Own business: growing flowers (orchids, gladioli, carnations, chrysanthemums)

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Growing flowers is currently quite a profitable business. The most beautiful flower for a gift to a loved one is a rose, but there are a huge number of other flowers that are also used as a present. Among many, orchids, gladioli, carnations and chrysanthemums can be noted, it will be mentioned about them in this article. They are also grown in Russia, and there is no generally accepted opinion that Russian flowers are worse than foreign counterparts, as, for example, it is believed in relation to roses that the Dutch are the best. A novice entrepreneur has every chance to enter this market, because the demand for such products is constant.

Of course, a large number of entrepreneurs are engaged in flower growing; this business is generally characterized by relatively low costs with good profitability. But the level of competition is appropriate, you have to constantly look for ways to sell your products, so quite often the flower growing business is combined with their subsequent retail sales. A sufficiently large assortment, a variety of colors and their colors, good quality (flowers that are already beginning to wither, are sold, of course, are much worse), additional services like delivery or floristic services increase the company's competitiveness well.

Today, a lot of people are engaged in flowers, many of them are resellers, but at the same time in the flower markets, where all competitors are adjacent to each other, a rare outlet lacks customers, all consumers turn to each store with the same frequency, especially if the purchase was spontaneous. However, the content of their outlet is an additional cost, and sometimes it is much easier for an entrepreneur to sell grown flowers to wholesalers, because although they take them at a low price, they are many and immediately. You can engage in such a business in almost any city, even in a small village there is a demand for flowers, and there is not always enough supply, for example, you cannot buy any varieties or flowers of a certain color. Having studied the market, you can understand which direction to give preference to in the future to occupy the niche that has not yet been occupied by other entrepreneurs.

This business has its own peculiarity, namely, it is possible to grow flowers for sale even without registering a business entity. A novice entrepreneur almost always comes to the idea that starting growing flowers is in small areas, otherwise the risks are too great, and investments are required an order of magnitude more. Therefore, at the very beginning, many people manage with their personal plots, a room in an apartment or a balcony, a small garden or a plot outside the city. If the size of the plot is less than one hectare, then you can register your personal subsidiary plots (LPH) and sell flowers to resellers without paying taxes. In the first few months or even years of work, such a territory may be sufficient, although, of course, such a business will become an additional source of income, but not a major one. When an entrepreneur decides to increase the plot, and he becomes an area of ​​more than one hectare, he can register his peasant farm (peasant farm) or simply take shape as an individual entrepreneur. In both cases, it is possible to pay taxes at a reduced rate, a single agricultural tax is available for peasant farms, and a simplified taxation system for private entrepreneurs; STS is also available for a legal entity - a limited liability company.

The activity of such an enterprise falls primarily under the definition (OKPD 2) 08/18/2019 Cut flowers and flower buds; flower crop seeds, although encodings may be required (OKPD 2) 46.22 Wholesale services for flowers and plants and (OKPD 2) 47.76 Services for retail sale of flowers and other plants, seeds, fertilizers, pets and pet food in specialized stores. If you select all these codes, you can grow flowers, sell them wholesale and retail, and even maintain your own flower shop.

Next, you need to take care of improving your territory. Many of the flowers are grown not only for sale in cut form, which are used as a gift by the end user, but also in pots and even in the form of seedlings, because they are ornamental plants, and many people like to keep them at home or in the garden. Therefore, an entrepreneur can choose one of the directions with what exactly he will trade, because the consumer is always on any product. Of course, they buy flowers in pots a little less often, but such a business is not subject to seasonal fluctuations in demand, and the products themselves are much more expensive. Cut flowers are often bought in large quantities, demand grows sharply during the holidays, but here everything depends on the flower itself, some are especially well sold on Knowledge Day, others on Valentine's Day and International Women's Day, others are considered good at all. application for a birthday present, so there is no strong change in demand. A businessman chooses the format of his activity, and the most complex organization is the cultivation of flowers in a greenhouse.

A relatively small number of plants can be cultivated in open ground in Russia, because beautiful varieties are not adapted to the climate, and they are traditionally imported from other countries. It is worth equipping a greenhouse or greenhouse at your site, usually a foundation is laid for this (a building without a foundation is distinguished by its shortcomings, in particular, poor preservation of the desired microclimate), and then the material of the coating and walls is selected. Here the choice is truly huge, from plastic film on a wooden frame to a complete complex with humidity and temperature control and ventilation.

Also, a businessman can independently erect a building or seek the help of professionals. If you have knowledge and experience, then you can do it yourself, the cost of building a greenhouse on 20 m2 starts at 10 thousand and can reach 40 thousand rubles. The price may increase depending on additional equipment. If you contact the company, then you should count on the amount several times more for the same area, while many companies make a good discount if you order a very large greenhouse. However, a complex of one hectare may cost 50 million rubles. But it is impossible to equip such a territory independently, and the structure should be designed taking into account all engineering requirements and features, communications should be brought to it, and such a large building should also function correctly.

For work, especially at first, it will not be necessary to attract additional personnel, the entrepreneur himself or with the help of his family can engage in the maintenance of the territory. It is, of course, about a not very large plot, if a huge greenhouse opens immediately, then some staff are needed. However, if the organizer himself does not have sufficient knowledge about the cultivation of plants, then you need to hire an experienced gardener who can constantly monitor the process of growing flowers. Such a specialist will be able to significantly increase the number of flowers obtained, reduce the percentage of wilting plants and generally optimize the process. If you open your own retail outlet for flowers, you need to take care of finding florists and sellers; in the case of flower delivery services, you also need to hire couriers who are ready to work at different times of the day or night. All other business processes that are not related to profit-making by the organization must be outsourced.

