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* The calculations use average data for the World. The market for the delivery of products has only recently begun to actively develop in our country. Many pizza and sushi producers offer their customers to buy a portion of their favorite food without leaving their home or office. By the number of offers, bakeries are still inferior to manufacturers of Japanese and Italian dishes, but meanwhile - who does not like fragrant hot cakes?

There are several reasons for opening your own pie production and delivery business. Firstly, the competition in this segment in the regions is still small. The inhabitants of the capital have already known the charm of the pies delivered to the house, and the province is just beginning to provide such a service. Secondly, the popularity of the product among the population. Few housewives find time and energy to bake a pie, especially from yeast dough, and almost no one will refuse to eat a pie. A hot pie is ordered for a family feast, for a party, for a corporate holiday, and simply for an ordinary everyday meal. Thirdly, food delivery, according to experts, in the near future will become an increasingly popular service, because the modern city dweller will soon not have enough time not only to prepare food, but also to buy it in a store. Rather than lose a few hours on the road, standing in traffic jams, queues in stores, it is easier to make a choice on the website or through an advertising booklet, call and wait for the order.

The first step for organizing a cake business is to open your own bakery. The room should be located in such a place that it was convenient to get to anywhere in the city from it. If you rent a room in the center, then, on the one hand, the rent will be higher, on the other hand, people who feel sorry for spending money on delivery will come for pies. There should be a parking lot near the premises so as not to drag boxes with pies over long distances. The bakery should not be located in the basement. It is advisable to open production in a non-residential building. The bakery does not need a large area, and 30 square meters will be enough. In the south of Russia and in the middle lane the rent will be from 500 to 1000 rubles per square meter.

To open food production, you need to get permission from Rospotrebnadzor, which is given on the basis of the design of the premises. For the creation of a project of an industrial premises, design organizations ask an average of about 2 thousand rubles per square meter. The services of a law firm that helps to obtain a permit will cost 10-15 thousand rubles. It is necessary to submit to Rospotrebnadzor a voluminous package of documents, including a lease agreement for the premises, a technological project for an object or a copy of the design conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor, a certificate of state registration of the enterprise, a certificate of registration with the tax authority, an extract from the unified register of legal entities, an information letter on statistics codes, a copy of the BTI plan with an explication, an assortment list of manufactured products, a redevelopment project for the premises, agreed with Rospotrebnadzor (if re-planning was carried out), a production control plan, copies of disinfestation and disinfestation agreements, a copy of the MSW removal contract, a copy of the contract with the medical center for medical examinations of employees, personal medical records of the employees, passports for ventilation and air conditioning systems, copies of cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems, disinfectant metering book.

The bakery should have hot and cold water, a sewage system, ventilation, a warehouse of raw materials, and a toilet. Walls are recommended to be tiled.

An electric oven, which contains 6-8 pies, costs from 40 thousand rubles. A small dough mixing machine with a capacity of 20 liters will cost 20 thousand rubles. An oven for frying the filling - costs 5-10 thousand rubles. Refrigerator - from 30 thousand rubles. Scales - from 7 thousand rubles.

Furniture for a bakery will cost another 30-40 thousand rubles. The installation of the counter will not hurt, since it will be more convenient for some of the customers not to spend money on shipping, but to pick up the order yourself.

As a vehicle, it is better to use a car with a minimum fuel consumption. The courier needs to be provided with a pair of thermal bags worth from 800 rubles each.

Customers must bring a check. Firstly, it is laid down by law. Secondly, the sale of food products without documents causes the buyer to distrust, because if the food turns out to be of poor quality, the buyer will not be able to make a complaint. The purchase and registration of a cash register will cost 10 thousand rubles. The penalty for a single failure to provide a cash receipt is 4 thousand rubles.

Having decided on the list of products, you need to take care of creating a convenient site for customers. The site should contain high-quality photographs of pies, information on ingredients, weight, size, price, shipping cost (150-200 rubles), the minimum amount at which products are delivered free of charge (600-800 rubles), lead time. An order is usually taken by phone, but you can provide customers with the opportunity to place an order through the site, then someone must constantly monitor the availability of orders. The creation of the site can be entrusted to a web studio (30-40 thousand rubles) or to a freelance programmer (20-30 thousand rubles).

To work in a mini-bakery at the initial stage, two cooks succeed each other. If the bakery will also sell products through the counter (which is desirable, since it can significantly increase revenue), then a seller is needed. The salary of a cook in the regions is 15-20 thousand rubles. The salary of the seller is 12-15 thousand.

If a business opens in a city where a similar service is not provided, this is, of course, a plus, since there is no competition. On the other hand, people there are used to ordering pizza and simply do not know that home-delivery of hot pies is a great alternative to bored pizza.

To attract buyers, you need to answer a simple question: why should a person prefer pizza pie and buy it from you, and not in some other place? There are many answer options, you can set them out in advertising materials: the pie is an original Russian dish, our pies are baked according to old Russian recipes, our pies are healthy, our pies are dietary, our pies are real juicy berries, our pies have a lot of delicious meat, our pies cheaper and tastier than pizza, our pies will decorate any holiday, etc. The buyer must be convinced that, ordering delivery of the pie from you, he concludes a profitable transaction and receives an unusually tasty, satisfying, healthy product. As more and more vegetarians appear in Russia, you can include a vegetarian pie in the assortment. In the post it will be ordered quite often.

Do not immediately rush to advertise your company in all possible ways. It is better to try one and then monitor its effectiveness, asking customers how they learned about the bakery. For example, register an account on social networks and add residents of your city as friends. On the page you can upload photos of products, information about promotions and discounts, offer some recipes from baked pastry. The traditional way is to hand out leaflets in hand in crowded places or to deliver them to the mailboxes of multi-storey buildings. Printing color leaflets is expensive. 500 copies - 5, 000 rubles, 1, 000 copies - 6, 000 rubles. Leaflet design - 1.5-2 thousand rubles. The advantage of this method of advertising is that a person at home will have a list of products offered and your phone. Another interesting idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising is ads in elevators of business centers. Office workers often order food for the team at lunchtime or for a party after work.

For packaging pies, cardboard boxes can be ordered from manufacturers of cardboard products, they can even be marked with your logo. The cost of one box will be the cheaper, the larger the order volume (from 15 to 50 rubles).

To decide at what price your pies will be sold, check out the prices of regular bakeries. On average, the margin per kilogram of products is 40-60 percent. The cost of producing one kilogram of cabbage pie is about 150 rubles. Its average retail price is 250 rubles per kilogram. Owners of mini-bakeries selling products through the delivery service note that the daily revenue is 15-20 thousand rubles.

You need to be prepared for the fact that the first few months of profit will barely be enough to pay rent and wages. It is best to open a company in the fall, as most often they buy pies in the cold season, in summer the number of orders decreases. Although in the summer you can cater for weddings. To receive orders for pies for wedding banquets, you can leave an advertisement in wedding salons or magazines for brides.

Natalya Merkulova

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