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Today you can all natural and environmentally friendly and healthy. Due to the steady tendency of modern consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food, the demand for such products as muesli is growing. This means that breakfast cereal producers can still find “their place in the sun” and earn a lot of money.

Organization of the production of muesli is a rather expensive and difficult project. Therefore, to begin work in this direction should only be objectively assessing their potential. The main components of the success of the muesli enterprise are high quality products, as well as the creation of a brand and its promotion to the state of the brand.

Muesli Production: Money

The starting capital for organizing the production of muesli starts from $ 100-150 thousand, which will be spent on the purchase of technological equipment, plus working capital - $ 20-50 thousand. According to market operators, the profitability of muesli production can be 15-25%.

Muesli Production: Permissions

But before starting production, it is necessary to obtain permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire department. Registration of all permits will take a couple of months, and will cost $ 300.

Muesli Production: Raw Materials and Packaging

The determining factors of competitiveness are the quality of raw materials and packaging design. Domestic "thinkers" today do not experience any particular problems with the supply of raw materials. Large bakery combines offer a sufficient amount of cereal flakes at a price of 1.6-2.5 UAH. for 1 kg. Buying imported fruit additives - pineapple, papaya, banana chips, too - is not a problem, but the prices are much more expensive - 15-25 UAH. for 1 kg. Therefore, domestic producers prefer additives from local fruits and berries (strawberries, raspberries, prunes),

The production technology of breakfast cereals is not as simple as it may seem to a beginner: during the production of cereals, each grain undergoes the influence of several technological procedures.

The quality of the final product directly depends not only on the quality of the feedstock, but also on the exact observance of the established process parameters. The main technological process for preparing fruit powder is the drying of previously washed and sliced ​​fruits. The highest quality is provided by the technology of sublimation (dehydration) of raw materials. But this is expensive, and manufacturers are limited to conventional drying at high temperatures.

There are problems with the automatic packaging of dried fruits. Figs, for example, are almost impossible to pack in the machine: anything sticks to the berry and the mechanical packer can’t do the job.

The grain is further steamed, pre-cooked, flattened, swollen, extruded, etc. One of the most effective methods of preparation is expansion. Moistened grain is quickly heated using either high-frequency currents or a powerful infrared radiation stream. Swelling also occurs with a sharp pressure drop from high to normal or even extremely low.

To produce Hercules oat flakes, the seeds are cooled, then flattened on a roller mill with smooth rolls. The thickness of the resulting flakes should not exceed 0.5 mm.

The quality of cereal flakes is controlled by 10-12 parameters, the main of which are moisture, powderiness (the ability of flakes to turn into flour during transportation and packaging) and digestibility. It is the complexity of the process of technological processing of grain that forces muesli producers to purchase ready-made cereals so as not to mess with such complex production.

The process of making granola from the finished components is quite simple. The ingredients are weighed and dosed according to the recipe. The grain is placed in a so-called drag pan and mixed. After this, the mixture is Packed in polypropylene bags and pre-prepared fruit powder is “packaged” there. Grain mix moves along one conveyor, flavorings - along another. At the time of packaging, the conveyors are connected, and the result is finished products.

The last stage of the technological process is sealing of polypropylene bags, sticker labels and laying in cardboard boxes.

Muesli Production: Equipment

Domestic equipment for the production of breakfast cereals (manufacturers: Proma, NPO Ross (Kharkov), Tronka-Agrotech LLC (Kiev) is universal, that is, it is capable of producing cereals, corn sticks, pillows and etc. A specialized set of equipment for the manufacture of oatmeal “Hercules” with a capacity of 1000 kg / h costs $ 101 thousand.

The placement of equipment in workshops and the dimensions of the aisles for its maintenance must comply with the requirements of OST 18-434-84 “Production processes in the food-concentrate industry. Safety Requirements ”, as well as industry Safety Rules and Occupational Sanitation.

For example, to protect industrial and warehouse premises from rodents, it is necessary to equip the basement windows and openings in the ventilation ducts with protective metal nets, and tightly “plug” all the “extra” openings and slots for pipelines in the walls and ceilings.

Muesli Production: Room

It is better to build the premises for the production base ourselves, it must comply with the numerous SNIP standards (SNIP P-89-80 “General Plans of Industrial Enterprises. Design Standards”, SNIP 245-71 “Sanitary Standards for Design of Industrial Enterprises”, SNIP 08/18/2019- 85 "Industrial transport. Design standards"). If the initial capital does not allow construction, then the premises can be rented at the grocery factory. The area of ​​the premises should be at least 350-400 square meters. m, of which 20-300 sq. m are allocated for the production workshop and 100 sq. m - for auxiliary premises.

It is recommended to approach the selection of a site for production with the utmost care. The neighborhoods of million-plus cities are considered the best option for the location of production. Firstly, the rental cost there is lower than in the center, and secondly, these territories are as close as possible to the places where the demand for breakfast cereals is concentrated.

Muesli Production: Staff

The maximum number of personnel in the production of cereals usually does not exceed 12-13 people. To serve one line of technological equipment for the production of muesli, 5-6 people are enough. You will have to use the same amount at the fruit additives production site. In addition, the production requires a technologist who controls the production processes. The salary of the worker in the shop is $ 100-150 per month.

Muesli Production: Marketing

First of all, you must immediately register a trademark, without this, product promotion is impossible. Secondly, it is necessary to build an effective sales system, covering the retail network as much as possible. In order to enter large retailers, you will need to pay an entry fee. And only after the products will be presented to the maximum in retail chains, it is worth planning image advertising and promotions to win customer loyalty. An advertising campaign of medium intensity will cost the manufacturer $ 1-2 thousand per month.

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