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Crystal Awards today is the most fashionable corporate fetish. Companies are already fed up with gold cups, now the fashion for crystal. Winners of competitions and competitions are increasingly awarded with crystal prizes.

However, there are not so many companies where they make crystal awards in Ukraine. Perhaps it is precisely this shortage of competitors that allows them not to intersect, not to look for ways to reach retail, and not to spend too much money on promoting and popularizing their products. On average, over a year, one manufacturer of advertising-award crystals performs over 2 million orders, players recognize.

Laser engraving equipment is very expensive. The simplest and most common laser setup is the one that allows you to apply the image inside the crystal. There is also a laser that “draws” from the outside, and an apparatus that allows you to colorize the image.

12-beam German installations cost $ 150-250 thousand. Chinese counterparts are half the price. Therefore, not all entrepreneurs can organize full-cycle production. You can save money if you start production from one machine, and then buy the rest. According to the players, if you start with $ 250 thousand, then in about three to five years you can not only go “to zero”, but also start expanding production.

There are two main success factors in this business: quality equipment and a strong design team, experienced players are convinced. Elena Designers must have the skills to work in 2D and 3D graphics - after all, not every image will look beautiful in a crystal. And then everything is automated. A separate program is developed for each laser installation, and the laser does everything itself. Manual can only be a cut. For experienced designers, the reject rate is not more than 0.5%.

But besides organizing our own production, there is a second way to organize this business - outsourcing. When an enterprise outsource to Turkish companies the technical side of the business is cutting. The fact is that in Ukraine there are few qualified personnel who would be able to cut technical crystal, and it is more expensive to train specialists from related fields than to use the services of Turkish craftsmen. Ukrainian managers know the whole technological chain, and therefore they accept the order, explain to the client all the details, show how the product will look in 3D. And the plant, with which an exclusive production contract has been concluded, is already embodying the idea in crystal.

This approach allows you to save on rent: a crystal processing workshop less than 200 square meters. m you can’t post. While for the office, even with a showroom, 30-40 square meters will be enough. m

The main consumer of crystal products is the corporate sector. Advertising agencies provide 80% of the income to crystal souvenir producers, which have 20% commission for their services. The remaining 20% ​​is unit orders and retail.

On average, one crystal award costs 300-500 UAH.

Pricing for services of crystal cases of masters has its own nuances. Often the final price is tied to the cost of the product on which the engraving is applied. For example, engraving on a watch will cost 20% of the cost of the product. The development of the layout costs 150-200 UAH., Regardless of the batch order. The application of the image on the crystal semi-finished product will take one to two days. And if you develop the product from scratch, it will take three to four weeks to do everything. Mold development will cost from $ 700. It is made in a single copy. In some cases, product exclusivity is negotiated with customers.

It is best to have a catalog of your own products, which would include about 500-1500 blanks. This approach simplifies the customer selection process, of course, if it is not about exclusivity.

In summer, the crystal affairs of the masters lull. But with the onset of September, when the REX exhibition, the most popular among RA, starts in the country, and up to May you have to forget about a quiet life. It is participation in such exhibitions that manufacturers of crystal souvenirs consider one of the most effective methods of promotion, which is comparable only to the recommendations of former customers.

But as for the promotion on the Internet, here all the participants agree that it is not worth betting on it. The site plays an image role. Therefore, it is advisable to open an online store only when there is already a wide retail network where products can be seen and touched.

As for competition, as such, players do not feel it: the market is far from full. Existing players do not overlap and are not afraid of new market participants.


o keychain from 40 UAH.

o reward 300-400 UAH.

o table set 300-700 UAH.

o crystal bouquet

o roses (51 pcs.) 6 thousand UAH

Based on an article by Yulia Gaeva in the journal Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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