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A few years ago in the Russian Federation a decision was made on the need to equip all vehicles with tachographs. This decision applies to buses with more than 20 passenger seats and freight vehicles, the permissible mass of which exceeds 15 tons.

This is due to the fact that the Russian Federation has acceded to the AETR international agreement. However, it was not possible to complete such serious modernizations by the indicated deadline, but this did not cancel the need to supply all vehicles that fall into these categories with tachographs in the coming years. Currently, this reform has been extended until 2016, which means that the tachograph installation business is a very good start, because the demand for such services will be more than ever.

But it is worth noting that such an undertaking is quite complicated from a legal point of view, because you need to get a license for your activity. But on the other hand, this area of ​​business in the garage is very weakly occupied, and even in large cities there are very few companies that offer the installation of tachographs. The limitation for starting such an enterprise is the need to have sufficient knowledge to carry out relatively complex installation, configuration (calibration) and maintenance work on tachographs. In addition, this kind of activity involves quite serious control by the state. Therefore, it can be said that an entrepreneur who, at the very beginning of a business, understands many subtleties and goes through more than one complicated registration procedure, can subsequently engage in a business that is practically devoid of competition and always has a fairly large flow of customers.

However, it is worth noting that it is only advisable to engage in such areas only in large cities, because customers do not install tachographs of their own accord, but because of legislation, a rare person will want to install a tachograph in his car directly for himself. Therefore, there will be no customers among the general population, they will become almost completely transport companies and car owners who rent them out or use them independently for cargo transportation. Therefore, in small cities there will be very few customers, and if the transport company is located in a small village, car service is usually carried out, if not independently, then in the nearest large city.

In order to start doing this kind of work, you first need to register as a business entity. To do this, you should contact your local tax authority, and preferably register as a legal entity - a limited liability company. It is in this case that a simplified taxation system will be available that will allow transferring in the state’s favor no more than 6 percent of revenues or 15 percent of operating profit. It is also important to correctly indicate the OKVED code, and such activity falls under the definition (OKPD 2) 45.20 Services for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. This legal issue will be the simplest, because after registration you need to start obtaining licenses.

Licensing of installation and maintenance services for tachographs is regulated by the Federal Law “On the Licensing of Certain Types of Activities” dated 08/18/2019 No. 99-ФЗ and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated April 16, 2012 No. 313 with an crazy name “On approval of the Regulation on licensing activities for the development, production of distribution of encryption (cryptographic) means, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using encryption (cryptographic) means, performance of work, rendering services in the field of information encryption, maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) means, information systems and telecommunication systems that are protected using encryption (cryptographic) means (unless the maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) means, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using encryption (cryptographic) means, it is carried out to ensure the own needs of a legal entity or individually th entrepreneur). ” These documents are required to be studied by an entrepreneur who is going to engage in this type of activity, but it can be noted right away that if you do not have to work with cryptographic systems, which in this case are special cards, but simply activate the already installed tachographs, then obtaining a license is not necessary. However, customers will expect a full range of services from the company, so it will not work out with one activation if there is a calculation for a large number of customers.

The main license for this type of activity is issued by the FSB, and it concerns obtaining the opportunity to work with security equipment. In order to be able to obtain this license, you need to have staff organizations that have received information security training, and these can be both employees with higher professional education and additional training, which lasted at least 500 academic hours. Also, the company should have a special register of cryptographic information protection means, and the equipment itself should be stored in a special room, provided with a burglar alarm with an access control and control system.

The FSB license is the main permission, but still not the only one that must be obtained to provide a full range of services. After the federal security service has registered the entrepreneur, you should contact the Ministry of Transport of Russia. After providing all the necessary documents, the organization will be included in a special list of workshops that carry out activities for the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of tachographs. The admission notice assigns the organization a special number by which it can be determined in case of any problems. The enterprise will be given a calibration table and a certificate, the first one necessary for work, the second one needed to be provided to customers and inspection bodies. In addition, if necessary, employees undergo a training program for installing tachographs and activating a cryptographic information protection unit. Only after obtaining all of these permits can a company's activities be lawful.

The business of installing tachographs is quite convenient to combine with another business for servicing passenger and freight vehicles. This is due to the fact that the installation of tachographs should also be carried out on a specially equipped area and for it it is also necessary to maintain its own garage for large-capacity vehicles. In this regard, a novice entrepreneur needs to find a fairly large platform on which to place a whole complex of car maintenance. The territory should include garages with access roads, as well as an administrative building, where not only organizational issues are resolved and negotiations are held, but cryptographic equipment is stored in special rooms and devices are set up and calibrated.

To save your own money, it is best to find a room with an adjacent territory on the outskirts of the city, because you have to rent a fairly large area for your needs. At the same time, for customers the location not in the city center can be called even more convenient due to the less busy traffic routes. Depending on the size of the territory, one or several garages can be equipped, but each of them will require a very large area, because it must contain a fairly large transport. Typically, such a territory occupies no less than a few ares of land, although an enterprise with one box can be located on a relatively small area.

