Own business: carriage coupled furniture workshop

* The calculations use the average data for the World Starting investments:

737 000 ₽


600 000 - 700 000 ₽

Net profit:

270 000 ₽

Payback period:

9-12 months

Upholstered furniture with a carriage screed is an original offer that will allow the manufacturer to stand out in the saturated market of upholstered furniture. What you need to open your own furniture workshop

There is always a demand for furniture - in any season and does not fall even during a crisis. Only the structure of the furniture market is changing. The consumer is looking for cheaper options and refuses furniture in the bedroom. But against their background the sale of upholstered furniture for living rooms looks vigorously. Therefore, the most promising segment of the furniture market is the economy class, which even during the crisis feels more confident.

At the same time, the Russian furniture market is characterized by a high level of competition. At the beginning of 2018, the Furniture of Russia catalog included more than 14, 000 companies, 5, 000 of which are directly manufacturers. A particularly high level of competition in megacities, where the largest furniture retailers are represented. Their market share reaches about 70%. Therefore, if you are going to open a business in a large city, carefully consider your idea. Today, to cope with the onslaught of furniture giants can only original proposal and individual work with the client.

Certain changes are also taking place in the format of trading in the furniture market. According to a survey conducted at the end of 2016, every fifth resident ordered furniture in an online store. To date, the share of online commerce has increased significantly. Almost half of the furniture chains have their own sites, but not all of them have the function of online sales. Every year, the popularity of online furniture stores is growing, as it allows sellers to reduce the cost of renting large trading floors and lower the price, and for buyers, online trading is a more convenient purchase option.

By combining the trends of the Russian furniture market, you can form the image of a successful furniture company: an economy-class furniture manufacturer operating in a city with a population of 500-800 thousand people and selling products through an online store. These parameters will ensure constant demand, almost independent of the economic situation, reduce competition, reduce costs, which will reduce product prices.

According to experts, the share of small and medium-sized enterprises in the furniture business will continue to grow and in a few years will reach 75-80%. The key task of such manufacturers is to occupy their niche in the market. For example, manufacturers of wicker furniture have almost no competitors in the market, and custom-made furniture is gaining popularity every year.

Despite the huge number of workshops for the production of furniture and furniture stores, buyers can not always find the right product. Therefore, they are increasingly turning to private workshops that make custom-made furniture for help. The exclusivity of the proposal and the variability of production are important parameters when choosing consumer furniture. This trend is supported not only by the taste preferences of consumers, but also by the development of the market for design services, which, according to the results of 2014, grew almost 2 times.

The consumer can not always find suitable furniture that matches the design project. The most rational way out of the situation is custom-made furniture, which is performed by small furniture workshops. This market segment is represented mainly in the middle and expensive segment, while the economy class is almost free. The easiest way to organize furniture production is to open a furniture workshop.

Advantages of the furniture workshop as a format for furniture production:

  • does not require large investment costs;

  • to accommodate production facilities do not need a large room;

  • savings on equipment;

  • low price of finished products;

  • production flexibility;

Disadvantages of the furniture workshop:

  • innovation and imagination are the foundation of business success;

  • handmade furniture is time consuming;

  • independent customer search.

  • the format fits into the image of a modern furniture manufacturer.

Despite the obvious problems in the furniture market, this segment remains attractive to entrepreneurs.

Advantages of the furniture business:

  • a relatively small amount of investment;

  • promising direction, interest in which will never disappear;

  • furniture refers to general consumption goods, which provides a wide target audience;

  • business profitability can reach 300%.

The main disadvantage of the furniture business is fierce competition in the market. However, with the competent construction of production, you can occupy your own niche in which competition will be minimal. These arguments are enough to decide to open your furniture production. What do I need to do?

Step 1. Determine what we will produce

The furniture market offers many options: cabinet furniture, kitchens, wicker furniture, tables and chairs, beds, upholstered furniture, etc. However, spraying and trying to cover all segments is useless. It is better to focus on one thing and do it efficiently.

Based on a market review, we can come to the following conclusions. Firstly, upholstered furniture is the most popular right now. Secondly, in the framework of high competition, it is necessary to enter the market with an original proposal. If you combine these two conditions - we get the production of upholstered furniture using a carriage coupler. There are few offers of such furniture - especially in the economy segment. And at the same time, this type of furniture is very popular both among private customers and among corporate clients (in restaurants, beauty salons, etc.).

