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Overview of the market for bags and garbage bags

Recently, the “garbage” business has become increasingly popular - its removal, sorting, disposal and recycling of household waste and secondary raw materials and resources. It is considered very profitable, because the cost of raw materials is zero, and an entrepreneur may even be paid for the removal of certain types of garbage. But few people know that there is such an equally simple way to make money "on the trash", how to make packages for it.

Nobody knows the real volumes of the Russian market of trash bags - someone throws trash in special bags, someone in the first trash, and someone takes out the trash in the trash in the old fashion - but how many people and how many people use different ways garbage collection impossible to count.

Garbage bags are stably bought, and in any volume, and subject to diversification of production - simple bags and large bags; bags and bags with ties; multi-colored bags for sorting garbage by type, etc. - such a business becomes not just profitable, but very profitable, because the raw materials for plastic bags are very cheap, since at least half of it is extracted from used and discarded bags processed by waste recycling enthusiasts.

It turns out a kind of vicious circle: used garbage bags and bags make a profit again and again, not to mention the garbage filling them!

Technology for the production of bags and garbage bags

The technology for the production of garbage bags includes only two stages. The first of them is blowing on a extruder a sleeve film made of high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) or low pressure polyethylene (HDPE).

The following is the step of cutting a film sleeve using a hot knife on a special bag making machine.

Typically, bags and garbage bags, already cut to the desired length, are then soldered again using the same hot knife, but with the perforation applied - for ease of tearing the bag off the roll. At this stage, the production of garbage bags, however, does not end completely - there is still their winding into a roll and packaging.

Equipment for the production of garbage bags

In addition to the equipment for the actual production of garbage bags, the first thing you need to do is purchase a line for the production of secondary granules from substandard and recycled polyethylene - this will save you from the need to purchase at least a part (and, in the ideal case, all) of the raw materials and turn over the waste to industrial companies.

A mini-factory for the production of secondary granules with a small capacity of 100-150 kg per hour, equipped with additional devices: a metal detector, cooling fans, etc. will cost approximately $ 50, 000, or, in terms of rubles at the exchange rate - 1, 530 thousand rubles. Its capacity is quite enough for almost any small and medium-sized enterprise, if it is not directly connected with the production line of the actual packages of high performance.

Then follows an extruder - universal, or designed for processing one of the two existing types of polyethylene - high or low pressure. A universal extruder is more expensive than usual (about $ 28, 000- $ 36, 500, or in terms of rubles at the current rate, 855-1115 thousand rubles), but it allows you to work with both types of polyethylene, which allows you to expand the range of products.

A conventional extruder should be used if products from the same type of polyethylene are to be manufactured. In principle, since a conventional extruder costs at least half the price of a universal extruder (about $ 11, 000- $ 18, 000, or in rubles at the current rate, 335-550 thousand rubles), if necessary, start production of other types of polyethylene, you can just buy the second extruder, thus saving on initial capital, or simply by accumulating funds.

The actual machine for the production of garbage bags - bag making will cost about $ 20, 000, or in terms of rubles at the current rate - 610 thousand rubles. For the production of bags and garbage bags with ties, the so-called Rolomat is a special machine that produces such bags. Its cost is approximately $ 39, 000, or in terms of rubles at the current exchange rate, - 1, 190 thousand rubles.

Of the additional equipment, one can also name a machine for the production of “masked” bags, that is, ordinary household bags. Its acquisition is economically determined, since bags of this type are generally sold faster than garbage bags - which, however, is not surprising - the “shirt” bag is, in fact, a one-time bag, of garbage bags (or bags) in a package (roll) ) at least 50 or 100 pieces. The machine for the production of “T-shirts” packages will cost $ 56, 000, or in terms of rubles at the current exchange rate — 1, 710 thousand rubles.

Strategies and prospects of the business for the production of bags and garbage bags

The main point of the business for the production of bags and garbage bags is close cooperation with organizations involved in the processing and disposal of household and other waste. These organizations will be able to supply you with raw materials (garbage bags) at low prices. And in some cases even for free.

In addition, representatives of these organizations will greatly help in the distribution of your products: for example, you can conduct promotions or reward active “suppliers” of garbage with packages and bags for it at reduced prices.

In addition, with sufficiently large volumes of production, you can receive government orders, for example, for industrial (up to 400 l in volume) bags for autumn leaf collection, etc. events. Do not forget about cooperation with cleaning companies - their employees constantly need a large number of units of your products.

A win-win option is a mandatory indication (on the package) that the packages were created from recycled materials. Such information is quite in the spirit of the times - now much attention is paid to environmental issues and the recycling of useful materials.

Do not forget about other products made of polyethylene: with small investments, you can significantly expand your assortment, for example, by the production of sealed packaging, technical films for sheltering greenhouses and feed and other agricultural needs, pipes and fittings approved for cold drinking water supply, shrink films, painted and non-painted insulation of wires and cables or shells and cable sheaths - there are an infinite number of options.

Pavel Biryukov

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