Next, find employees to carry out the work. As already noted, it is necessary to hire competent specialists in information security, and it should be noted that in the labor market their services are highly valued, and professionals in this area can be difficult to find. The entrepreneur himself can do administrative work, negotiate with clients and receive them in his office. To service your company, you also need to hire a programmer who activates the already installed tachographs, because it goes through special programs. In addition to information security specialists, auto-masters who are versed in the electrical part of cars are directly involved in the installation of tachographs. All business processes not related to making a profit should be outsourced, and this includes the protection and protection of the entire enterprise. To do this, contact a private security organization that can provide round-the-clock surveillance of the facility.

The installation of tachographs consists of several sequential procedures, which include directly installing the tachograph car and then connecting it to all systems, so that the tachograph becomes part of the car, which monitors all parameters; activation of cryptographic information protection module through special software; creating a copy of the key with writing the code into the module block; product calibration and transfer of received data to the FSB. It is worth mentioning that at the moment only digital tachographs are allowed for installation, while many machines are equipped with analog devices that can be easily installed on machines that are not new, but are ubiquitous in transport companies. In this regard, tachograph incompatibility with car systems is often observed; many tachographs do not have the ability to read data from the standard devices of the car, for example, from speedometers, and therefore, the replacement of the latter is required.

In each specific case, the possibility of installing only one or another tachograph model individually is considered, while during the diagnosis the amount of necessary work is estimated. That is what becomes the price that the client must pay for the service provided. Currently, in Russia it is allowed to install only 8 models of tachographs, regardless of whether at least one can fit each specific car, so the car owner is sometimes forced to significantly change the device of the car for a particular tachograph. List of devices allowed for installation:

  1. "SHTRIH-TahoeRUS" SM 10018.08.2019-13;

  2. "KASBI DT-20M", production of KZTA;

  3. "Mercury TA-001", production Incoteks;

  4. "DTCO 3283" trademark VDO;

  5. TCA-02NK, manufactured by Izmeritel-Avto CJSC;

  6. "Drive 5", production of ATOL;

  7. "SHTRIH-TahoeRUS" SM 118.08.2019.00.14;

  8. EFAS V2 RUS, manufactured by INTELLIK RUS LLC

Currently, some companies that are already installing tachographs and have all the necessary permissions, offer cooperation similar to working on a franchise. This allows you to significantly save on the start, as well as to avoid lengthy procedures for obtaining licenses. However, in this case, you will have to follow the instructions of the parent company in your activity. But in most cases it is much more profitable to work independently, because you will not have to make any contributions to a third-party company and obey other people's requirements. But even in this case, sufficient attention should be paid to the advertising campaign, even if there is not a high level of competition in the region of work.

For these purposes, it is best to create your own website on which you can fully provide information about the company, about the services offered, indicate prices, and if the company is engaged in any other work, then its own Internet portal will be a very important tool for promoting the company on the market . The cost of creating and promoting a site can reach 100 thousand rubles, depending on the subject, content of the site and the level of competition in the region, but optimization in this area should not be very expensive. In addition to creating and maintaining an online resource, one can advertise in the local media. For this, placement of information on radio and television is suitable, although in most cases such advertising will not justify the funds invested in it.

Many tachograph installation companies offer their customers not only the service itself, but also the device, and the client is interested in this, because he no longer needs to buy a device, select it and check it. It should be noted that the work itself is much cheaper for the client than the tachograph itself. The cost of these devices may differ depending on the manufacturers and models, as well as on the margin chosen by the installation company; although there are companies that sell devices to their customers at cost. In fact, the client has little choice if he is going to install a tachograph for legitimate work in transport, and not for himself - because he only has 8 models available.

The cost of digital tachographs starts at about thirty thousand rubles, but due to constant changes in the legislation, the prices of tachographs recommended by the Ministry of Transport of Russia can rise sharply in a very short time. Typically, tachograph installation companies pre-purchase several devices in order to be able to offer them to their customers immediately. This is due to the fact that quite often a manufacturer can supply products only to order.

The cost of the installation itself is determined depending on the list of works, which include the direct installation of the tachograph on the dashboard, laying electrical wiring and a signal cable to the speed sensor, replacing the speedometer if necessary, calibration, sealing and many additional small works, the need for which is determined only in each case. At the same time, the client pays the cost of the card, which ultimately leads to a total cost of installing a tachograph of approximately 45-50 thousand rubles, but the organization’s income is 10-15 thousand.

Considering that a large number of entrepreneurs will equip their cars, one can expect quite a serious profit in this area of ​​business. However, it should be borne in mind that the installation of a tachograph with all repair, calibration technical work, as well as the subsequent registration of the tachograph and the transfer of information about it to the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Transport, can take up to one month, which the entrepreneur must remember and what he must inform his to the customer.

We can say that this line of business has quite serious prospects, because until 2016, the fleet of each motor transport enterprise will be supplied with tachographs as an emergency. Subsequently, the installation of tachographs will also be in great demand, because in connection with international agreements, the Russian government is unlikely to cancel the mandatory installation of these devices. Therefore, the work of the company to install tachographs will always be.

Matthias Laudanum

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