The key advantage of the carriage coupler is its unique design. This is a technology for upholstering various pieces of furniture using buttons. Despite the fact that the carriage screed appeared in the XVIII century, it has not yet lost its relevance.

Thus, our furniture workshop will be engaged in the production and sale of upholstered furniture with carriage ties - sofas, armchairs, pouffes, banquets, bar and dining chairs. The workshop specializes in the manual assembly of products and the production of custom furniture for individual orders. Favorable differences of products on the market: low prices, custom-made work, a wide selection of equipment and upholstery, color and material of products, the possibility of online ordering.

Step 2. Understanding the intricacies of production

Before starting a business, you need to familiarize yourself with production technology. If you have experience as a furniture maker, then it will not be difficult for you to master the skill. But even if you are a beginner, you can quickly learn the basics of carriage screed and the manufacture of furniture from it. However, we recommend starting this business if you have experience as a furniture maker.

Materials for the production of furniture by carriage screed method:

  • sheet of plywood, MDF or particleboard, corresponding to the size of the furniture;

  • buttons or nails for carriage ties;

  • fabric, leather or skin substitute (best if the upholstery material will have a volumetric texture);

  • fishing line, wire or durable cord;

  • foam rubber (its thickness should reach 5-7 centimeters) and synthetic winterizer;

  • cardboard;

  • ruler;

  • pencil and marker;

  • drill;

  • jigsaw;

  • furniture stapler;

  • glue for furniture (you can also take any glue on a rubber basis).

When you have got everything you need, you can get to work. Algorithm:

  1. Create a sketch . First you need to think about how the furniture will look. The drawn sketch must be agreed with the customer. At the start, you will have to create sketches from scratch, but over time, your portfolio will replenish with various models, and you will be able to establish standard types of furniture, using proven sketches.

  2. Make a pattern. When the final version of the surface decor is approved, the master will need a pattern. To do this, you need to take a piece of cardboard that is the same size as the surface to be churned, and draw a grid of horizontal and vertical lines at a distance of 10 centimeters on it (in the end, you should get squares 10x10 centimeters in size). On the finished pattern, at the points of intersection of the lines, it is necessary to mark the places under the buttons or cloves, and connect the points with lines. When figures (rhombuses, squares, etc.) appear on the cardboard, in their vertices (where nails or buttons will be attached), you need to make the same round holes.

  3. Gather the foundation. You will need a sheet of chipboard or plywood, which must be cut according to the dimensions of the furniture. Foam is glued to the plywood base and holds until completely dry.

  4. Make markup . You need to attach a pattern to the base and circle the marker on the foam with the contours of the holes made in the cardboard sheet. Using a drill, holes are cut into marks in the foam rubber with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm. A synthetic winterizer should be glued to the foam sheet and the holes should be made in it.

  5. Cover the surface. In order for the carriage screed to turn out neat, you need to properly tighten the base. Upholstery material is applied to the soft front of the workpiece (a piece of fabric or leather should be larger than the base by about 50 centimeters on each side) and secure it with a stapler to the back. At this stage, it is impossible to prevent distortion and contraction of the material.

  6. Set buttons or cloves . Through the stretched fabric, you need to find holes and in these places make small holes for fastenings using the thinnest drill drill. Then you need to attach the buttons - for this you need strong cords that are pulled from the inside and secured with a stapler. It should be noted that the buttons must be recessed into a soft surface to the same depth.

  7. Mount the mount . When the stitching is finished, it is necessary to install brackets or hooks on the wrong side, with which the surface will be attached to the furniture, door or wall.

Useful tips for the production of furniture with a carriage screed:

  • train to make a carriage screed before receiving the first orders;

  • choosing upholstery material, it is necessary to give preference to durable fabrics, too thin a fabric will not withstand tension and may soon tear. Plain fabrics should be chosen because the print will be distorted by the screed;

  • if it was not possible to select the buttons in the color of the upholstery material, they can always be independently sewn with small pieces of existing fabric.

Upholstered furniture production is distinguished by the availability of additional equipment (sewing machines, etc.), special upholstery accessories, additional accessories (springs, fasteners), upholstery materials (fillers and various fabrics), and also requires a lot of labor.

