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A pub serving beer is an institution with special energy. This story, although alcoholic, is kind; youthful, but intelligent; European, but not pathos. In other words, a brasserie is a triumph of the idea of ​​liberalism with a clear example. If this idea is close to you somewhere, and if you yourself have already seen enough of the same, but foreign institutions in the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, and also in Russia too - start this business.

Seat selection

To begin with, the area of ​​the trading floor should be at least 50 squares, otherwise they will not be given a license to sell strong alcoholic beverages. This is just in case.

But success depends, first of all, on where your institution will be located. It should be located in those places where a) they serve and b) your potential visitors relax. In the second head, success will consist of how the interior of your favorite place will be. Because here lies one nuance: beer lovers have different beer lovers. Each social group consumes a variety of beers in quality and price. Which contingent will flood you depends, thirdly, on the nature of the advertising campaign.

Regarding the method of choosing a room, experts are unanimous that renting is most profitable. A reasonable step is to conclude a lease agreement with KUGI, because rental rates of private companies are much more expensive.

The water cycle in nature

The first one. Restaurateur of the future beer restaurant, do not forget: your establishment has a spicy specificity! This means that powerful "professional" toilets with high traffic of the customer line and always clean should be built in it. It is unacceptable to create a tail from boys and girls shifting upside down, waiting for happiness to get to the only toilet in the room! No, your institution will work. But people who respect themselves (and therefore know how to respect others) will leave you very soon, contemptuously shrugging their shoulders. After two months, as if by magic, the social composition of your clientele will change - you will be visited only by marginals. This means that your original and expensive kitchen will be wasted, the average bill will become cheaper, as only salty crackers will be bought, and the room will smoke like a smoked ham. In addition, those whose courtyards your client will adapt to the urinal will start filing complaints against you.

Further. If you are going to brew live beer right at your place (and now it is fashionable and will soon turn into such a restaurant must-have), then your main task is multi-stage filtration of drinking water. Think about how the room and the water supply meet this requirement.


The tower performs an aesthetic role, being sometimes the main element of the interior. They are porcelain, metal “cobras” - in the form of a large flat head of a snake, ceramic, plastic, wooden, of any kind, size and configuration for 2, 6, 10, 12 beers. The market for bottling equipment for beer is represented extremely widely by foreign and domestic manufacturers. Today, breweries supply their equipment to beer restaurants for free. But with a prerequisite to sell only their beer. On your own equipment you can sell any volumes of different types of beer. If you want creative freedom, you should buy a tower and a cooler yourself.

In addition to beer

Briefly and clearly. When compiling a menu, rely on a business lunch.

And finally.

In order to avoid bad taste and template do not make other people's mistakes:

1. Put decorative candles on the table in the brasserie only when an accident at the substation occurs in the entire area and your light turns off;

2. In general, do not confuse the aesthetics of a beer establishment with the aesthetics of a wine cellar. To do this, go to a wine restaurant, remember what is there and do not use in the design of your interior;

3. Do not try to portray conditional Czech Republic or Germany. Mills, masonry, tile roofs, and Bavarian national costumes, cloned throughout the city, can bring even the most good-natured man in the street to boredom.

Elena Nazarenko


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