Money account: how to open a school of mental arithmetic

* The calculations use average data for the World 300, 000 ₽

Starting investments

250000 ₽


₽ 130, 000

Net profit

5-7 months

Payback period

The school of mental arithmetic is a demanded and stable business. 300 thousand rubles are enough to start, which will pay off within six months. How to earn 100 thousand rubles per month on accounts?

Business in continuing education for children has always been a lucrative idea. This technique has existed for a long time, but in Russia such classes for children began to gain popularity only in 2015. But the school of mental arithmetic experienced a real boom in 2016-2017. Today, mental arithmetic is one of the main directions of additional education for children.

This business is suitable for both experienced and novice entrepreneurs. No special skills and education required. But without what you can’t start a business, it’s without start-up capital. The minimum investment amount is 300 thousand rubles. This type of business brings not only income, but also benefits people. The demand for services is growing every month, so the entrepreneur has every chance to pay back the initial investment in a few months.

Relevance and features of the business

According to statistics, today 8.6 million students in schools and kindergartens in Russia attend one or more circles of continuing education. Demand for such services is growing annually. The education market is developing dynamically and is ready to accept new participants. In many cities, competition in this niche is not great.

Mental arithmetic is a technique for the harmonious development of a child with the help of special exercises on ancient accounts (abacus) and the practice of quick oral calculation. It is most important for parents to develop independence, responsibility, attentiveness, confidence, memory, speed of thinking and curiosity in their children. Quality data and methodology develops. Therefore, parents willingly give their children to study in schools of mental arithmetic.

Even during the crisis, the segment of private children's education feels quite confident. Most parents believe that children should not be saved, and therefore do not plan to stop spending on their development and education. The business idea will be especially relevant for medium and large cities. Because the average check for such a service is from 3.5 to 7 thousand rubles, it depends on the region. In small cities, you will have to lower the price tag to attract customers.

But before starting a business from scratch, you need to weigh the pros and cons, assess the competition and the demand for services in your city.

We study competitors and consumer demand

We start the study by calculating the number of your competitors in the city. Where to get the information from? The services of 2GIS, Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, etc. will help. You can go to the site of large companies that develop a franchise network - and check if there is a representative office in your city. So you will appreciate the level of competition and the location of schools.

To study consumer demand, you can turn to city forums, check on Yandex.Statistics the number of queries “school of mental arithmetic ... (your city)”. Another option is to request data on district statistics in the passport office. In extreme cases, you can use the Roskomstat website and find the information yourself. If the competition in your city is low, but there is a demand for services, you can go further.

How to get a school of mental arithmetic

One of the most popular questions is whether an educational license is needed for such an activity? Not. Schools of mental arithmetic are considered a leisure center for a short stay of children, and not an educational institution.

Therefore, the procedure for registering a business will be standard. As a legal form, it is recommended to choose LLC. The code of activity according to OKVED 2: 96.09 The provision of other personal services not included in other groups.

What room is needed for the school

It is advisable to open your school in the city center or in a large microdistrict - your target audience, families with small children lives there. In schools of mental arithmetic, children aged 5 to 14 years are taught. In addition, infrastructure in the area should be established. It should be foreseen that the facade of the building with the school sign is clearly visible from the street.

Requirements for the premises of the school:

  • area of ​​about 30 sq.m. According to the norms, the area of ​​the premises should be 2.5 sq.m. on student

  • windows, natural light, all communications

  • an opportunity to divide space into separate rooms: two or three classes, a reception zone, a dignity. knot. If desired, you can equip a room for staff and a waiting room.

If you plan to further develop the school and add other services, then it is better to foresee this at the stage of choosing a room. Additional courses will require an increase in area. The rental price is 30 and 40 sq.m. the difference is small, but these 10 sq.m. in the future can bring you much more profit.

Do not forget about the benefits

The state supports the field of continuing education. There are various benefits and subsidies that can apply to the creation of a private institution and the rental of premises, the use of premises that belong to the municipality.

For example, in some regions there are special preferential rental programs for municipal premises for representatives of the private sector of pre-school education or social entrepreneurship. Therefore, be sure to clarify all options for state support of your business in your region.

