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According to Article 1. of the Federal Law “On Hunting and on the Preservation of Hunting Resources and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”, hunting is an area of ​​activity that involves not only the use of natural resources, but also their conservation. So, opening a hunting business, get ready for altruism: someone will come and shoot, and then you will make up for all this. Not without personal gain, of course.

Land lease

This is the first and main task with which you will begin your voyage in the world of hunting business, and there are two types of land here - hunting grounds and just lands.

Hunting grounds are considered sites that are registered in the regional (regional) and general state register as lands on which hunting resources can be extracted. Just land - these are plots reserved for everything else. To know this is very important, since the first choice that will be before you is to rent a plot from hunting grounds or from "just land"? Each of them has its own nuances.

Just lands

If you decide to just rent a piece of wood you like and organize a hunting farm there, you need to go through three important steps:

  • arrange legal person or individual;
  • choose and rent a plot;
  • win the auction for the conclusion of a hunting agreement with the State Inspectorate.

If the auction is successfully held in your favor, you enter into an agreement and the land you rent is attached to the general register of hunting grounds. This means that henceforth the killing of animals on its territory will not be considered poaching. Perhaps you are not enthusiastic about the mere mention of the auction, but there is one more “but”. According to the aforementioned law “On the Hunting and Preservation of Hunting Resources and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”, generally accessible hunting grounds should constitute at least 20% of the total area of ​​hunting grounds of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

This means that in a particular region hunting areas are divided into two types: public and fixed. Assigned lands are those that are assigned to other entrepreneurs as private hunting, which they, in turn, can lease out for hunting to other people (what you intend to do). Publicly accessible lands are those lands that remain in state ownership, but in the territory of which each licensed hunter can shoot animals and game on the basis of his permission.

So, these same generally accessible hunting grounds should not be reduced by less than 20% of the total territory of hunting zones in this region. And the aforementioned auctions are held only in the case when “extra” territories fall into the disposal of generally accessible zones. As you know, this rarely happens.

Hunting grounds

Here, at first glance, everything seems much simpler. It is only necessary:

  • arrange legal person or individual;
  • select and rent a plot located in the register of hunting grounds;
  • obtain a long-term license for the use of wildlife.

And all - if these three conditions are met, you can organize a hunt. But what does the last point mean? Let's dwell on it in more detail. To obtain a long-term license for the use of wildlife, it is necessary to submit an application to the executive authority of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation (administration of a region / territory). The application must specify:

  • information about yourself;
  • type of use of wildlife;
  • list of wildlife objects;
  • borders and area of ​​territories;
  • estimated period of use.

Preference is given to those who have already carried out any types of environmental management in this territory, as well as to owners of land and forest fund, which also have the necessary specialists at their disposal. Persons who have only a lease agreement, without a long-term license, have the right to conduct hunting activities only without hunting. H

To understand how one is different from the other, here is another excerpt from the aforementioned law (see the introduction): hunting is a field of activity for the conservation and use of hunting resources and their habitats, for the creation of hunting infrastructure, for the provision of services in this area, and also for the purchase, production and sale of hunting products.

Alternatively, you may not become a land tenant, but an owner, that is, buy land. But in this case, you will have to face the insidious system of the state apparatus closer and lay out more money.

Licenses, permits and permits

The first and most important document of a hunter is a hunting (hunting and fishing) ticket. Every hunter who wants to shoot (or fish) in the territory of your hunting farm must have it. And your direct responsibility is to check its availability. How to get a hunting (hunting and fishing) ticket? It is issued to each hunter personally, on the basis of an application and data provided to the executive authority of any constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

According to legislative changes that took place in 2011, hunting tickets are now issued in a single federal model, completely free of charge and have no time limit. Additionally: if you plan to carry out hunting with dogs, then each of them must be inscribed on the hunting ticket and have a certificate of registration with the supervisory authorities.

The second most important document of the hunter is a permit (license) for hunting. It is issued to each hunter, acts on the territory of a particular hunting farm, predetermines the shooting of a particular type of animal / game and designates strictly defined terms for this (season of hunting for one or another species). At the end of the validity period, the voucher is returned to the place of issue and marks on the animals obtained are made in it.

But where to get them from? You will be issued such permits after you become a legal entity. person or individual entrepreneur and enter into hunting agreements. After that, you will be entitled to receive permission forms from authorized government bodies, which you can fill out on your own and issue to hunters at your own discretion. To receive the forms, it is enough to submit an application to the authorized bodies and indicate the number of forms required, the types of intended hunting, information about the hunting resources, as well as personal data.

It is worth noting that this is one of the procedures that will require your constant attention (monitor the number of forms, observe the timing of the hunting seasons, etc.). Additionally: some species of birds / animals are considered protected and a special license is required for hunting them, which determines the piece-by-piece shooting of an individual.

