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Currently, modern furniture (especially built-in and custom-made) is a promising area of ​​small business.

When moving, many people prefer to furnish a new apartment with new furniture, and people who make repairs often change furniture.

The simplest to manufacture and best-selling items are built-in and freestanding wardrobes. Their manufacture does not require too high qualifications, and the total production time under normal conditions does not exceed 2-3 days.

The cost of opening a small production of wardrobes

To start your own small business requires minimal cost and investment. To optimize taxation, a newly created enterprise is formalized as an IP engaged in the assembly of furniture from finished parts.

Making the necessary package of documents will cost 9000 rubles. The number of employees of the enterprise is 3 people (provided that the manager himself also performs the work functions), and it is desirable that at least two have their own car, and at least one of them is of the “universal” class (for example, VAZ 2104) .

Of course, a novice entrepreneur will not be able to afford either a panel saw (from 85, 000 rubles) or edge banding (from 45, 000 rubles).

Details will have to be ordered at one of the many woodworking firms. At first, you just have to assemble cabinets from these parts.

But, on the other hand, in this situation, it is not necessary to pay the rent of a workshop or warehouse - all expenses will be only the costs of components and the salary of employees.

A list of the required instrument and its prices are shown in the table below.

12V screwdriver (set of nozzles included)2 pcs.4590 rub.9180 rub.
Roulette3 pcs.29 rub87 rub
Set of drill bits for metal2 pcs.270 rub540 rub
Hacksaw1 PC.52.43 rubles52.43 rubles
Jigsaw (blade included)1 PC.1330 rub.1330 rub.

Total according to the table: 11, 894.43 rubles.

It is advisable for workers to set a fixed salary that is independent of production volume. The amount of 12 thousand rubles. for a furniture collector without a personal car and 18 thousand rubles. with a car will be quite fair for most provincial cities.

Prices are lower than competitors, and net profit is more!

For example, consider a typical two-door wardrobe (not built-in) with a size of approximately (HxWxD) 2400x1500x600 mm.

The manufacture of such a cabinet will take 1.5 sheets of chipboard 16 mm (about 1600 rubles), 1.5 sheets of chipboard 10 mm (about 1400 rubles), two sets of furniture for doors (3200 rubles, ) and 30-40 screws 3, 5x32 mm (packing 100 pcs. - 18.94 rubles).

In addition, two-thirds of an HDF sheet 3-4 mm thick (about 280 rubles) will be needed for the back wall, and about 12 meters of 1 mm edge (about 200 rubles) for finishing the ends. Total material costs are 6698.94 rubles.

Drawing an edge costs 16 rubles. per linear meter (total 192 rubles.). DSP saw cut - 170 rubles. per sheet (but for 1.5 sheets pay as for 2, i.e. 340 rubles), the cut of HDF will cost 100 rubles. Total material processing - 632 rubles.

Total material costs amount to 7330.94 rubles.

Consider the prices of similar cabinets manufactured by IKEA and Stolplit: the cost of a sliding wardrobe from IKEA is 22960 rubles, from Stolplit - 16660 rubles. - both without assembly and installation.

With a margin of more than 100%, and selling a sliding wardrobe for 15, 000, cheaper than the closest competitors, a novice entrepreneur (by producing 2 cabinets a week, although the three of them can be assembled and installed and 3) receives a net profit of more than 30, 000 rubles. in the first month, which is one third higher than all preliminary costs for opening production. And this is just the beginning!

In fact, during the first year of operation, it is realistic to buy format-sawing and edge banding machines and, having hired two more employees, begin to provide the services described in the part of the article about processing materials. In addition, with advanced training, you can expand the product range and speed (as well as quality) of production. For example, the production of kitchens is the most profitable: their cost often exceeds one hundred thousand with a margin of 300 or even more percent.

Elena Andrianova

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