What equipment is needed for classes

In one class there are 3-4 desks, a rack, a cooler with water, 10 chairs, a magnetic whiteboard, a laptop, abacus and textbooks. You will also need to purchase an office.

School staff

Many employees will not be required. There will be enough 2 teachers on the mental account, an administrator and a cleaning lady.

No license is required for teaching mental arithmetic. But it is desirable that teachers have certificates of completion of the relevant courses. This is important for parents who bring their children to school.

For your school of mental arithmetic to be successful, the level of professionalism of teachers must be very high. Therefore, it is important to provide employees with professional training. Free video tutorials and manuals available on the network will not work. So there are two ways out: either look for teachers with experience, lure employees from competitors; or engage in personal training.

Where to study a teacher of mental arithmetic? At special courses, distance learning from experts, through network companies. But it is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of methods and programs of mental arithmetic. And teachers should take courses on the program that is supposed to work with children. In accordance with this, training materials will be acquired.

Services of the school of mental arithmetic

At the start, it is advisable to focus on the main activity - the training of mental arithmetic. But for a successful business, it is necessary to develop and expand the range of services.

For example, you can offer individual lessons for children. Many parents prefer to have their child engaged individually. For such classes, it is better to allocate a separate small room or a specific class time.

It is also beneficial to open other circles of further education. This can be tutoring in mathematics, preparation for the exam, a foreign language course, speed reading, preparing preschoolers for grade 1, etc.

How much money do you need to open

The minimum amount that you will need to start is 300 thousand rubles. This money will go to rent, furnishings, purchase of training kits and launch an advertising company.

It is also worth planning monthly maintenance costs. They amount, on average, to 120 thousand rubles and consist of:

  • The rent for the premises is from 20 to 40 thousand rubles (depending on the region, in Moscow - St. Petersburg an order of magnitude higher)

  • Wage Fund - 80 thousand rubles

  • Other: taxes, utility bills, etc. - 20 thousand rubles.

These are approximate amounts. And for more accurate calculations, it is better to draw up your business plan. So you can estimate the income and expenses of the project in the conditions of your region.

How much can you earn on mental arithmetic

When calculating school profits, you need to consider that business is seasonally dependent. The peak of attendance is in September and February, and the decline in activity is in July. Therefore, profits will be uneven throughout the year.

Profit also greatly depends on the location of the school, as this determines its attendance.

On average, 4 groups of 5-7 people study at one day in a school. A small school can train 50 people. The cost of one subscription per month is 3-7 thousand rubles (depending on the region). This means that revenue will amount to 150-350 thousand rubles per month. Individual lessons will cost more and make up additional income.

Total, on average, the school’s monthly earnings will amount to 250 thousand rubles. Then the profit is 130 thousand rubles. With an initial investment of 300 thousand rubles, the business will pay off in 5-7 months.

How to advertise school

Mental arithmetic has gained such popularity thanks to properly built marketing. The main idea of ​​the promotion was to promise tangible learning outcomes. And many parents willingly led their children to such schools. Due to this, the centers of mental arithmetic have occupied a significant part of the niche of additional education.

Advertising in this area is a sales engine. Tell people about yourself, convey to them what your business benefits, convince them that they need your services. How can I do that?

  • Create a website and a group in social. networks. There you can post information about educational materials, a training program, a portfolio of teachers, school hours and more. Read about how to come up with ideas for posts here.

  • Start advertising in the regional media: you can attract groups to the social. networks, newspapers, radio.

  • Tell about yourself in the schools and kindergartens of your city, place a brochure so that parents receive information.

  • You can advertise in elevators or in mailboxes.

At the end

The school of mental arithmetic is an actual direction in additional education, which will become an excellent business for you. To open such a business is possible for both a beginner, and even more so an experienced entrepreneur. Now the market competition is not so high, so there is a place for a new participant.

Business is able to bring more than 100 thousand rubles a month. Having opened your school of mental arithmetic, you will not only begin a profitable and socially significant business. I wish you success!

Evgenia Yurkina

(c) - a portal to business plans and guidelines for starting a small business 08/18/2019

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