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Our regular readers often turn to us with questions about how to implement this or that idea presented on the 1000 Ideas portal . Therefore, we decided to launch a new series of articles that describe how in Russian conditions it is possible to implement many projects that work successfully abroad.

Window business - a profitable investment?

The production and installation of plastic windows is perhaps one of the most common types of business. According to the Association of Energy Efficient Window Manufacturers (APROK), in our country there are over 600 enterprises that annually produce about 4 million square meters of windows. It is plastic windows that are most popular among entrepreneurs, which is due to their long service life, high sound insulation, resistance to sudden temperature changes, wear resistance and good thermal insulation.

At the same time, despite the huge number of companies that provide services for the production and installation of windows, demand for them remains high. But if you want your company to survive in this market and occupy its niche, approach the issue of opening your own business as responsibly as possible. First of all, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan, which will indicate information about the new enterprise, characteristics of products and services that will be provided to customers. Do not forget to conduct a study of the plastic window market in your region, as well as analyze the trends in its development in our country and abroad. This will help you find your competitive advantage and increase your chances of success.

Indeed, in addition to the popular segment of PVC windows, the market of wooden windows, which are considered more environmentally friendly, beautiful and reliable, deserves no less attention, which, of course, affects their price. The demand for wooden windows is not as high as the demand for plastic windows, but the profit from their sale is much higher.

There are modern plastic windows, which are still unknown in our country, but have already interested manufacturers abroad. These include, for example, the No Edge Window model - the invention of designers Jin Juhno and Woo Seula, which won the design competition and received the prestigious Red Dot Award. No Edge Window differs from ordinary window frames ... the absence of a window sill and the special convex design of all internal elements. Unlike a conventional double-glazed window, such a window practically does not collect dust and is easily wiped with a rag.

So, in order for a young company to outperform its stronger competitors, it must offer its potential customers either an original product (a unique offer) or lower prices (this is only possible if you produce products yourself and not resell them ), or higher quality. By the way, the instability of product quality is one of the main problems of domestic manufacturers. If we are talking about expensive windows for luxury residential complexes or offices of large companies, then such orders, in most cases, go to foreign enterprises.

Window views

Window production includes three main areas: production of windows from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), from wood or aluminum. Aluminum structures are less in demand than double-glazed windows made of wood or PVC. Each of these types of windows has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, they all have something in common. In particular, the unchanging component of any windows is a double-glazed window - a special design of several glasses that are connected along the perimeter by durable rubber seals and a sealed thin-walled metal frame. Inside the glass there is air of low humidity, which prevents fogging of the glass in the cold season. To enhance the effect, a special moisture-absorbing powder is added inside, which absorbs water vapor. Sometimes instead of air, argon is pumped or pressure is reduced inside the glass packet. In the latter case, additional small spacers are installed so that the windows do not push inwards.

The number of glass in the glass may vary. The more there are, the more reliable the window is considered. A single-chamber double-glazed window is equipped with two glasses, two-chamber - three, and three-chamber - four (or glass plus a double-glazed window). Moreover, the thickness of the glass can also fluctuate. Standard single-chamber models come in 20, 24 and 32 mm thicknesses, and two-chamber models - 42 mm thick. In some cases, thicker glasses are installed by customer order. In this case, the glass and fittings themselves, as a rule, do not depend on the type of model.

Glasses for most double-glazed windows of Russian production are purchased at the Borsky and Saratov plants. Accessories are often brought from Germany. Window fittings manufactured by Roto Frank, Winkhaus, Aubi, Schuko, Siegenia, GU (Germany), Maco (Austria) are widespread. Also use the accessories of Italian and Turkish manufacturers. The most important component of a metal-plastic window is a PVC profile. In our country, the profiles of German manufacturers are most popular. For example, such as Rehau, KBE, Plustek, Schuko, Gealan, Veka, Brugmann, Trocal, Artec, Kemmerling.

There are several different types of profiles. So, experts distinguish between a frame profile, an impost, a glazing bead, a profile for the sash. Wooden windows are divided into two main types - the euro window and the Finnish window. This division is rather arbitrary, since there are designs of wooden windows developed by various Russian manufacturers.

