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Excess weight and health problems are two important problems of modern society. Mill ions of women and men are obese and overweight, as well as various other health problems. All this requires special careful and strict control over the diet. But with the pace of our lives, this is often almost impossible. How often we either do not follow the rules of nutrition prescribed by doctors, due to employment, or we break down at the sight of a variety of delicious, but for the most part very harmful products on store shelves. Time and willpower - this is what people lack in nutrition.

To build a profitable business on people's health is quite possible. So, we will consider a business plan for opening our own healthy and diet food service.

The essence of such a service is the preparation and delivery to the customer of ready meals in accordance with his diet.

The diet is calculated for the entire treatment period, respectively, when ordering products in such a service, the client receives ready meals, in compliance with all the doctor's prescriptions or in accordance with his chosen diet.

Such a service is a great find for those who are on diets. By placing an order, you can save yourself from going to grocery stores, which prevents breakdowns and a violation of the diet.

Healthy and Diet Service: Room Selection

First of all, to open such a business you have to find a suitable place for cooking. This room must comply with all sanitary requirements.

In fact, you open a restaurant, but with home delivery. It is necessary to take into account the fact that many customers will want to see with their own eyes exactly where and in what conditions they cook their food.

Therefore, the best option would be to equip the room so that the entire cooking process is available to your customers.

It is also necessary to consider that you have to store a large number of products, therefore, in addition to the cooking room, you need rooms with refrigerators for storing food.

Take care of good ventilation. Dampness is unacceptable, otherwise you will suffer serious losses due to spoilage of products.

Healthy and Diet Food Service: Equipment and Food Costs

Then there is the purchase of all necessary household appliances:

- dishwasher (from 8 000 rub.)

- gas stove (from 5 000 rub.)

- microwave oven (from 1, 500 rubles)

- blender (from 2 000 rub.)

- meat grinder (from 2 000 rub.)

- juicer (from 800 rubles)

- double boiler (from 900 rub.)

Then you will have to buy the necessary equipment, utensils and cutting tables. As for the purchase of food, specialized literature will be the main assistant here.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of a healthy diet, as well as study the list of harmful and undesirable foods. Of course, it all depends on a particular diet, but it’s better to avoid blunders and, accordingly, unnecessary expenses.

Therefore, it is best to purchase essential products. You will also need to arrange the delivery of products with suppliers, since you should always have the freshest assortment.

Healthy and Diet Food Service: Organization of Jobs

Ideally, your room should be divided into two main sectors: this is the reception and the kitchen itself. Reception is necessary for the convenience of your customers. Your consultant will be able to take orders both by phone, email, and directly.

You also have to organize the workplace of your consultant, purchase a computer with Internet access, a telephone. It’s good if the wall separating the kitchen and the reception has an observation window. Thus, you will avoid unnecessary claims from incredulous customers.

For the first time, until your business is gaining momentum, 2-3 cooks and 2 couriers will be enough for you. To save on employees' salaries, you or your close relative can work at the reception. Keep in mind the fact that your employees must also be familiar with different diets and nutritional rules.

In this regard, it is best to organize trainings by a specialist in the field of nutrition. The approximate cost of such trainings varies in the range of 1500-4000 rubles.

Particular attention should be paid to product packaging. Now there is a huge variety of disposable plastic containers and bags. Disposable plastic boxes of various sizes will be the best option for food delivery.

Healthy and Diet Service: How to Promote

Of course, in this business you can not do without advertising. First of all, advertising should be directly on the packaging of your products. You can order stickers with your logo and then stick them on food boxes before sending them to the customer. You should also take care of packages with your logo.

A good advertisement would be the distribution of leaflets with a detailed description of the importance of healthy eating in our lives and information about your healthy and dietary service. Please note that such flyers will be of particular interest in hospitals, pharmacies and health centers, as well as in fitness clubs.

Health and Diet Service: Delivery Features

Do not forget about the method of delivery of your products. As a rule, many restaurants with a delivery service purchase a budget car for their couriers, but you can hire a courier with the condition of having a personal car, or use the services of public transport for the first time. It should be remembered that you have to pay the cost of the journey of your courier.

As for the prices when ordering food in such a service, it all depends on the city in which you opened your business. So, in megacities, one daily delivery at the rate of 6 meals a day will cost from 1100-1500 rubles. taking into account delivery. 3 meals a day costs about 700-1000 rubles. The price is also affected by whether the entire daily rate is delivered immediately or delivered by the hour in accordance with meals.

Health Food Store

To expand this type of business, you can open a health food store where you can present both basic food products and freshly prepared products as an assortment.

Subject to the opening of the store, you can sell whole grain products, beekeeping products, preserves and other fruit and berry products, natural seasonings and spices, oils, various medicinal herbal preparations, balms, teas that do not require a prescription, literature on healthy nutrition, low fat and low-calorie products, as well as a variety of dietary supplements. All this will attract even more attention from your customers to your business.

A huge number of people who do not suffer from illnesses, all the same strive to buy high-quality, healthy, environmentally friendly products.

To start such a business, an average investment of 180, 000 rubles is required. Moreover, the monthly income is 200, 000-350, 000 rubles, excluding the cost of opening a store

Belousova Julia

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