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Not everyone can afford to have their own housing in Russia - real estate prices are too high. Nevertheless, today there are special technologies that allow the construction of strong and reliable structures at a relatively low cost. These include the so-called frame construction, which today is presented as something innovative. However, such a technology has been known for several centuries, and it is quite common in Europe. In Russia, there are still not too many firms involved in frame construction, although there is a tendency toward a constant increase in the number of players.

The popularity of frame construction is due to the fact that specialized equipment is not needed for the construction of buildings, a small number of people are involved, the construction time rarely exceeds several months (and can be carried out in the winter season), the materials are cheaper, and as a result, the client receives a full-fledged house with all communications for a short period of time and an acceptable amount, and you can naturally live in such a house - this is not a summer house, which is left by its tenants for the winter, not a temporary cottage and not an auxiliary tion structure. This is a residential building. Moreover, when comparing the cost of the plot itself with the frame house built on it and the cost of an apartment in a high-rise building, you can notice that the cost of the apartment is lower only because of the lack of need for the purchase of land. Sometimes a relatively large frame house comes out cheaper than a one-room apartment. Of course, all this very much attracts consumers, especially those who are puzzled by the housing issue. After all, if you have a plot on the outskirts of the city, you can get your own home, keeping within the budget of half a million. In which city today can I buy a normal apartment for the money? ..

When offering frame construction to your customers, you need to perfectly understand all its advantages and disadvantages. The main fear of the customer is instability to fires, insufficient stability of the structure to external influences (hurricane, strong wind) and generally the suitability of such houses as residential. Of course, the frame house is somewhat worse than the usual brick, but you can live in it year-round, permanently - that is, it can become a permanent place of residence. Comfortable. The cheapness is due to technology, and not to the fact that something is saving. There were cases when formaldehyde hazardous to health was released because it is used in insulation, but even this can be eliminated if you purchase high-quality materials. People’s fears are quite understandable - who will believe that a house can be built for several hundred thousand rubles, and it is important to convince them that this is possible. But you shouldn’t hide the whole truth either, just pointing out the shortcomings and the ways to eliminate them. Usually, this comes down to the purchase of more expensive or additional materials, but all this very seriously affects the reliability and performance of the building.

To get started, you need to register as a business entity. It is preferable to register a legal entity here, and in order to use a simplified taxation system, you need to register a limited liability company. The construction license was recently canceled in this country, but construction companies are now joining self-regulatory organizations (SROs), which monitor the activities of their members. Therefore, after registration, you need to find a suitable "parent company", each of which has its own conditions for entry. As a rule, this is some kind of membership fee (and rather big, which will have to be planned from the very beginning) and available opportunities for work (that is, three always drunk builders with two hammers, who proudly call themselves a subcontractor construction company, are unlikely to be accepted). However, there are also advantages in membership in an SRO, for example, potential clients often turn to it directly, already trusting it, and the SRO transfers the order to one of its participants.

To work on your profile, you must correctly specify the OKVED code, but depending on what services the construction company will offer, its activities may fall within the definitions (OKPD 2) 41.1 Design documentation for construction, (OKPD 2) 41.2 Buildings and work on construction of buildings, (OKPD 2) 42.2 Structures and construction works for the construction of utilities, (OKPD 2) 42.9 Structures and construction works on the construction of other civil structures, (OKPD 2) 43 Specialized construction works, (OKPD 2) 43.2 Work e ektromontazhnye, works on installation of water and sewer systems and other construction installation works. Everything is connected with the fact that even during the construction of frame structures, you can offer your customers additional services.

Working with SROs is also good because it allows you to effectively interact with all its members, as well as with construction companies in other self-regulatory organizations. This is very important, because construction is not only a responsible matter, but also coordinated with all state structures and other developers. That is, even with direct competitors will have to constantly contact and even maintain friendly relations. Indeed, during construction it is important to take into account the features of infrastructure and communications, which other companies also turn to.

Perhaps the determining part of the business is the selection of the team. Usually it includes from five to ten people, and these people do not have to have any kind of education, because they only need to follow the instructions exactly, because the house is installed according to the exact plan without the use of special equipment, as well as building materials, of which you need to prepare solutions, select mixtures and produce accurate masonry - the frame is delivered to the site in almost finished form, it remains only to assemble, like a designer. However, these are contractors, simple labor, but for good construction, you need to find a foreman who can control the execution of the order, and in general manage the construction, as well as engineers who will be involved in the design and complex calculations in the construction process. Although stories are known of cases when frame houses were built by their future owners themselves almost alone (the project turned into a long-term construction, but it was possible).

You also need to take care if you plan to offer additional services in order to hire finishing specialists, electricians, plumbers, tilers and communication builders (water treatment plants, drainage systems, water, electricity, gas, Internet, installing an autonomous sewer with a septic tank or connecting to a central etc). It is clear that there will always be a demand for such services, because a rare person wants to live in a house without communications, and it is easiest to carry them out at the construction stage than after the construction is completed. In this regard, the demand for these services will always be very high. If there is no desire to carry out one order for so long or for other reasons to engage in these types of work, then it is advisable to always have in mind the team that is ready to deal with them in order to offer their services to the client.

