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At present, the situation in the agro-industrial market, especially in the segment of grain crops, is very unfavorable for producers. The fact is that up to 3/4 of all irretrievable grain losses are associated with the low quality of its processing after harvesting, and often with its complete absence. Equipment for primary processing of grain is not present in all even large organizations for its cultivation, and there are literally a few among individual farmers of such machines.

This applies, in particular, to processes such as drying and cleaning grain. In most cases, manufacturers simply cannot afford quite expensive equipment, but it also happens that they simply do not want to complicate the production process and add extra steps to it.

Meanwhile, if the grain is not dried on time and in good quality, it is qualified not as food, but as fodder, and at the same time its value in the grain market falls by at least 600 rubles per ton. This leads to significant losses for producers, so many farmers lose interest in growing, for example, wheat and leave the market, which in turn leads to a further increase in the cost of grain products and their derivatives, including bread.

Therefore, the organization of an enterprise for the collection and primary processing of grain will become not only profitable, but also useful in terms of living standards and well-being of citizens by business.

Own grain business: Organization of a grain processing collection point

In fact, having relatively small investments and investing them competently in grain processing, you can get a fairly high income practically without producing anything (except, in fact, services for drying and cleaning grain).

In many cities of our country, elevators that have become unnecessary, etc., are still idle. enterprises to rent, or even redeem which are not so much money. Of course, such an acquisition will require additional investments in repairs, but do not forget that the grain, and almost bread, business is one of the most profitable in the food sector, and given that this is not about production, but only about the processing of raw materials, then profitability such an enterprise is even higher than that of any bakery and even higher than in the field of grain trade.

So, we will consider that a suitable room, appropriately repaired and prepared for work, is already available. What equipment should be purchased?

Own grain business: Equipment for primary processing of grain

The main operation for the primary processing of grain is its drying. It is produced in a stationary sectional dryer. Such equipment is usually universal, that is, it is suitable not only for grain and leguminous crops, but also for grasses. The cost of a universal dryer is from 950 to 1000 thousand rubles, and in terms of the type of fuel used it is also universal - both gas and liquid fuel, electricity, solid fuel (firewood, peat, etc.) are suitable.

The productivity of the dryer (with an initial humidity of up to 26% - it is considered normal) - 40 tons of grain per day. Opening your own enterprise, you should take care not only to calculate how many such dryers will be required in accordance with the expected volumes of revenues, but also to provide a place for installing additional dryers, which have a very useful property: the number of lines in the complex is not limited, so there are no problems connection and docking will not occur - the main thing is that there is enough space.

Further equipment for grain processing consists of a treatment plant represented by two units: a machine for preliminary cleaning of grain and a machine for secondary cleaning of grain. Dry grain, passing through cleaning machines, is cleaned of impurities and, as an option, is calibrated, which allows to obtain not only high-quality grain, but also high-quality seed material - as you know, the largest grains are left on the seeds.

But even a grain that is not calibrated, but purified from impurities, is considered higher than class and is priced much more expensive than untreated. The performance of grain cleaning machines is from 30 to 60 tons per hour, the price, as one should expect, directly depends on the capacity: if the first type of grain cleaning machine costs about 550-650 thousand rubles, then the second one is already 900- 950 thousand rubles

As you can see, one pre-cleaner with ease is enough for at least one and a half to two dozen dryers. Secondary grain cleaning machines are slightly more expensive than those described above, and they are somewhat inferior to them in productivity: for example, a machine with a capacity of 8-10 tons per hour will cost no less than 700 thousand rubles, and a machine with a capacity of 16-20 tons per hour - 1050-1100 thousand rubles., And in the fractionation mode, i.e., in fact, the calibration of grains, the productivity will drop by about 20%. Therefore, you should carefully calculate the number of used machines for secondary cleaning of grain in order to avoid interruptions and "limping", i.e. non-synchronous operation of the line as a whole.

If, for example, you have a lot of fractionation orders for obtaining seed material, it would be more rational to allocate a separate machine for this purpose, while others will work as usual.

In addition to the listed machines included in the line, you should immediately or gradually, with the development of the business, purchase additional equipment: a pneumatic separator for cleaning the seeds of main crops from difficult to separate impurities that differ in aerodynamic properties (from 140 to 450-460 thousand rubles, depending from productivity - 2-15 tons per hour), a conditioner for grain (about 250-325 thousand rubles, depending on productivity - 3-7 tons per hour) and clover - a machine for wiping seeds from the clover and other legumes and cereal herbs (flogging Dka 120-130 thousand rubles.). These units are in demand in agriculture, so they will serve as a source of additional, but by no means small, income.

Among other things, in order to not have to load the products received for processing manually, as a connecting link between the dryer and the cleaning department, a receiving device with a fan and a dust removal system should be installed. Dryers will be unloaded directly into it, while the supply for cleaning is carried out automatically. Such a device costs about 420 thousand rubles.

Prospects for the development of grain processing business

The brightest and most attractive prospect is to support your enterprise at the state level. As you know, now the government of the Russian Federation, both at the central and local levels, implements many agribusiness support programs. Perhaps your company will become a recipient of a grant, for example, to expand the material and technical base or preferential terms for leasing equipment.

In addition, there is a serious prospect of starting a large-scale trade in seed: most likely, the services provided by your enterprise to producers will not be too profitable to pay immediately: after all, grain still needs to be sold. Therefore, it is possible to withdraw part of the grain or seed material from them, as agreed.

Pavel Biryukov

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