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This market will never be saturated. And there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, there are a lot of different segments in it, and the main segment is cheap. But more on that later. Secondly, based on the logic of the first, to start a business you do not need to know much and be able to, it is enough to be able to work on metal - work is not highly qualified. And that's why there are so many so-called single handicraftsmen in this market who work without taking each other’s bread. Everyone will find a place, and you can become one of them.

Your potential customers are:

a) all residents of new buildings;

b) tenants of offices from former residential apartments bought in the secondary market;

c) buyers of old "grandmother's" apartments, who inherited the plywood door of the Neolithic era.

Doors can be made by anyone. Because, as mentioned above, basically, the buyer is in demand of inexpensive options, designed to replace something that is completely morally obsolete. A locksmith who knows how to work as a grinder can turn into the owner of a medium-large company, buying the necessary equipment and increasing production capacity.

More than 80% of the market for metal doors falls on budget goods - that is, a door priced at $ 150. The fact is that a very expensive door is not a tricked out cheap one - it is a fundamentally different product, most often manufactured on foreign production lines. For an expensive door, the main thing is safety, and not “show-offs”, such as a natural oak veneer, which any novice thief-householder will laugh at. The buyer who does not need a door for several thousand dollars, because he especially has nothing to guard, has a simple philosophy: the simpler, even the uglier the door, the less the apartment will attract the attention of bad people. Therefore, the doors are chosen without decoration and Gothic - it’s easier for you to make such a product. In short, the iron door is not a monument on the grave of the director of the vegetable base, minimalism and simplicity are its main advantages.

To organize a mini-factory focused on such a (low) price segment, you need to have 15 thousand dollars.

This money will eat:

1) building license ($ 1, 000);

2) rent (you can even in a car garage);

3) equipment (welding machine, grinder, metal cutting machine, turning and milling machines);

4) components;

5) advertising, (2 - 3 thousand per year - for cheap doors; $ 10 thousand - for expensive doors); An excellent advertising move - to exhibit product samples in large hypermarkets selling building materials;

6) salary in the first month.

It is advisable to conclude a lease for a long time.

The mini-factory should have an area of ​​at least 250 - 300 square meters. m


One welder in one day can make two or three doors.

Five welders are required to establish the production of 300 doors per month (as much as you need to have a profit).


Installation of one door - 1.5 - 2 hours.

In one working day, one installer will make 2 - 3 doors.

And if not a mini-factory?

An expensive door is not so much a beautiful external panel, but also the most reliable lock. That is, an expensive door is, first of all, a door that is protected from breaking in several and even unobvious positions.

The business of selling “expensive” doors is profitable with monthly sales of 60 - 100 pieces of goods.

At the door of the elite segment, imported (most often - Italian) locks are crashed, at a price of 200 - 300 dollars - a minimum.

On expensive doors a long warranty is provided. If the inferior pen bought at the local market loses its luster, then you will pay for its replacement for your money, and they will also sue you, but they will make you famous in forums ... Therefore, you can’t save even on accessories that do not carry a semantic load - you will lose your reputation and all customers.

To organize their own production of elite doors, -150 thousand dollars are required.

You will spend half of this money on equipment.

Another 70 thousand dollars - for rent, exhibitions, advertising and salaries.

But know that breaking into this market is very difficult, almost unrealistic. They appreciate the “work experience” and the loud, well-established name.

In addition, the buyer of your door will want to have in the kit for the door: a) a garage with auto-lifting garage doors, a fence, a door-gate in this fence, blinds. He will want to buy all this in one place and at a discount when ordering everything at once. Remember, the richest client lives outside the city in a three-story cottage and he needs the appropriate package.

Third way

The cheapest and least troublesome option to start in the business of mid-price iron doors is to become a dealer of a large factory.

Costs - only for rent, salary and advertising.

However, everything is decided by communication. If you are not a fan of working under such a scheme - rent a garage and master the craft slowly - after all, this is how all the major players of the elite segment began their journey.

Nazarenko Elena

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