Then it’s worth finding a reliable supplier of building materials, which can deliver its products in any quantities and in the shortest possible time. In view of the growth of this market, it is relatively not difficult to find a company specializing in the supply of materials for frame construction, but the main thing is to find a good partner. Moreover, it is important that he can work on a large territory, because the builder must take orders not only within the boundaries of the settlement, but also on its periphery and even along the edge / region. The supplier should also have a large range of products supplied, and with a different price segment - this way you can cover different segments of the population and satisfy the needs of a large number of customers. It is possible that you will have to cooperate with several companies.

The beginning of the construction process is similar to the construction of buildings using standard technologies, because it also starts with laying the foundation. In this case, all necessary communications are taken into account, and they are immediately laid. It will also require formwork, concrete filling - in general, this is a standard process that is known to many builders. The only difference is that the foundation is more “lightweight”, designed for a lighter construction, which means that its installation is somewhat simpler and faster. However, the foundation is calculated based on the features of the frame structure, because the reliability of not only the foundation of the structure, but the whole building as a whole depends on it to a large extent. This is what engineers do.

Then insulation is laid, and the construction team proceeds with the installation of the floor slab. After that, they begin installing the walls and overlapping the second floor (if it is planned), they are insulated (they are multilayered, but rather thin compared to panels and brickwork: ≈20 cm against ≈1.5 m). After this, the second floor is installed, after which sometimes also the third. But in general, the construction of frame structures refers to low-rise construction due to their design features, and it is rarely possible to find a house with three or more floors. But the two-story are quite widespread, as are houses with attics. When the house is finished, if additional services are offered, the interior and exterior decoration of the house begins. Its cost depends on the wishes of customers.

Also, during the construction phase, the building is often subjected to special treatment against fire. To do this, special impregnation is applied to wooden structures, which does not allow the tree to ignite. However, frame construction does not always involve the use of a wooden frame, often metal structures are used for this. But this technology limits the use of houses in warm regions, because the house consists of insufficiently heat-intensive materials. This leads to the fact that in the summer in such a house it can be unbearably hot (in fact, worse than under the scorching sun if you do not ventilate the room and do not cool it with special devices). In winter, this house warms up quickly enough, but also cools down in a couple of hours. For some firms, this is even more likely to be presented as an advantage, because you do not have to leave the heating system turned on when leaving home. Also, as already noted, the decoration of houses is carried out at any time of the year, so when laying the foundation and frame in a warm autumn, you can finish the project even in the cold season.

From the technology you will not need something expensive and specific. A few cars are enough to transport people, tools, materials (which are often supplied by the manufacturer), as well as some auxiliary equipment. Moreover, even the second floor is often installed without the use of the usual construction equipment. Sometimes, however, a small crane is used for this.

A more difficult moment is the installation of communications, for which sometimes it will be necessary to carry out drilling, digging trenches, laying pipelines and similar general construction works, which are often impossible without the use of complex equipment. That is why a rare frame construction company fulfills orders for communications equipment on its own, usually an additional team with its equipment is involved. In rare cases, communications equipment can be more expensive than building the house itself: this is especially true for those buildings that are located far from centralized systems and must be connected to them.

In order to attract customers, you have to conduct a full-scale advertising campaign. It does not hurt to create your own website to advertise about your services. It can take up to 100 thousand rubles to create and promote it, but it will greatly help in its work, because it will attract customers who today most often seek information about frame construction through a global network. It is important to indicate the exact cost of the house, that is, with all the figures on the building. The fact is that many construction companies indicate for their customers only the cost of building the house itself, without taking into account the laying of the foundation and insulation and insulation of walls. Advertising in the city may be effective, but still require too much investment in its conduct. SRO can often help with customers, but you should not count on it, and perceive such assistance should be just a temporary success. This business is still only developing, and it is especially important to earn your name now. Only then can we count on a flow of customers.

It will be especially lucky if you manage to get an order for the construction of a small village or the construction of several buildings, but a beginner is unlikely to be able to cope with such a task due to the lack of a large number of builders. The personnel issue in this business is very serious, and if at least one employee leaves, he will have to immediately find a full-fledged replacement. Large construction companies are deprived of such a problem because they have a reserve staff of people, which makes it possible to immediately put another person in this place if an unfair worker is found or when someone is fired. A small company is deprived of this opportunity, so absolutely all employees must be trusted people. This also applies to engineers who are responsible for accurate calculations and who guarantee that the building does not fall apart at the first strong wind or snowfall.

Also, there may be architects on the staff who are engaged in the creation of non-standard projects, recently people have been trying to show their individuality in their own home. The job responsibilities of personnel who do not make a profit and do not affect the main business process should be outsourced.

Thus, the construction of a frame structure is a fairly quick and not costly process, which can significantly reduce the cost of your own home for the client. In this regard, in the future we can count on a steady increase in orders, especially in large cities, among which agglomerations are especially distinguished. According to the state program, these agglomerations will almost artificially increase, which means that the volume of construction will increase significantly, and, of course, frame construction will occupy an important part in the share of all construction work. Therefore, you will not have to worry about a lack of work with a well-organized business.

The cost of building a house starts from 4 thousand rubles per m2 and reaches 10 thousand per m2 (but this is already taking into account warming, foundation works, and the like). Maybe even more expensive, it all depends on the wishes of the customer. At the same time, the cost of materials with their delivery is 40-50% of the cost of the entire project, and 30% goes to employees. Thus, the entrepreneur receives ≈20% of the order budget. Given that when several teams are working, several objects can be built per month, the total amount can be impressive.

Matthias Laudanum

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