documents are freely available on the Internet. You can also use the services of special organizations to register your company, this will significantly save your time and effort.

The good news is that licensing for electrical work has been canceled. Only now from electrical organizations for activities at the capital construction facilities require the entry into the SRO builders (self-regulatory organizations).

What is SRO and why are they needed? Previously, the construction was regulated by the state, and now the SRO has taken over the functions of Rostekhnadzor and are engaged in issuing permits for construction work. It seems that these changes are designed to make life easier for builders: join the SRO and get permission to conduct electrical work. SRO introduces uniform standards for construction companies, SRO helps to avoid difficulties, SRO eliminates corruption. The only problem is that joining an SRO costs a decent amount.

The Internet is full of advertisements for intermediary organizations offering to help join SROs, join SROs in one day, and join SROs in installments. Usually, you don’t need to pay entrance fees to this useful organization, instead you need to pay money to the compensation fund and pay another 5000 rubles a month, pay insurance once a year. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the compensation fund will cost in the amount of 150 thousand, in Rostov-on-Don - from 40 thousand. From region to region, the amount varies.

You submit a package of documents (a copy of the charter, TIN, ORGN), pay money and the next day you are already considered a reliable electrical organization.

However, keep in mind that not all SROs have the right to issue permits for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of especially dangerous and technically complex facilities. You can get a valid admission to such an object by paying about 300 thousand rubles for joining the SRO. Serious SROs also offer their members continuing education and free seminar participation.

As noted above, an SRO permit is needed only if you intend to work at capital construction facilities, that is, for small electrical installation works, such as repairing an apartment, office or store, an admission is not required. Small electrical installation companies often do without SROs, but if you want to work on a large scale, if you need scope and big profits, look for a suitable self-regulatory organization.

In the Russian Federation, the following requirements are imposed on personnel performing electrical work: it must be a person with professional education and a third group of electrical safety approval. In order to get the third group of admission, the applicant must have the necessary knowledge in electrical engineering, know the electrical installations, the procedure for their maintenance, safety rules and access to work, as well as be able to free the victim from the effects of electric current and be able to provide him with first aid.

The necessary admission group can be obtained by listening to special courses. The duration of the courses is about 40 hours, the price is 5-6 thousand rubles.

According to the leaders of electrical organizations, the selection of qualified personnel is the most complex and most important thing in this business. Well, if you have extensive experience working in electrics, you have already collaborated with someone, you have someone to invite or to whom to turn for advice. If everything is not so smooth, then be careful. Neither an electrician’s diploma, experience, nor recruitment agency recommendations are a guarantee that you can rely on your new employee. The founder of the Moscow company Formula of Quality Nikolai Morozov, for example, had a very unpleasant experience in hiring employees through a recruitment agency. New installers drove to the facility, drilled a through hole in the ceiling and disappeared in an unknown direction, and the owners of the company paid for the "creativity" of newcomers.

Another problem is finding a good accountant. It will be more than difficult to keep financial documents for a person who does not have special training, so it is better to spend your energy looking for a competent and honest employee, because financial blunders result in considerable fines.

If you are going to work not only in private apartments, but also at larger commercial facilities, then keep in mind that in order to carry out electrical work, you must have a permit in local electricity networks or energy supervision. For this, a power supply project is needed. How to get it? As a rule, this is a headache for the customer, but since there is quite high competition in the electric installation market, some electric installation organizations keep the designer in their staff or collaborate with specialists on a contractual basis and help in coordinating the project. Of course, any client will prefer the services of that organization, which will take up the project and solve all issues with officials. Moreover, you can make good money on everything. Especially profitable given the warm relationship with the energy supervisor is the project approval service. For mere mortals, this process is a nightmare, and for those who have managed to properly establish interaction with regulatory authorities, everything is quite easy and simple. Regional organizations ask for 30, 000 rubles for a coordinated project for supplying electricity to an apartment.

There is one drawback in working with private individuals: at any time, the customer may want to transfer the socket or switch. And then the debate begins, how to pay for all this. Usually, a person who invites an electrician has a poor idea of ​​what he wants: where it is more convenient for him to place a switch, how many electrical appliances he is going to use in his kitchen. An experienced electrician can tell many stories about how many misunderstandings arose due to the uncertainty or variability of the client's desires.

If you work at the electrical installation of a cafe or a store, then you are guided by the agreed project, and any possible changes will hit the customer’s pocket, so that he will approach the planning of work with more seriousness.

Now let's talk about the room and transport.

First of all, the wiring organization needs a warehouse, but you need to store bays with cables somewhere. It is enough for someone for this empty garage, others prefer to invest in a more comfortable room. Theoretically, you can do without an office. The director and accountant are quite able to work at home, and it is better to meet with clients on their territory, so everyone is even more comfortable. Many small firms work this way.

The choice of transport should be taken seriously. You will have to transport a large amount of material, heavy tools that take up a lot of space, a ladder and several electricians. Passenger transport can not do. Do not forget that you will often need to travel to construction sites, and in rainy weather the area around them becomes a real swamp. So your working machine should be roomy and passable.

Finding a wholesale supplier of electrical products is easy. In any region there is a decent choice of organizations that will be glad to cooperate and even provide discounts to regular customers.

Certain expenses, as in any business, require advertising. The easiest way to post information on a working machine. Do not ignore newspapers and classified sites. Lay out flyers in the mailboxes of new buildings. Advertising in construction stores and electrical goods stores, on construction forums is very effective. But best of all, grateful customers will advertise you. It is in the hope of this advertisement that any electrician will again and again transfer the outlet to a capricious customer.

In the work of electrical organizations there is such a thing as a season. People in our country are accustomed to starting construction and repair in the warm season, so in the winter it can be a little simple, although if you work with relatively large facilities, this may not affect you.

Another issue is customer integrity. Beginning organizations fighting for their niche in the market are welcome to any client. Sometimes it happens that, having received a small prepayment, the electrical installation company may not wait for the main amount and remain at a loss. Customers hide, do not answer calls, and sometimes they even threaten, anything can happen. If you know that an entrepreneur who offers you an object is notorious for a person who does not repay debts, think well, is it better to look for another order? It also happens that a businessman suddenly has financial problems, he simply cannot pay for his work, and you have to wait several months to pay.

Despite the fact that in most cases the electrical installation business is cost-effective, get ready for the fact that you will have to incur losses in the first months. It’s better to start your own business at the beginning of the year, so that when the time comes to pay taxes, you can set everything up and make a profit.

Natalya Merkulova


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