And of course, the main document is the permission of the police department to store and carry firearms and hunting weapons. We will not dwell on this moment in detail, just know that it is necessary.

Hunting farm

So, the legal and design side of the issue is over, how to organize the hunting economy itself? I must say that the level of service here is created by everyone as far as possible. Someone turns a fishing and hunting base into a five-star mini-hotel with all the amenities and entertainments of the modern world, and someone creates conditions in a marching way: insulated trailers and a stove. Like, feel the harsh taste of a real hunting lifestyle. Therefore, we will consider this issue in stages.

Mandatory Services

Hunting base:

  • huntsman services;
  • accommodation;
  • nutrition;
  • trophy handling.

Fishing base:

  • huntsman services;
  • accommodation;
  • nutrition;
  • water transport rental;
  • rental of fishing equipment;
  • trophy handling.

The types of processing of hunting trophies (any) include: carcass cutting, cleaning, gutting, salting, smoking (cold / hot), baling, freezing, etc. And if you have a couple of familiar taxidermists, you can also create stuffed. This service is time consuming, but profitable.

Additional services

Additional services are designed to improve the quality of service and their choice depends only on how you ultimately want to see your hunting estate. Here are some of them:

  • transfer (cars, buses)
  • Sauna \ bath in the base
  • pool
  • picnic area
  • shooting range / trap shooting
  • games (paintball \ volleyball \ billiards \ table tennis)
  • excursions \ horse walks on the territory of the hunting zone
  • water walks (jet skis \ ATVs \ water skis)
  • playground \ nanny services
  • internet \ laundry \ massage

If you wish, you can even build a helipad, but to create such conditions of increased comfort is better and safer if this section of forest land belongs to you, and is not leased.


If you plan to open a "modest" base, then if you wish, you can get by with the minimum staff, which includes: ranger, manager, cook. If the list of services is more expanded, then a larger number of service personnel will be required: waitresses, laundresses, cleaners of interior and territory, pool cleaners, etc. There are no restrictions on the flight of fantasy - if possible, keep your own musicians, the main thing is had a positive impact on profits.


There is a huge difference between the opening of a fishing and hunting base and any other type of business, because this activity is specific. Most people who know or simply delve into this topic say that you can get a full profit (or just pay back the investment) here, at least six months later. So to start such a business is either without the pursuit of a piece of bread, or with the active involvement of third-party investments (for the most part irretrievable budget funds). Consider the primary items of expense and income, based on the "average" indicators of the level of service base.

Expense items

The main expense items relate to the initial stage of the base organization (when the construction of houses, arrangement of the territory, etc.) takes place and are one-time costs. Regular costs will appear later and among them:

  • introduction and reintroduction of wildlife objects (this also includes regular stocking of water bodies),
  • salary to employees.

And what will it cost to build a base today? If there are no buildings on the rented / purchased territory that you can restore or rent ready, then get ready to start everything from scratch. This involves several steps.

Communications - check if they are? If so, then very well; if not, you will have to work it out.

The design of the base is a matter that should be worked on together with professionals. Most fishing and hunting bases are not much different from the standard ones: houses for living, a large common room, kitchen, dining room, utility rooms \ barracks for staff. If you wish, you can still make a separate house for the administration and a covered garage for guests' cars.

Construction - here the volume of your expenses will depend not only on the building materials themselves and on hiring workers, but also on the range of your base - the farther, the more expensive the delivery of raw materials.

After all the preparatory work is completed, you need to allocate a budget for advertising, otherwise how will the world know about you?

Income Items

The main income of the fishing and hunting base is hunting and trophies. And here, each base establishes its own standards and methods of payment for services. Basically, the price is determined for the provision of territory for hunting, for the work of the huntsman, for trophies (animals and game - individually, fish - by weight), for their processing. In addition, a small fee can still be taken for issuing licenses (300 - 1000 rubles). If fishing is done at the base, then it makes sense to organize the rental of fishing equipment and water transport, taking into account the consumption of fuel and lubricants (fuels and lubricants).

Also payable are accommodation at the base, meals and all other additional services.

As an advertisement

So that your business does not look “boring” in a series of competitors, come up with some kind of “highlight” for it. This will not only entertain you, but also help customers remember you. In addition to the aforementioned advice to knit stuffed animals, you can also arrange competitions, for example, for fishing. Or by shooting a certain game. This will be a kind of "promotion" and is designed to attract more attention to your base. And remember that word of mouth has a great weight in this type of business! Therefore, try to maintain the reputation of the economy at the right level and profit will surely find you!

Good luck with your business. And do not forget to pay taxes!

Olesya Bedashova

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