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Today in Ukraine there are about 1000 companies that are engaged in the assembly and installation of roller blinds. This business attracts investors with a low threshold of entry, relatively high profitability (30-50%) and quick payback (up to six months).

The first blinds appeared in France 500 years ago. Translated from French, "shutters" means "jealousy." According to legend, jealous husbands hid behind the blinds of their wives from prying eyes. Blinds not only stood the test of time, but today have become an integral element of the interior. Not only highly specialized companies are engaged in their active promotion, but also curtain salons and design studios.

Private customers predominate among customers, but there are also corporate customers. Blinds are ordered by government agencies, and hairdressers, and banks, and travel agencies. An important detail: if earlier the market grew mainly due to buyers with a heavy wallet, now the main client is a consumer with middle and lower than average income levels.

As for the taste preferences of customers, it is difficult to characterize them. Everyone chooses, based on financial capabilities and, of course, in accordance with the interior. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from. The most expensive blinds from light wood and bamboo - from $ 70 per 1 sq. m. The cheapest option - fabric blinds - from $ 8-10 per 1 sq. m. But they are the least practical, since they must be washed, for which you first need to disassemble the canvas. Moreover, you can’t wash them at home, and therefore some installation companies offer such a service as repair and cleaning of blinds. For "washing" the windows of the family hearth you will have to pay at least $ 50. In addition to traditional options, manufacturers can offer a creative approach - to put a picture on the curtains, for example, a seascape or a birch grove.

The price of roller blinds is the sum of the cost of the canvas, box assembly and guides. The final cost of roller shutter is determined by the area of ​​the protective sheet and the profile used. For example, the price of an aluminum profile with a size of 19 mm is almost three times higher than an aluminum profile with a size of 8.5 mm. The cost of window blinds of the minimum size with manual control averages $ 120, the price of the same automatic blinds with a minimum set of accessories is about 2.5 times higher. The price of installation work is approximately 10-15% of the order value.

According to the players of this market, there is always a demand for their products, both in winter and in summer. Although in summer, of course, demand is higher. It is distributed as follows: horizontal blinds - 40%, vertical - 30%, protective blinds and mosquito nets - 15% each,

In Ukraine, there is one plant that produces blinds, while the rest of the market participants buy equipment for their assembly. At the same time, components can be either of Ukrainian or European origin, or imported from countries of Southeast Asia - Thailand and China. The quality of the latter leaves much to be desired, but the price pleasantly surprises. Nevertheless, experts advise choosing products of European production. She is out of competition.

A set of equipment for assembling horizontal blinds costs $ 45 thousand, for assembling vertical blinds - cheaper. Such a kit can pay off in four to five months.

If the company does not plan to engage in assembly, but intends to build its business exclusively on installation (there are some), then the initial investment in organizing the business will amount to $ 20 thousand. Of these, $ 5 thousand will go for repair and equipment of the office, $ 1 thousand for purchase tool, about $ 10 thousand for the purchase of a car and the remaining $ 4-6 thousand for advertising.

Large players prefer strip ads, while small players happily accept small modules the size of matchboxes. Beginners also do not disdain spam mailings - both on the Internet and using traditional mail services.

But not only advertising is the sales engine, a lot depends on sales managers who should be able to find a common language with any client. In addition to sellers, a mid-sized company should have a director, an accountant, a meter and two installers. Moreover, with the employment of the latter (gauges, installers) in Ukraine there are big problems. The main scourge of the blue-collar workers is alcohol, which affects the quality of work and the reputation of the company.

Future plans for Ukrainian Saami entrepreneurs are rosy. They expect increased demand and higher prices for their products. Indeed, more and more Ukrainians are willing to live in comfort and are willing to pay for this comfort.

Based on an article by Andrey Olshevsky for the magazine Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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