Mobile coffee shop business plan

* The calculations use the average data for the World

Business in mobile coffee houses is easy to master, and you can conduct it alone. Investments in the opening of the point will amount to about 700 thousand rubles, which can be recouped 10 months after the start.

1. Summary of the project

The goal of this project is the opening of a mobile coffee shop or a coffee shop on wheels for the sale of natural grain coffee to the population of more than 1 million people. A mobile coffee shop is a car equipped with special equipment for making coffee and working according to the principle of the “coffee with you” format. The target audience of the mobile coffee house is people who have a habit of drinking coffee on the go: students, office workers, schoolchildren, etc. The advantage of a mobile coffee shop is its low starting investment, the absence of spending on real estate, and a quick return to payback.

The sold goods of the mobile coffee shop are coffee (the main product), other hot drinks and related foods. The range of coffee consists of:

  1. Espresso coffee;

  2. Coffee "Americano;

  3. Cappuccino coffee;

  4. Mocha;

  5. Latte.

Investments in the opening will amount to 724, 000 rubles. The project is planned to be implemented at its own expense. The payback period of investments is 10 months. The financial calculations of this business plan were carried out for a five-year period of work, taking into account seasonality indicators, the growth of coffee shop recognition over time. The preparatory period for the project will be 1.5 months.

* during peak months of sales

2. Description of the industry and company

Mobile coffee houses are coffee houses, where coffee is prepared from a non-stationary premises. Most often, a mobile coffee shop is called a coffee shop on wheels, for example, a coffee shop, a coffee shop in the form of a van, a mobile trailer, etc. A similar type of activity began to appear in Russia recently, and it came from the USA and Europe. The industry, to which mobile coffee houses belong, call the market "coffee with you." This concept means not only mobile coffee houses, but also stationary express points - all kinds of tents, pavilions, islands in shopping centers, issuing windows, etc. The essence of their work is quite simple. With the help of a coffee machine, an employee of the mini-coffee (barista) fulfills the cooking order, and after a couple of minutes the customer receives a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Typically, mini-coffee houses begin to work from 7 am, when large establishments are not yet open, and the main stream of customers gets to work. Mini-coffee houses are located in crowded places, since the main calculation of such establishments is made on an impulse purchase, that is, "saw-wanted-bought."

The goal of this project is to open a mobile coffee shop based on the Fiat Doblo car to sell hot drinks to the city's population of more than 1 million people. The mobile coffee shop will be a Fiat Doblo car equipped with special equipment for making coffee. The principle of the institution - "coffee with you." Sale will be conducted in a street format on the busy places of the city. In addition to coffee drinks, it is planned to trade in hot chocolate, tea, as well as related foods - sweets and pastries.

Form of incorporation of a mobile coffee shop - IP. As a tax system, a simplified scheme (STS) was chosen. The object of taxation is the income received (6%). All the main functions of management, organization and direct trade are performed by the owner.

3.Description of goods

The main sold product of the mobile coffee shop is natural grain coffee, which is prepared using a coffee machine installed in the car. The list of products sold by the mobile coffee shop, as well as the retail price, are given in Table. 1. In this business plan, the most popular coffee drinks, as well as other hot drinks (tea, hot chocolate) and additives (syrup, cream) are taken as the basis of the proposed assortment. The drinks are sold in disposable cups of various volumes (50 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml., 200 ml., 300 ml.). For the convenience of customers and to prevent spillage of drinks, coffee cups have special lids.

Table 1. List of goods

The above list does not include some products that will be sold additionally in a mobile coffee shop (bakery and confectionery, sweets). The most acceptable assortment is planned to be determined in the process of activity. In addition, the coffee shop menu will vary slightly depending on the season. So in the summer, customers will additionally be offered iced tea and other soft drinks. In the autumn-winter period, the main rate will be on hot drinks.

Trading coffee using a mobile coffee shop will require permits. Firstly, it is necessary to register a business as an individual entrepreneur and register with the tax service. Secondly, it will be necessary to obtain an opinion from Rospotrebnadzor for equipment, a certificate for coffee and other products, as well as a permit for retail trade. You will also need documents for the premises where the mobile coffee shop will be stored, documents required by the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, and a derogation from the seller. The problem is that the regulation of such a business is not clearly spelled out in Russian legislation, which means that unforeseen difficulties may arise, for example, parking in a certain place may require additional permissions.

4. Sales and marketing

Coffee is considered the second most popular drink in the world after water and is rightly considered a daily product. In the institution planned for opening, the main service will be the sale of coffee with you. Coffee with you or coffee "to go" today is an indispensable attribute of modern life, which allows a person to enjoy natural coffee along the way anywhere, and with minimal time costs. The basic requirements of coffee shoppers with themselves can be expressed simply: “fast and tasty.” There you can add the word "cheap", since the street format implies the utmost accessibility. The main buyers of mobile coffee houses are people who want to drink coffee on the go, without spending a lot of time and money on it in cafes or restaurants. It can be office workers, students, schoolchildren and other categories of the population.

According to a RosIndex study by Synovate Comcon, the share of coffee consumers among the population over 16 years of age living in cities from 100 thousand people over the past few years has been at the level of 56-58%. Most coffee is consumed in megacities - 63% of the population. Despite the fact that every second resident of Russia drinks instant coffee, every year more and more fans become at the coffee beans. The trend is especially well observed in cities with a population of one million people. So in Moscow for a five-year period (from 2010 to 2014), the share of lovers of grain and ground coffee increased from 34% to 36%, while the number of lovers of instant coffee fell from 59% to 54%. The number of universal coffee lovers who prefer several types of coffee is also increasing.

