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At present, glass of various types has become a truly universal material. It is used in construction and medicine, agriculture and the automotive industry. Almost all sectors of the economy are somehow connected with glass and products from it.

This is what makes glass production such a promising business area. Large enterprises, as a rule, provide a wide range of glass products - from automobile to laboratory glasses. A novice entrepreneur should start small - with a simple window as well as baguette flat glass.

To begin with, you should decide with which raw materials - “ordinary” or “secondary” - you will work. The “usual” raw material is quartz sand and various special additives for it; the "secondary" is, of course, a glass battle.

Ovens or crucibles for processing sand and recyclables alone do not differ fundamentally - the difference is only in the temperature settings. The choice of a supplier of equipment depends on the financial side of the issue: domestic production lines (for example, from Orel OAO Steklomash or Solnechnogorsk ZAO Nakal), of course, will cost less than imported ones (for example, from Czech company SKLOPAN LIBEREC SA or Italian CIEFFE FORNI INDUSTRIALI SRL). In general, the minimum costs will be about 10 million rubles.

What is the advantage of the production of finished double-glazed windows?

However, the production of flat glass as such is much less profitable than the production of products from it. By and large, in Russia there are more than a dozen large factories producing flat glass. Their number is quite enough to saturate the market, and the cost of entering this "club" is about $ 100 million - € 150 million.

It is much more profitable to produce, for example, ready-made double-glazed windows for enterprises producing metal-plastic windows.

The production process itself is simple: the glass is cut to a given size and washed; then a special frame is made, with which 2 (sometimes 3 or more) sheets from a double-glazed window are fastened; at the third stage, the finished glass is sealed with a special substance - silicone, a one-component or two-component sealant.

What do you need to open the production of double-glazed windows?

For the first stage of processing, you will need a special table for semi-automatic glass cutting - for example, Mastercut-3.2 at a cost of € 25-29 thousand. One worker will serve it. Cleaning of the blanks is carried out using a special glass-washing machine (€ 20-25 thousand), equipped with a filter for water purification (€ 1700-3500).

This apparatus is served by 1-2 auxiliary workers, whose duties also include loading and unloading glass and transporting it from machine to machine.

However, for € 35, 000 you can buy a line that performs both washing and assembly of double-glazed windows, which will be serviced by one of the auxiliary workers.

Another worker will be the operator of automatic machines for cutting the spacer strip (the inner frame of the double-glazed windows) and backfilling of the molecular sieve, which are advisable to be installed nearby. The cost of the first device is € 5000, the second is € 2300.

And finally, the last stage - another worker will carry out the sealing. His responsibilities will include both the first stage (applying a butyl layer on the lateral surfaces of the spacer strip) and the second (external final sealing of the inter-glass space).

Here the choice of tools is quite wide - from a manual rotating table for € 1, 500 and a manual pneumatic press (€ 950) to a rotating table with automatic drive (€ 2800) and a special table for assembly and sealing with pneumatic clamp (€ 1800). The second stage of sealing is carried out using an extruder of hot-melt sealant (€ 8500-8800) or an extruder for applying 2-component sealants (€ 25000).

In addition, in the summer season or in the southern regions of the country, an industrial refrigeration compressor (freezer) may be needed to accelerate the hardening of the sealant (€ 3, 500).

Total: equipment - from € 64, 950 to € 107, 900, 2 machine operators and 1-2 auxiliary workers (the first wages are at the level of 25-30 thousand rubles, the second - 15-20 thousand).

Double-glazed window production: material costs

Construction glass sheet with a thickness of 4 mm costs from about 190 to 430 rubles. per sq. m

Spacer frame - from 593.13 to 890.98 per 100 m depending on the width.

Plastic corners for connecting spacer frames - 23.81 per 100 pcs.

Molecular sieve 1-1.5 mm - 69.46 rubles. for 1 kg.

Butyl tape (3 mm) - 3.45 rubles. for 1 m.

The main component and hardener for sealant: 253.26 rub. (Hall).

Prices for finished double-glazed windows - about 930-1560 rubles / sq. m. at a cost of about 500 rubles. (average costs for the above tariffs).

The volume of production of 300 double-glazed windows (sq. M) per month is quite achievable.

In this case, the net profit will be about € 5000 per month.

Elena Andrianova

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