In addition, the production requires supplies from which the furniture is made. The furniture workshop will require suppliers of wood, paints, coatings, adhesives, accessories, fabrics, etc. The main requirements for suppliers are a well-known, trusted company, the availability of all necessary certificates, and the possibility of delivery. Preferably, long-term cooperation with companies that conduct quality control, provide wholesale discounts and the possibility of deferred payment.

Step 3. Understanding Pricing

Assigning an adequate price to your products is an important and not as simple task as it might seem at first glance.

How to set an adequate price for furniture?

  1. The price of furniture is calculated as the cost, multiplied by the margin. Typically, the margin is 200-300%, depending on the product;

  2. Explore the market and competitors' offers. When you know how much the products of your competitors cost, you can adjust the price in the direction of decrease. By reducing prices by 5%, you can entice a significant portion of the clientele. Let this discount reduce your income for a while, but in the long run everything will pay off.

  3. If you are worried that a low price can significantly affect the profitability of the business, set a higher price for the delivery of goods. Let it be an insignificant amount, but in terms of sales it already looks significant.

The table shows the average price of products with a carriage coupler. We recommend that you adjust the prices according to the prices of your region.

Estimated cost of furniture with a carriage screed

Chair (different configurations)

5, 000 - 10, 000


16, 000

3-seater sofa

30, 000

Bench seat

9, 000

Step 4. We are looking for a suitable place for the workshop.

Furniture production can fit in a garage on an area of ​​12 square meters. m. In addition to the workshop you need to have a warehouse for materials and finished products.

Requirements for the furniture workshop:

  • non-residential premises for industrial purposes, since the work of the workshop is associated with a high level of noise;

  • three-phase electricity of 380 W, since some equipment requires high power;

  • the presence of ventilation, fire safety systems, the convenience of access to the building, the availability of a site for unloading raw materials;

  • lack of dampness and high humidity. The materials used in the manufacture of furniture are afraid of moisture and moisture. Finished products should also not be stored in such conditions, since upholstered furniture has the ability to absorb moisture and odors.

  • a heated room, which is also necessary to maintain the ideal quality of raw materials and finished products.

If you decide to open a furniture production in the garage, you must take into account certain requirements. For example, the organization of assembly and storage of finished products in a small room requires precise coordination of technological processes and timely shipment of products to customers. In the cold season, the garage needs to be heated around the clock, maintaining the temperature in it not lower than 12–15 ° С and humidity at the level of 60–65%. Please note that heating costs sometimes completely compensate for the lack of rent and cause an increase in cost. Therefore, if you experience inconvenience in a cramped garage, it is better to rent a suitable room. A warehouse with an area of ​​30 sq.m. is perfect for this. The rental price will be about 10-15 thousand rubles. per month.

Step 4. We draw up documents

Having decided on the premises for the future workshop, you need to start collecting all the necessary documentation. The initial step in opening a furniture workshop is to register a business with government agencies. To conduct business, it is recommended to register an individual entrepreneur with a simplified tax system (15% “income minus expenses”). Types of activity according to OKVED-2:

  • 08/18/2019 - Manufacture of other furniture and individual furniture details not included in other groups, by individual order of the population;

  • 47.59 - Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialized stores;

  • 08/18/2019 - Retail trade carried out directly using the information and communications network Internet;

    It is also recommended to specify:

  • 31.01 - Production of furniture for offices and trade enterprises;

  • 02/31 - Manufacture of kitchen furniture.

To register an IP, you must provide:

  • full name of the enterprise;

  • discovery decision protocol;

  • data on the director and accountant of the company;

  • bank details (account for making authorized capital, current account for conducting business activities);

  • the charter, which spells out the main activities and the size of the authorized capital;

  • document on payment of state duty.

A license to carry out these activities is not required, but certification of all manufactured furniture is recommended to confirm product quality. Requirements for furniture products to obtain quality certificates:

  • GOST 16371-93 “Furniture. General specifications ";

  • GOST 19917-93 “Furniture for seating and lying. General specifications ";

  • GOST R 50051-92 “Furniture. Chairs. Definition of sustainability ”;

  • GOST 19194-73 “Furniture. A method for determining the fastening strength of decoy furniture legs ”;

  • GOST 13715-78 "Joiner's plates. Technical conditions ";

  • GOST R 54208-2010 "Protective and decorative coatings on furniture made of wood and wood materials. Classification and notation. "

  • GOST 30255-95. Furniture, wood and plastic materials.