The competitive advantage of a mobile coffee shop is the low price of coffee for a millionaire city, a wide range of coffee drinks and syrups for them. In addition, as an advantage, it is planned to make the location of the coffee shop with a high level of traffic and good visibility for customers. The main ways of advertising an institution is advertising on the surface of the car body, which can be stored in memory even at those times when the coffee shop does not work (for example, when approaching a place) and does not require constant expenses for placement. Secondly, this is a branded tableware with an original pattern on a disposable cup for a drink.

In addition, it is planned to use musical accompaniment to attract customers, and as a bonus to purchase and increase loyalty - the distribution of sweets, loyalty promotions (every sixth cup of coffee is free). As an additional income, a mobile coffee shop can be used at city and corporate holidays, birthdays, graduations, at sporting events and festivals.

5. Production plan

It is planned to use parking lots near major supermarkets and shopping centers, intersections of major pedestrian streets, parking lots near educational institutions, office centers and other busy places as the main places for trade. At the start of the work, the process of choosing a place occurs empirically by moving and searching for the most optimal option. The choice of location is carried out according to the following criteria:

  1. The level of daily customer traffic;

  2. The presence / absence of competitors;

  3. Sales.

After choosing the most successful option, the location changes as little as possible. Buyers should get used to the opportunity to purchase coffee at a given point in the city. The work of the mobile coffee shop will begin at 7 a.m., the length of the working day and work days (5 days a week) will be determined depending on the level of traffic. At night, the coffee machine will be driven into its own garage box.

To create a mobile coffee shop, it is planned to purchase a car equipped with all necessary equipment. A specialized coffee house on wheels based on a Fiat Doblo Cargo car worth 630 thousand rubles will be purchased from a specialized company. Car 2011 release, has a high roof, diesel with a consumption of 5 liters., Sliding door, a set of wheels with rubber. The machine is equipped with a new coffee machine with factory gas and auto-cappuccino machine, a coffee grinder, a freezer, there is the necessary gas equipment, a solar battery, etc. In fact, the coffee shop was built on a turnkey basis, which minimizes the starting time and material costs, since a new car of this brand without equipment will cost at least 700 thousand rubles. Additional expenses consist only in the need to paint the car - applying graphic advertising to attract customers. Auto branding services in an advertising agency will cost 10 thousand rubles. (at the rate of 2 thousand rubles per sq. meter). Total investments in equipment will amount to 640 thousand rubles.

It is planned to engage in the sale of drinks individually, combining the duties of a barista with driver functions. Due to the lack of experience in the field of commercial coffee preparation, it is planned to take an individual barista training course (theory and practice) worth 4 thousand rubles. The duration of the training course will be 6 hours.

The basis of current spending is the purchase of raw materials and products - primarily coffee, milk, sugar and water. To conduct trading, you will need supplies, namely: fuel for the coffee car (DT consumption - 5 liters), disposable branded coffee cups, lids for cups, napkins. Consumables for the coffee machine and equipment (filters, gas, etc.) are also needed.

6. Organizational plan

The preparatory phase, taking into account the registration of the business, paperwork and the necessary permits, the purchase and preparation of the car will be 1.5 months. All the main responsibilities in the initial period of activity are assigned to the owner. Further, as the business develops, accumulating the necessary experience and accumulating resources for working in the coffee shop, it is planned to attract one or two employees.

7.Financial plan

Investment costs for starting a business will amount to 724 thousand rubles. This amount includes the purchase of an equipped coffee machine and its branding (640 thousand rubles), registration of permits - 20 thousand rubles, working capital of the investment period - 40 thousand rubles, a training course for barista - 4 thousand rubles, other expenses - 20 thousand rubles.

The main expenses include the purchase of raw materials and products, consumables (cups, lids, napkins), fuels and lubricants, depreciation of fixed assets and other expenses including maintenance, mandatory car insurance, and transport tax. Detailed indicators of the planned revenue, profit, costs, cash flow are indicated in Appendix 1 of this business plan. The calculations take into account factors of seasonality of demand with a drop in sales in the summer season, a growth factor in the popularity of the coffee car over time in connection with the "getting used" of customers to its location. To obtain the most realistic indicators, the maximum allowable number of units sold (hot drinks) is set to 167 pcs. per day, provided that every fifth buyer of coffee orders syrup and cream.

8. Evaluation of project effectiveness

The project payback period will be 10 months. Discounted payback period - 11 months. The performance indicators of the coffee house for a five-year period are given in Table. 2. When it comes to payback, retail coffee prices can be increased up to 5% without serious consequences for demand.

Table 2. Project performance indicators

* during peak months of sales

9. Risks and warranties

As can be seen from the above calculations (see Appendix 1), a mobile coffee shop is a cost-effective and quick-paying business with a high level of liquidity. The main risk is associated with a successful location, which directly affects the amount of revenue and the success of the whole business. Correct pricing policy, high quality products, convenient work schedule will help minimize risks. The prevailing market conditions can also be called a favorable factor - the consumption of grain coffee in Russia is growing, and the market for “coffee with you” is still far from saturation. Risk analysis and prevention measures are discussed in Table. 3

Table 3. Assessment of project risks and measures to prevent their occurrence or their consequences

10. Applications

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