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Many people who choose the area for the development of future business, pay their attention primarily to large goods, believing that it is more expensive and the profit from its sale will be greater. However, in this case, you will need a larger starting capital, and you will recoup your costs much later. The experience of many entrepreneurs shows that with a creative approach and a well-built sales system, minimal advertising costs, a business related to the production and sale of small and inexpensive goods (stationery, souvenirs) can bring quite good profit in the very first months.

For example, one of the promising areas is the production of fridge magnets. At first glance, this niche has long been occupied by Chinese manufacturers who stamp magnets of all kinds and colors. But original ideas on the design of familiar souvenirs are in great demand.

Magnets with funny inscriptions, messages for relatives that are always in sight, educational magnets for children, tic-tac-toe games, or even calendar magnets - there is no shortage of ideas for producing original and inexpensive souvenirs.

When designing, consider the seasonality factor - themed series will be popular during the holidays. For example, for the winter holidays, you can release not ordinary calendars, but Christmas ones, which are very popular in the West and are in great demand in Russia.

When an idea is found, you will need an artist-designer to implement it. His services, depending on the complexity and number of layouts, will cost from 1000 p. and higher. Then you need to determine the type of magnet. For inscriptions, flat vinyl, acrylic and sunset (as blanks for badges) foundations are suitable. Rubber magnets are intended for small images, resin magnets are used for larger images. In the beginning it is better to choose one type of magnets, which is most suitable for you both in terms of functionality and price.

Now that you have decided what you will sell, you need to find a manufacturer. Advertising magnet manufacturing services are also provided by advertising agencies and many printing houses of a wide profile. It is more profitable to work directly with the manufacturer. Ordering the entire circulation at once does not make sense.

In the production of many types of magnet, you can make trial piece samples. For some types of application (for example, photo-print technology) you will have to order an additional mold. And the price in this case will depend on the number of colors used on your magnet.

It is more profitable to sell small products not by the piece, but by a set. Therefore, start by producing a series of several magnets (for example, a mini calendar of 31, 7 or 12 magnets by the number of days in a year, days in a week or months, a magnetic mosaic from which the whole image is assembled).

In addition to the magnets themselves, you will need packaging for them (a plastic bag and a cardboard base with a die cut, on which the magnets are fixed). Do not forget to print on the packaging the name of your company, website address and contacts. In the future, it is possible to produce color gift wrapping for the most expensive souvenir sets.

Since the main income will come from wholesale sales, you will need your website on the Internet with a description and image of your products and your contact details. The simplest business card website can be done either independently or with the help of a specialist (from 1500 p.).

For sales, you can choose one (or better - use all three) of three areas: federal networks, regional retail chains and direct sales via the Internet. Such products will be interesting not only for general stores, but also for office supplies (for example, complete with office magnetic boards), home appliance stores (as an accompanying product for refrigerators), and souvenir shops. When the first orders appear, you can start production.

The first wholesale batch of magnets will cost from 10-20 tons / 1000 pcs., Depending on the types and circulation. For packaging, lay 3-5 tons in the budget. for the manufacture and payment of packers. You can, of course, pack it yourself.

Over time, the assortment can be expanded and various types of magnets (educational for children, magnetic puzzles, games, etc.) and additional products (for example, magnetic boards or original leaflets for recordings on the refrigerator) can be made. Thus, there will be even more sales opportunities for your products.

To start, you need about 30 thousand rubles - to develop a design, website and manufacture the first batch of goods. With the cost of the icon 1-2 rubles, its sale price can reach 10-15 rubles / pc. For 3 months you can go not only on self-sufficiency, but also get a good profit.

Sysoeva Lilia

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