Step 5. We buy equipment

To ensure the production of a full cycle, it is necessary to purchase a set of equipment.

  • Electrical equipment: format-cutting, edge banding, drilling-additive, milling, lathes. As well as a grinder, jigsaw, drill, industrial hair dryer.

  • For the production of upholstered furniture, you will additionally need: a circular saw, a face saw, a sewing machine.

  • Hand tools: furniture stapler, screwdriver, set of carpentry hand tools.

  • Furniture: cutting tables, workbenches, shelving.

In addition to equipment and accessories for the manufacture of furniture, you need to purchase a computer program for creating furniture sketches. The most accessible programs for the user: PRO-100, Astra Furniture Designer.

For the whole set of equipment you will need to spend 600-700 thousand rubles. В качестве экономии можно приобрести б/у оборудование – его стоимость будет на 30-50% ниже. Однако следует хорошо разбираться в станках, чтобы не нарваться на рухлядь, которая сломается спустя месяц работы.

Шаг 6. Подбираем персонал, определяем формат работы с клиентом

Изготовление мебели требует наличия определенных профессиональных знаний и навыков, поэтому перед запуском производства необходимо подобрать квалифицированных сотрудников. Главное требование к персоналу – опыт работы со специализированным оборудованием.

Штат мебельного цеха:

  • специалисты цеха – 2 человека;

  • мастер производства;

  • менеджер по продажам;

  • дизайнер-технолог.

Менеджер по продажам и дизайнер-технолог могут работать на удаленном доступе. Специалисты цеха – посменно. Мастером производства в данном случае видится сам предприниматель. Держать свою машину на начальных этапах развития бизнеса неэффективно, поэтому нужно договориться с водителем на собственном транспорте.

Функции сотрудников мебельного цеха:

  • Специалисты цеха – обслуживают все этапы производства мебельной продукции, совмещают функции сборщика мебели. Образование - среднее техническое, опыт работы в аналогичной должности.

  • Мастер производства – организует рабочий процесс, осуществляет прием материалов и оформляет соответствующую документацию, является материально-ответственным лицом, контролирует соблюдение техники безопасности на производстве, производит поэтапный контроль изготовления продукции.

  • Менеджер – осуществляет маркетинговую политику предприятия, ведет переговоры с потенциальными клиентами, оформляет заказы и принимает оплату, является материально-ответственным лицом, занимается вопросами рекламы и продвижения продукции, ответственен за наполнение сайта и профилей в социальных сетях. Образование – высшее.

  • Дизайнер-технолог – разрабатывает модели и конструкции мебели, осуществляет авторский контроль за соответствием произведенной мебели разработанным моделям. Образование – высшее.

  • Водитель-экспедитор – осуществляет своевременную доставку заказа покупателям. Требования: собственный автомобиль, опыт работы от 1 года, водительские права категории В, С.

Общая сумма их заработной платы будет равняться примерно 80 тыс. руб. per month.

Этапы обслуживания клиентов:

  1. Обращение клиента в компанию: клиент связывается с менеджером и оговаривает все условия заказа. Менеджер получает заказ и передает его дизайнеру-технологу, который помогает клиенту определиться с конструкцией изделия, материалами и разрабатывает индивидуальный проект. Все это может происходит в режиме интернет-общения и телефонных переговоров, так как на офисе в первое время придется сэкономить;

  2. Расчет стоимости, оформление заказа : после согласования проекта с заказчиком дизайнер-технолог рассчитывает стоимость работ. После этого менеджер согласовывает стоимость заказа с клиентом, оформляет соответствующие документы и берет предоплату в размере 30% от суммы заказа. Срок исполнения заказа указывается в договоре и составляет 15 рабочих дней.

  3. Изготовление и доставка заказа : по факту изготовления мебели формируется график доставки. Для этого менеджер связывается с заказчиком и утверждает время доставки. Оставшаяся сумма заказа выплачивается по факту доставки. Услуга доставки стоит 300 рублей, а при заказе от 20000 рублей предоставляется бесплатно.