Orchid cultivation. An orchid is a plant whose decorative species are in most cases imported to Russia from other countries, primarily from Thailand. Therefore, in Russia they can be grown only in greenhouses, we are talking about decorative varieties that are of value to consumers. This flower is considered beautiful enough to be bought relatively often, and at the same time not too many entrepreneurs are engaged in it, a significant part of which is involved in imported flowers.

An entrepreneur who grows an orchid in his country has an important advantage - flowers cost him a little cheaper, which means he can reduce the price of his products. Depending on the variety, the plant can grow for several years before beginning to bear fruit (and therefore bloom), therefore, several methods of its propagation are used. The simplest and most common is vegetative, when the young roots of the plant are cut into several parts and planted. A very remarkable feature of this plant is the need for the presence in the soil of certain types of mushrooms that provide the seed with carbohydrates, and therefore only a very experienced craftsman can care for and grow orchids. There are also difficulties in pollination, because pollinating insects are needed, which also need to be kept in your greenhouse.

There are a lot of varieties of orchids (however, like any ornamental plants), flowers appear a couple of months after pollination, ripening time is not the same for different varieties. Orchids are usually sold by recesses or as part of a bouquet, because the flowers themselves are very small, but most often they are sold in pots as a home ornamental plant, and to sell plants in this form you need to either plant flowers from the ground in a pot yourself or hire staff, if large volumes of production and sales are planned. The profitability of orchid cultivation can exceed 100% depending on the market situation and, accordingly, the final price of the product.

Growing gladioli. This plant is a little less whimsical than an orchid, but in the open ground it can still be grown only in warm regions of the country, and given the inconsistency of the climate even there, it is better to organize greenhouse conditions. For any region, you can find your own suitable grade of gladiolus, so there is no need to transport fresh flowers. Gladiolus is much more often used as an ornamental plant, rather than a present flower, so you need to seriously think about selling this plant, ready for transplantation and further cultivation. That is, cut flowers will not occupy the main percentage of sales, to a greater extent this is the sale of the whole plant. But on the Day of Knowledge (September 1), in some traditions, it is customary to give these plants, so by this time it is nice to have a large number of recently bloomed plants for cutting.

From this plant it is also possible to sell seeds and bulbs, some of the bulbs remain with the entrepreneur, and he prepares them for wintering. In the spring they cost much more, so you can sell goods with an overpriced price, but the risk that a significant part of the plants will die is quite high. Otherwise, it is better to sell potted gladioli, for which additional materials are purchased, and several other varieties are selected. From one plant you can get 3 shoots, which in the future will become new plants, which indicates the high profitability of such an initiative. But it’s not always possible to realize the whole batch of products, if you have your own point of retail sale of flowers, then gladioli can be added to bouquets for sale with other flowers.

Growing carnations. This plant is distinguished into annual and biennial varieties, there are also perennial species, but they are rarely used as an ornamental plant. The plant is distinguished by a variety of species, therefore there are carnations (dwarf) that grow in pots and are used as a decorative home plant, there are medium-sized and low-growing varieties that are often planted in gardens, parks, personal plots and even on balconies, but the most popular ones are repair varieties, that is, capable of blooming several times during the growing season. As you might guess, they are used for cutting, because from one plant you can get a large number of flowers in one season without harm to the plant itself. The cultivation of cloves for cutting is mainly done in greenhouses and greenhouses, this is due not only to the whims of the plant, but also to the large number of flowers that can be obtained in one period. Therefore, in this case, you need to think about organizing your greenhouse complex. Depending on the variety, the culture requirements for soil composition, microclimate and lighting can differ significantly, so the help of a competent gardener will be indispensable.

Carnation, in connection with some cultural traditions of this country, is considered a flower that is presented mainly to men, especially in great demand for them is observed on Defender of the Fatherland Day, and here you can expect a sharp increase in sales. The rest of the time, carnations are given for birthdays and for any memorable events, but in any case, carnations are not used very often even as part of bouquets. But as a decorative plant, clove is very popular, this is due to its very characteristic smell and unique appearance. For some gardeners, carnation is an even more preferred crop than rose bush. An entrepreneur can grow a variety of varieties that are designed for different contingents of consumers in order to know more precisely in what direction it is better to concentrate in the future.

Growing chrysanthemums. This plant can also be used as a decorative in homes and household plots or for cutting. This culture is very photophilous, and this is the main condition for its successful growth. To obtain a beautiful flower, chrysanthemum is grown for 7 months, after which they are cut, and the plant is propagated by cuttings. Chrysanthemums are quite popular as a pot plant, but not everyone can look after this flower, all because of the same love of light. The plant is able to bloom several times a year, especially in the greenhouse, if the necessary and correct conditions are provided. If the plant is cultivated in the open field, then it will bloom only once a year in the fall. Demand for this flower is sometimes even greater among lovers of ornamental plants; bouquets of chrysanthemums are not bought as often as many other flowers, but they can be a good addition to the flower arrangement. It should be noted that many varieties of chrysanthemum are very different in their appearance, and thus you can get various flowers.

Growing all these plants is a rather profitable undertaking, because they can be used to sell cut flowers or as ornamental plants, a variety of shapes and colors allows you to make a fairly large assortment range of your products. The cost of the material cannot be called high, while the flower itself is sold at retail for an amount sometimes several times higher than its cost. That is, the flower growing business is very highly profitable, and sometimes it is several hundred percent, but only if the level of competition is not too high.

Matthias Laudanum

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