How to evaluate the quality of the window? First of all, a high-quality window provides good sound insulation, retains heat and does not interfere with heat transfer. In our country, to assess the heat-shielding characteristics of metal-plastic structures, a value is used that denotes the heat transfer resistance Ro (the inverse of the thermal conductivity coefficient k, which is used in DIN standards). According to some standards, this indicator should be at least 0.55 m2 ° C / W for windows and balcony doors. The key factors that influence the heat-shielding characteristics of a window are its size, cross-section of the frame and sash, type of glazing, window block material, number and location of seals. Sound insulation characteristics depend on the thickness of the air gap and the permeability of the joints.

Production of plastic windows

So, what is required to organize the production of PVC windows? First of all, this is the premises, equipment and materials. The area of ​​the premises and the production capacity of the purchased equipment directly depend on the planned production volumes (which, in turn, are determined by the sales market and demand). The room where the entire production cycle of metal-plastic windows will be carried out should be spacious (at least 60 square meters, optimally 200 square meters), well ventilated and heated. The minimum ceiling height should be three meters.

A full set of equipment for the production of metal-plastic windows from Russian companies will cost about $ 75, 000. Production lines of Western companies will cost much more - from $ 90, 000. However, many experienced entrepreneurs who work in this segment started their business with amounts less - from $ 10, 000, purchasing minimal equipment and some finished components from larger manufacturers.

To start the production of windows you will need the following materials and accessories: PVC profile, double-glazed windows, fittings and gaskets. Since high quality is one of the main conditions for the prosperity of your business, when purchasing materials, give preference to products of German, Austrian, Turkish and Italian manufacturers. They are considered the most reliable and, of course, are quite expensive. If you buy materials not in a general batch, but in a small amount, then the profile will cost you about $ 5-8 per meter, a set of accessories can be purchased for $ 15-30, an amplifier - at least $ 1.5, a sealant - from $ 0.5 per meter.

The search for premises, the purchase of equipment and materials are, of course, important tasks in organizing our own production of metal-plastic windows. However, not the only ones. People who will work at your enterprise are of great importance. These should be qualified specialists with extensive experience. In particular, you will need a chief technologist (this specialist should know in detail the process of manufacturing PVC windows and double-glazed windows, be able to assemble a window and perform the necessary calculations), which will control the work of other employees. Also, shift masters (at least 3-4 people) will be needed, whose responsibilities include monitoring work and checking product quality. The process engineer is engaged in the maintenance of equipment, is responsible for the electrician and hydraulics. The storekeeper is engaged in the receipt and shipment of goods from the warehouse.

Finally, you will need employees who will deal with the delivery and installation of windows, take orders, look for suppliers and partners, place advertisements, etc. Some of these duties can be performed by one person (for example, a secretary can receive calls, communicate with customers and engage in advertising in the media). But it’s definitely not worth saving on whom, it’s on sales managers, because your future income directly depends on their skill. According to forecasts, it can be up to 120-300 thousand rubles a month in favorable cases.

The manufacturing process of a double-glazed window consists of several stages: preparation, assembly, secondary sealing and quality control. The technology for the production of PVC profiles involves cutting the profile, cutting and installing fittings, milling drainage grooves and cross members, making grooves and holes for fittings, welding, cleaning corners, installing fittings.

Window installation services

If you do not have sufficient capital and / or knowledge to organize your own production of PVC windows, you can start small - with the provision of window installation services. In this case, investments are much more modest. The cost of the window itself is paid by the customer, and you only have to complete the installation work. Profit in this format of work will be less, since the competition among firms that provide window installation services is very high. In addition, almost all window manufacturing companies also offer their customers installation assistance. And here also the success of your company depends on the quality of work.

The cost of dismantling old windows and installing new ones is about 10% of the total window cost. This figure may be greater if, for example, you also provide services for the decoration of slopes. The following information is provided on various sites to determine the potential profits of companies providing window installation services. The average cost of an order from one apartment is about 30-45 thousand rubles. Moreover, the full amount of work takes an average of two days. It is easy to calculate the number of orders that you need to get the desired profit. For installation work, you will need the following tools: hammer drill, screwdriver, tape measure and level. To transport windows, you need a Gazelle car with a pyramid mount.

Learning all the wisdom of installation is not difficult, because almost every representative office of Western companies that are engaged in the production of profiles offers training services for employees. The big problem in this business is staff turnover, therefore, as a rule, two or three people work in each team, including an intern. The latter receives less than the rest of the installers until they pass the training.

A significant expense item of such companies is advertising. Experts advise you to purchase several types of window systems at once, so that you can offer customers several options at once. The window installation business is seasonal. The largest number of orders falls on the period from May to October, which also must be taken into account when opening a company

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