Это приблизительный алгоритм взаимодействия, который вы можете корректировать. Однако в нем указаны важные детали, на которые стоит обратить внимание.

Шаг 7. Планируем продвижение

Целевая аудитория мебельного предприятия – семьи со средним доходом, которые обновляют мебель раз в 3 года и отдают предпочтение уникальной, качественной мебели из натуральных материалов. Кроме того, в целевую аудиторию можно отнести и коммерческих клиентов, которые будут заказывать мебель для своего бизнеса. Целью мебельного предприятия является удовлетворение потребностей всех групп клиентов.

На старте бизнеса потенциальными потребителями станут активные пользователи интернета – аудитория, привлеченная на сайт фирмы различными маркетинговыми инструментами.

Как продавать мебель? Нужно задействовать как можно больше способов продвижения.

Поскольку мебельная мастерская ориентируется именно на интернет-продажи, то главным способом рекламы является создание собственного сайта, профилей в социальных сетях и их активное продвижение.

Первый этап – профессиональный лендинг, в котором необходимо указать ассортимент продукции, сроки изготовления, примеры работ и действующие скидки. Лендинг представляет собой сайт-одностраничник, в котором исчерпывающе, но кратко описывается продукт или услуга. На создании полноценного сайта можно повременить до лучших времен. Затраты на лендинг составляют около 10 тыс. руб. Еще один бюджетный вариант – создание профилей в социальных сетях и их продвижение. Помимо ассортимента продукции в профиле можно размещать фотографии и отзывы клиентов, перечень услуг, которые предоставляет мебельная мастерская, полезные сведения о различных материалах, информация об уходе за мебелью, дизайнерские решения, в которые вписывается ваша продукция, информация о проведении акций и бонусов.

Также для мебельной отрасли наиболее эффективным способом рекламы считается размещение информации о продукции на рекламных щитах. Рекомендуется выбирать рекламный щит в непосредственной близости от строительных магазинов, на выезде из города. Средняя стоимость аренды одного рекламного щита 3*6 м на 1 месяц составляет около 23000 рублей/месяц.

Еще одним действенным инструментом рекламы будет размещение буклетов с перечнем всех услуг и портфолио мебельного предприятия в строительных магазинах. Стоимость подобного размещения зависит от условий строительного магазина и обговаривается индивидуально. Можно предложить сотрудничество строительному магазину и совместное проведение акции, которая подразумевает выдачу купонов на скидку в мебельной мастерской при фиксированной сумме покупки.

Также эффективным вариантом продвижения мебельной мастерской может стать печать рекламных блоков в специализированной прессе. Стоимость данного вида рекламы составит около 10000 рублей.

Не стоит забывать о таких каналах продвижения, как сотрудничество с частными дизайнерами интерьеров, студиями дизайна, мебельными салонами. Поиск посредников необходимо осуществлять самостоятельно и предлагать им процент от суммы заказа в размере 10-20%. Можно также заключить договор с мебельными магазинами и выставлять продукцию на реализацию у них.

Эффективными способами привлечения внимания потребителя выступают участие во всевозможных выставках и ярмарках, рассылка рекламных материалов, наличие дополнительных услуг и послепродажного обслуживания: бесплатная доставка, сборка, годовая гарантия ремонта или замены изделия в случае обнаружения дефектов и т.д.

Одной из главных задач маркетинга является формирование общественного мнения и лояльного отношения потребителей к предприятию. Поэтому стоит рассмотреть варианты проведение опроса среди клиентов, результаты которого позволят внести нужные корректировки в производство, учесть требования потребителей к продукции.

The use of a particular tool depends on the target audience of the institution and the project budget. В среднем, будьте готовы потратить на продвижение не менее 40 тыс. руб.

Шаг 8. Составляем финансовый план

На данном этапе отвечаем на самый важный вопрос – сколько стоит открыть мебельную мастерскую с нуля? Чтобы получить точный расчет, рекомендуется разработать бизнес-план, который будет учитывать все затраты в пересчете на актуальные цены для конкретного региона. Если называть приблизительную сумму, то она будет равна 750-800 тыс. руб.

Первоначальные вложения для открытия мебельной мастерской



Initial rental payment

15, 000


600, 000

Registration of business, preparation of permits

2, 000

Starting advertising campaign

40, 000

Procurement of materials

30, 000

Unexpected expenses

50, 000


737 000

In addition to the initial costs, the project has monthly expenses, which should also be planned. Monthly costs are divided into variable and fixed costs. Переменные расходы состоят из затрат на материалы, которые используются в производстве, а также оплату потребленного электричества. Для упрощения расчетов переменные расходы рассчитываются, исходя из суммы среднего чека заказа и фиксированной торговой наценки в 300%.

Fixed costs consist of rent, utility bills, payroll, advertising costs, taxes and depreciation. The amount of depreciation is determined by the linear method, based on the useful life of fixed assets of 5 years.

Постоянные затраты





15, 000



10, 000


Communal payments

7, 000



18, 000



10, 000



20, 000


Payroll deductions

100, 000


180, 000

Теперь рассчитаем, сколько можно заработать на мебельной мастерской. Уровень рентабельности на производстве мебели примерно 60%. Работающий цех в месяц реализовывает мебели на 600-700 тыс. руб. Себестоимость (по материалам) производства составляет 150-250 тыс. руб. Если вычесть из этой суммы все расходы, остается 270 тыс. руб. net profit. При таком уровне доходов первоначальные вложения окупятся в течение одного года работы.

Не стоит рассчитывать на такой объем продаж и прибыль в первые же месяцы. Клиенты будут узнавать о вас постепенно, а заказы – расти. Чтобы производство с сотрудниками не простаивало, позаботьтесь о первых заказах заранее. Попробуйте найти среди коммерческих клиентов того, кто захочет с вами сотрудничать. Если к моменту начала работы мастерской у вас уже будет 2-3 заказа, это станет хорошим страховкой для бизнеса.

Шаг 9. Планируем риски

Для любого вида бизнеса свойственно наличие рисков. С какими сложностями можно столкнуться при открытии своего мебельного цеха?

  • high competition in the market. Since the furniture market is quite saturated and the competition is high, the behavior of competitors can have a strong impact on demand. To reduce this risk, it is necessary to form a systematic approach to business organization and establish processes within the enterprise. This will allow to achieve competitive advantages and form a customer base;

  • increase in prices for raw materials, failure in the supply of raw materials . In the first case, there is a risk of increased costs and, as a consequence, the selling price, which can negatively affect demand. In the second case, the risk is associated with interruptions in production. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of these threats with the right choice of suppliers and the inclusion in the contract of all necessary conditions that provide for the liability of the supplier if they are violated;

  • lack or decrease in demand . Lack of demand usually occurs when potential customers are not aware of the existence of the company - then it is necessary to conduct an active advertising campaign. In the second case, the occurrence of risk is associated with the economic situation or the loss of market share. It is possible to reduce this risk when forming your client base, concluding large contracts, and manufacturing flexibility;

  • fire, theft and other force majeure circumstances . The risk of such events involving property damage is rather low. However, when they occur, the damage can be colossal. To minimize this risk, it is necessary to install a fire alarm in the workshop and introduce regular monitoring of compliance with safety regulations. You can also insure risk with an insurance company;

  • failure to meet planned sales. It is possible to reduce this risk with an effective advertising campaign and competent marketing policy, involving various promotions and bonuses;

  • equipment breakdown and production downtime. Minimize risk will allow regular maintenance of equipment in order to maintain its performance;

  • staff problems, which implies low qualifications, staff turnover, lack of employee motivation. It is easiest to reduce this risk at the stage of personnel selection, hiring employees who meet all the stated requirements. It is recommended to use a bonus tool, for example, to pay employees a fixed percentage of net profit based on annual work results;

  • defective products. With a minor defect, products can be sold at a discount price, and in case of serious violations, sent for processing. The main thing is to identify product defects until the order is transferred to the customer. This risk can be reduced by selecting qualified personnel, purchasing good equipment and high-quality materials;

  • decrease in the reputation of the institution in the circle of the target audience with errors in management or a decrease in product quality . It is possible to mitigate the risk with constant monitoring of product quality, receiving feedback from enterprise customers and taking corrective measures.

Evgenia Yurkina

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